Chapter 3422: Coincidental Encounter
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3422: Coincidental Encounter

The Martial Soul Mountain drifted through the vast outer space along its fixed trajectory, never stopping for an instant.

As a perfect coincidence, the Martial Soul Mountain’s trajectory happened to intersect with the meteor that Shangguan Mu’er rested on.

Shangguan Mu’er sat on the meteor weakly. She was in low spirits and in sorrow, giving off a heavy sense of grief.

At this moment, she sensed something and subconsciously looked into the distance. She immediately saw the Martial Soul Mountain that drifted through outer space as it got closer and closer to her.

“Jian Chen belongs to the Martial Soul lineage. Whether he’s actually died or not is a question only the Martial Soul lineage can truly answer. The Tian Yuan clan has probably only heard from others.”

When she saw the Martial Soul Mountain, Shangguan Mu’er’s dejected eyes seemed to light up with a hint of hope again. She flew over with uneasy feelings, directly approaching the Martial Soul Mountain.

As she got closer and closer to the Martial Soul Mountain, she trembled more and more. At that moment, she developed a hint of fear in the depths of her heart.

Even though she knew it was only wishful thinking to comfort herself, she truly hoped this miracle could happen.

At the same time, she feared that her final illusion would be destroyed as well.

As a result, as she got closer and closer to the Martial Soul Mountain, she became more and more afraid.

At this moment, on the rock layer of the Martial Soul Mountain, Hun Zang, Chu Jian, and Yue Chao sat together around a tea set, brewing tea with great interest. The three of them talked and laughed. They were in an extremely good mood.

“The Comprehension Tea is useless to us, but I must say that the taste is indeed extremely wonderful. The only pity is that little junior brother has only left us this tiny amount of Comprehension Tea. We better drink it slowly.” Chu Jian chuckled.

Yue Chao lifted up the pot and began pouring tea for everyone. When he heard that, he could not help but shake his head. “

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