Chapter 3421: Mu’er Returns
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3421: Mu’er Returns

The seven golden core of laws had been left behind by the seven experts underground on the Desolate Plane, which represented the Laws of Curses, the Laws of Corrosion, the Laws of Strength, the Laws of Creation, the Laws of Space, the Laws of Fire, and the Laws of Destruction.

If completely absorbed, each golden core of laws could easily make a person break through to Infinite Prime.

Without any exaggeration, any one of the seven golden cores of laws was a colossal opportunity that cultivators below the Primordial realm could only dream of.

Of course, behind this colossal opportunity also hid unknown dangers.

Out of the seven golden cores of laws, the spatial golden core of laws is already useless to me because my Laws of Space have already reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime. Moreover, since I have the beast soul of the Spatial Insect Emperor, as long as my soul continues to strengthen, the residual power in the beast soul will be enough to push my Laws of Space up to the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime at the very least.

However, I don’t know if I can break through to Grand Prime as a successor of the Martial Soul lineage.” Jian Chen gradually entered a state of cultivation with a hint of worry.

This time, he did not cultivate his Martial Soul Force. Instead, he absorbed the power of the seven golden cores of laws.

This time, he planned on absorbing all seven golden cores of laws in one fell stroke while he had ample time so that his Laws of Curses, Laws of Strength, Laws of Creation, Laws of Fire, and Laws of Destruction all broke through to Infinite Prime.


In the Pingtian Empire in the southern region of the Cloud Plane, a woman with unparalleled beauty in a violet dress stared at the Dong’an province in a daze. Her blank eyes were fixed on a bottomless pit. Before she knew it, she had already become icy-cold all over. Her body stiffened.

“W-what exactly happened here? W-why is the Dong’an province gone?” the woman in violet said with a trembling voice. Her beautiful

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