Chapter 3239: The Arrival of a Saint
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3239: The Arrival of a Saint

In the great mist, Jian Chen also lost his senses. The thick mist obscured everything, not just his soul sense, but even his vision as well. Even with his strength, visibility was at an all-time low in the mist.

However, he did not panic. He was calm and composed. He strode forwards in a straight line.

Along the way, Jian Chen felt like every single step that he took seemed to cross through a different space, allowing him to cover a tremendous distance instantly.

As he advanced through the mist, it was as if he was flying through space, traversing through different regions and passing by worlds.

“Activate the imprint and follow its direction. Be quick. My powers can’t last too long.”

At this moment, a nostalgic voice rang out gently from the emptiness.

Jian Chen’s eyes immediately lit up when he heard that. His lips curled into a faint smile.

He immediately identified it to be the artifact spirit of the Primeval Divine Hall’s voice, except the voice sounded slightly exhausted and feeble. Even when he spoke, he sounded powerless.

Jian Chen activated the imprint. With that, the sight before him immediately changed slightly. It was no longer just a blanket of mist. Instead, he saw a faint smear of light in the very depths.

The appearance of the light was like a beacon within the darkness, indicating Jian Chen’s direction for him.

Jian Chen moved extremely quickly, rushing off in the direction of the light.

Immediately, the feeling of moving through space became even more intense. He felt like he was crossing a tremendous distance in the mist, where each step seemed to cover an entire world.

Finally, after covering a great distance unknown to even Jian Chen himself, the mist before his eyes thinned out. The place where the light appeared had turned into the outline of a divine hall.

That was the Primeval Divine Hall!

Standing before the Primeval Divine Hall, Jian Chen exhaled deeply. He felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

In the past, when he activated the imprint in the Saints’ World again and again without receiving a reply, he had become rather worried, afraid that something had happened to the Primeval Divine Hall. Perhaps the ten droplets of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood he had gone to such great lengths to collect would all be for nothing.

But fortunately, as he stood before the Primeval Divine Hall right now, he knew his worries had been unnecessary.

“Artifact spirit, what were the problems that you encountered?” Jian Chen asked. He could tell with a single glance that the Primeval Divine Hall was visibly dimmer compared to the last time he had seen it.

The artifact spirit of the Primeval Divine Hall appeared before Jian Chen, but it basically seemed like a humanoid ball of fog. It was extremely feeble, far, far more frail compared to last time.

“My existence has already been discovered by a Saint. Soon after you left, the Saint’s powers descended in an attempt to devour me. Fortunately, there was the curse from the Dao Union Saint, so in the end, under the combined efforts of the curse and the powers of the Primeval Divine Hall, I managed to escape from his hands,” the artifact spirit of the Primeval Divine Hall said. His voice faltered, not only feeble, but also finding it very strenuous. He seemed like a regular person who had just completed a marathon, gasping for air and unable to put words together.

“While I did manage to escape, I paid quite a price as well. I depleted too much power.” As soon as he recalled the dangerous situation back then, the artifact spirit became badly shaken with lingering fear.

“When you activated the imprint, I sensed you already, but I was no longer capable of bringing you here because I had used up too much power. Fortunately, you came to the World of Grand Clarity. The World of Grand Clarity used to be my master’s territory. He left behind a secret path there, which allowed me to bring you over in the easiest way possible. If you had remained in the Saints’ World, there really would have been nothing that I could do without waiting for a very long time.”

Jian Chen became stern. The Primeval Divine Hall had actually caught the attention of a Saint. That was not good news.

Saints were equivalent to Grand Exalts. They were sovereigns of an entire world!

“Since a Saint has discovered you, is this place really safe?” Jian Chen asked. He was very concerned. After all, that was the sovereign of an entire world. In a sovereign’s eyes, could an exposed divine artifact really hide away from them?

After all, the Primeval Divine Hall was only an object, not a supreme expert who could control laws.

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“Regardless of whether it’s safe or not, this is all that I can do for now.” The artifact spirit sighed gently before saying, “Though, it was not all bad news that the Saint attacked me. At the very least, much of the curse left here by the Dao Union Saint was dispersed in the process.”

When he mentioned the Dao Union Saint’s curse, the artifact spirit seemed to remember something. He immediately asked closely with his feeble voice, “You activated the imprint again and again, in such a hurry to see me. Have you already found ten droplets of a Saint’s essence blood?”

With a thought, the ten droplets of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood that he stored in his soul space immediately appeared. Every single droplet of essence blood was like a ruby, emanating with powerful ripples of energy as it shone with gorgeous red light.

“Thankfully, I’ve already found the ten droplets of essence blood, without a single droplet missing!” Jian Chen said.

The appearance of the essence blood immediately excited the artifact spirit. It was almost possible to see a fervent light within his hazy eyes. He murmured, “It really is a Saint’s essence blood. It really is a Saint’s essence blood. I didn’t expect you to find ten droplets of a Saint’s essence blood so quickly. That’s fantastic, absolutely fantastic! I’ve been trapped here by the Dao Union Saint’s damned curse for all these years. I can finally break free now.”

Jian Chen waved his hand and stowed away the essence blood. He stared at the artifact spirit with great interest and said, “Don’t forget about the promise between us. I’m not giving you the ten droplets of essence blood for free.”

“Of course. You don’t have to worry. Once I’m freed, you’ll be my second master. I’ll abide by all of your orders from then onwards,” said the artifact spirit.

“After you’re freed? No, I don’t think I need to wait that long. You can recognise me as your master right now.” Jian Chen shook his head gently.

“You don’t trust me?” The artifact spirit frowned, but he soon got over it. He said, “I understand how you feel, but since I gave you that promise in the past, I definitely won’t go back on it. So be it. You’ve already obtained the ten droplets of essence blood anyway, so it’s fine for me to recognise you as my master now too.”

With that, a unique, fundamental power separated from the artifact spirit, forming an ancient imprint that hovered before Jian Chen.

“This is an ancient pact. Merge it with your soul, and you’ll formally become my master,” said the artifact spirit.

Jian Chen stared at the ancient imprint before him and did nothing.

The sword spirits appeared. They also gazed at the imprint, studying it closely.

“Master, this is indeed an extremely ancient pact. There are no problems with it!” After a while, the sword spirits informed Jian Chen with great confidence.

Only then did Jian Chen relax and merge the imprint with his soul.

As the imprint merged with his soul, he immediately encountered a bizarre feeling. It seemed as if he could sense everything within the Primeval Divine Hall.

However, before Jian Chen could explore the sensation in detail, a terrifying pressure suddenly appeared in the space there. Jian Chen immediately felt like he was facing a primordial beast under the pressure.

The artifact spirit’s expression suddenly changed. He cried out, “Oh no, it’s that Saint. That Saint has come again! Too much of the Primeval Divine Hall’s power has been exhausted. I can no longer fend him off. Quick, you need to leave!”

For the first time ever, the artifact spirit of the Primeval Divine Hall became so panicked.

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