Chapter 3431: Nether
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3431: Nether

Immediately, the divine might reached billions of kilometres away. The column of light from the Book of the Populace was a million metres in diameter. The destructive presence basically filled the entire spatial crack.

At that moment, countless experts on the Profound Heaven Plane saw a colossal column of light shoot down from above with unbelievable speed. The light was so bright that it blinded the eyes of countless lower level cultivators.

“The Profound Heaven Plane… is done for…” Many Grand Primes appeared in the air across the Profound Heaven Plane. The golden glow reflected in their eyes, but their faces were all full of despair.

They were the native experts of the Profound Heaven Plane. As one of the seven sacred planes, the Profound Heaven Plane was obviously powerful overall. Not only did they have many Grand Primes, but they even had numerous late Grand Primes.

But at this moment, under the Book of the Populace’s power, even those Grand Primes that had reached the Seventh Heavenly Layer, or even those beyond the Seventh Heavenly Layer, developed despair. They gave up on escaping.

Yi Xin, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, the seven Saint Monarchs, and everyone else stood throughout the Profound Heaven Plane with pale faces. They gazed at the golden column that seemed to come from a different time and space, also filled with despair.

The twelve of them could not stop it even with the formation that the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths had carefully arranged, so how was a single sacred mountain supposed to stop the Book of the Populace’s power?

At this moment, all the living creatures on the Profound Heaven Plane felt like the end of the world was here.

A formation immediately rose up where the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths forged his artifact, giving off a tremendous pressure.

It was also a Grand Exalt’s formation, but it was not the one that protected the Profound Heaven Plane but the one that guarded the sacred mountain.

The power from the Book of the Populace made contact with the formation. Instantly,

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