Chapter 3284: Leaving Death Valley
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3284: Leaving Death Valley

The cracks in my soul have only been repaired slightly, but at the very least, it’s much stronger than before. I can open the space in my soul again,” Jian Chen thought. He repeated the same trick and regathered the power of his soul, opening the space.

This time, he managed to keep it open for a little longer. He took out over a dozen mid grade God Tier heavenly resources from the soul in his space.

There were obviously some high grade God Tier heavenly resources stored there, but the higher the quality of the heavenly resource, the greater toll it took on the power of his soul. When he was in his peak condition, this toll was obviously nothing.

But right now, his soul was in great trouble, so he could not take out any high grade God Tier heavenly resources just yet.

After taking out the heavenly resources, Jian Chen was left gasping for air like before. His head spun, and the power of his soul was greatly depleted.

Given the current situation, I’ll need to heal fifty percent of the cracks in my soul at the very least before I can freely open up the space.

There are many heavenly resources in the space in my soul, but these heavenly resources differ in effects. There aren’t many that can heal the soul. Even if I take out all of them, they’ll probably struggle to heal five or ten percent of the cracks.” Jian Chen sighed. He felt like the issue with his soul was far too troublesome.

This was no longer as simple as an injured soul. Instead, his soul had cracked and was shattered. That was even more severe than any regular injuries.

It was already an unbelievable miracle that he had managed to survive under these circumstances.

Afterwards, he continued to eat the heavenly resources, silently healing his soul.

He was unable to use his Chaotic Force, as it had all been used to suppress the Dao Union Saint’s curse. As such, he could only rely on his soul when he travelled through the Wood Spirits World next.

The Laws of the Sword, the Laws of Space, and all the other laws that he grasped required his soul to use.

“It’s elder Dong. Elder Dong has returned!”

“What? The elders have returned? I didn’t think they would be able to kill that sacred beast so quickly.”

“Hmph, there’s nothing surprising about that. This time, miss Yurou was taking part. With miss Yurou’s strength, killing sacred beasts is obviously not a problem at all.”

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