Chapter 3384: An Agreement of a Hundred Thousand Years
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3384: An Agreement of a Hundred Thousand Years

The Wind Venerable nodded slowly and said plainly, without any sense of hurry, “That’s right, I have indeed come for Jian Chen.” After a pause, he continued, “There is a hint of a curse’s power from a past Grand Exalt on him. I’m powerless over this curse. To eliminate it, I only managed to think of two methods.”

“The first was to find a Grand Exalt who had comprehended the Laws of Curses to the limit. They can obviously eliminate the curse in Jian Chen’s body with ease, except the Saints’ World does not possess a Grand Exalt who has comprehended the Laws of Curses to the limit.”

“The second was to purify it using the Wood Spirits’ Source of Life. As a result, I sent him here.”

The artifact spirit frowned. “I’m very feeble right now, nowhere near as powerful as I was in my peak condition. I’m completely incapable of eliminating the curse in his body. That’s a Saint’s power after all. Even if it’s just a bit, purifying it is extremely difficult.”

“You can choose Jian Chen as your master. That way, you’ll be able to use your origin to purify the curse easily,” said the Wind Venerable.

“No, definitely not. It’s absolutely impossible to make me choose Jian Chen as my master. I’d rather die than accept something like that,” the artifact spirit said firmly. Even when it faced a Grand Exalt, it refused to submit.

“Source of Life, I’ve already personally intervened in this matter, so do you still think you have a choice in this?” The Wind Venerable spoke with the same nonchalant tone, except his voice was already filled with an undisguised threat.

“W-what are you trying to do?” The artifact spirit immediately leapt up in fright like a cat that had its tail trod on. It stared at the Wind Venerable cautiously from afar and cried out, “Jian Chen is from the Saints’ World, while I’m a peak god artifact of the Spirits’ World. As a sovereign of the Spirits’ World, how can you just hand a peak god artifact from your world over to someone else?”

“Y-y-you’re betraying your race. This is a form of betrayal.”

The Wind Venerable shook his head. “Jian Chen is not from the Saints’ World. Strictly speaking, he belongs to the Immortals’ World.”

“So what if he belongs to the Immortals’ World. What does that have to do with our Wood Spirits? I’ll never acknowledge him as my master. He’s not qualified,” the Source of Life said proudly.

“Our entire clan as the Spiritsages owes Jian Chen a colossal favour, as he changed the fate and status of our entire clan. As a result, we should assist him with any of his matters and any of the troubles that he faces,” said the Wind Venerable.

“Our Wood Spirits doesn’t belong to your Spiritsages. What does your Spiritsages have to do with the Wood Spirits?” The artifact spirit was unfazed.

“You’re wrong. Your Wood Spirits are actually also a part of the Spiritsages, as only by returning to the Spiritsages and relying on their protection can the bloodline of the Wood Spirits continue to thrive.” The Wind Venerable glanced deeply at the Source of Life and

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