Chapter 3432: Surrounded
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3432: Surrounded

Disturbed by the Book of the Populace, the Nether Sovereign was unable to dodge its attack as easily as before. He could only take it on forcefully.

Immediately, the Nether Sovereign’s body merged with the surrounding space, becoming one with it. He wanted to borrow the endless space to disperse the attack.

At the same time, his Laws of Devouring turned into a colossal black hole, swallowing everything in the surroundings, immediately devouring the Book of the Populace.

The Book of the Populace shone with blinding and dazzling golden light. Terrifying ripples of energy rushed out endlessly like waves, making the Nether Sovereign’s black hole shake violently.

The black hole rapidly dissipated the Book of the Populace’s power, but the Book of the Populace let out a greater and greater pressure inside the black hole too.


However, in less than three seconds, the black hole created by the Nether Sovereign’s Laws of Devouring exploded. The Book of the Populace’s power had surpassed the limits of what the black hole could withstand, forcefully rupturing it.

Afterwards, the Book of the Populace did not weaken at all, slamming towards the Nether Sovereign with devastating power.

Wherever it passed, space fractured en masse. A range of several billion kilometres was reduced to eternal darkness. Countless stars turned to dust, having been torn apart by the Book of the Populace.

With a great rumble, the Nether Sovereign was heavily injured, having been scattered into over a dozen shadows by the power of the Book of the Populace. The Profound Heaven Plane he had devoured also became mostly exposed.

The Nether Sovereign’s presence immediately became extremely haggard.

He had yet to recover from his old wounds. He was a sovereign of the world, but his strength was nowhere close to his prime condition. Now that he had suffered a heavy blow from the Book of the Populace, he immediately became extremely feeble.

“Hahahaha, your void body no longer possesses any advantages before the Book of the Populace. There is no

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