Chapter 3043: The Leader of the Heavenly Crane Clan
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3043: The Leader of the Heavenly Crane Clan

“I believe He Zhan is the best choice for the next leader of the Heavenly Crane clan. He has spent over ten thousand years in the Intelligence hall of our Heavenly Crane clan, holding the position of the hall leader the entire time. He’s gathered numerous pieces of important information for our Heavenly Crane clan. He’s basically rendered a tremendous service for our clan.”

“He Zhan? Hmm, I don’t have any objections to him becoming the next clan leader. We’ve all witnessed He Zhan’s abilities. He’s not exactly in possession of low talent, and most importantly, He Zhan is exceptionally wise and aspirational. He would make a good choice for managing the Heavenly Crane clan.”

“I suggest He Rufeng to succeed the clan leader. I think you’re all familiar with He Rufeng. Not only is he one of the exceptionally talented descendants of our Heavenly Crane clan, having reached Infinite Prime within ten thousand years with absolutely no question over whether he’ll reach Chaotic Prime or not in the future, but there’s even a shred of possibility that he’ll become one of the ancestors of our Heavenly Crane clan.”

“He Rufeng had been one of the supreme Godkings that made the Godkings’ Throne back then. His talent is outstanding, and his battle prowess is basically unrivalled. He truly is the pride of our Heavenly Crane clan, as well as the future of our Heavenly Crane clan. However, given his personality, he’s not particularly suited for the role of clan leader.”



A group of great elders huddled around a large, round table in the Heavenly Crane clan as they engaged in a fierce discussion over the future successor of the Heavenly Crane clan. Everyone spoke freely and mentioned the various choices, caught up in an intense dispute.

As a great clan that ranked within the top three on the plane, the Heavenly Crane clan was obviously divided into clear factions, which were led by the various great elders to form many groups of interests or branches. Meanwhile, these great elders obviously hoped people on their side could possess authority in the clan.

Three ruddy, old men sat firmly before the great round table, keeping their eyes shut the entire time. They did not engage in the discussion, remaining uninvolved with the entire matter. They had absolutely no interest in the next clan leader.

The three of them were the most prestigious great elders in the Heavenly Crane clan, not only because they possessed the greatest seniority, but also because their strength was all at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime.

But at this moment, the expressions of the three great elders who distanced themselves from these matters changed. Their eyes opened at the same time, and after exchanging glances, they all became surprised.

“Enough. Let’s stop the discussions. The choice for the next clan leader has already been determined.” At this moment, one of the three great elders spoke up. His ancient voice was very hoarse, but it was filled with undefiable authority.

With that, the bickering great elders all fell silent. They could not help but look towards the speaking great elder. Their eyes were filled with respect.

The great elder was basically a living fossil in the Heavenly Crane clan. Who knew how many years he had lived for already. In terms of seniority, even ancestor Lan in the Heavenly Crane clan had to call him great grandfather.

“Elder Tian, may I ask who it is?” A great elder could not help but ask.

The old man known as elder Tian looked up slightly and said hoarsely, “The next clan leader is He Bai!”

“He Bai? Why would it be him?”

However, the great elders present all blanked out the moment they heard that name. Disbelief flooded their faces.

“Elder Tian, are you perhaps mistaken? He Bai’s performance has always been nothing special in the clan, while his personal abilities don’t make him stand out either. Having someone like that become the next clan leader… might be a little inappropriate.”

“Yeah, elder Tian. If you let a junior of exceptional ability become the clan leader, then we have nothing we can say. However, He Bai really doesn’t have the ability to hold such an important role.”



The numerous great elders stated their objections.

Elder Tian sighed gently. “You’re all correct. He Bai doesn’t stand out in any aspect at all. He truly can be regarded as relatively mediocre, but what can you do about the fact that he gave birth to such a great daughter?”

“He Bai’s daughter? He Qianqian? That’s true, He Qianqian is indeed a leader among the younger generation of the clan, reaching Godking in less than a thousand years, but our clan has produced plenty of talented juniors like He Qianqian throughout our clan’s history. If we’re making He Bai the clan leader just because of He Qianqian, that would be extremely inappropriate, elder Tian,” a great elder rebuked, extremely dissatisfied with the result.

“Having He Bai become the clan leader is not what we decided, but an order from ancestor Lan. Great elders, if you find this to be inappropriate, you’re welcome to mention it to ancestor Lan.” One of the old men sitting beside elder Tian spoke up. He was one of the three Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes present.

“What? This is ancestor Lan’s order?”

“H- how is that possible? Ancestor Lan’s actually specially nominated He Bai to become the clan leader?”

The great elders immediately shut up when ancestor Lan was mentioned. All of the objecting great elders stopped talking too. They no longer dared to have any dissatisfaction.

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An extremely luxurious spaceship flew through a certain space within the Saints’ World silently. It moved extremely quickly.

Two children stood on the edge of the spaceship at the very front as they gazed at the stars curiously.

They were a boy and a girl. The girl was dressed in white clothes, naive and innocent in appearance. She blinked away with her large eyes as if she was intrigued by everything.

The boy was dressed in golden armour. His countenance was cold, possessing a frigid bearing that conflicted against his age. He seemed extremely valiant.

“We can finally go out and take a look at the outside world. Little brother Xiao Jin, where do you think master is taking us? Oh, it’s been so long since we last saw big brother Jian Chen. I miss him so much. Little brother Xiao Jin, do you think master is taking us to find big brother Jian Chen?” The girl who sat on the edge of the ship swung her legs about as she spoke. Her innocent, large eyes were filled with anticipation.

“I don’t know!” said the boy coldly. He was dressed in golden armour and radiated with an aura of slaughter. Soon afterwards, as if he had recalled something from his distant memories, he could not help himself as a hint of warmth appeared in his cold eyes. He said softly, “Though, master did say that the Tian Yuan clan on the Cloud Plane still remains. Big sister Xiao Ling, we’ve been gone for so long. Maybe we should find a time to go back and take a look.”

The boy did not seem old, but he possessed a sense of maturity and level-headedness that completely contrasted against his age.

The two children were Xiao Ling and Xiao Jin who had come to the Saints’ World from the Tian Yuan Continent with Jian Chen in the past.

After all these years, Xiao Ling had not changed at all, maintaining the same, innocent mentality as before. As for Xiao Jin, he had matured completely. He now possessed a sense of cold-bloodedness and frigidness that belonged to the battlefield. It was possible to tell with a single glance that he was someone vicious who had only made it here today by stepping over the corpses of others.

Xiao Jin’s physical appearance was no different from before, but in reality, the many trials he had faced over the years had made him change drastically long ago.

On top of that, it was not like Xiao Jin’s appearance had not changed at all. All of this was because the big sister to him, Xiao Ling, preferred how he looked in the past, which was why he maintained this current form.

“But master said it’s so dangerous outside. There’s a lot and a lot of baddies. Without master around, we’ll be bullied by a lot of big baddies,” Xiao Ling said fearfully. Fright filled her large, innocent eyes.

Xiao Jin’s eyes turned cold as he immediately surged with killing intent, like the embodiment of a god of death. He said icily, ‘Don’t be afraid, big sister Xiao Ling. I already possess the ability to protect you. During the years I spent by master’s side, I haven’t gone without learning anything.”



“Tianyun, look. You’ve almost guided that child into a demon god who kills without batting an eye.” At the very top of the spaceship, Mo Tianyun gazed at the sea of stars as a woman in black robes leaned in his arms, grumbling away.

Gazing at the woman, there was a hint of tenderness for once in Mo Tianyun’s eyes. He said, “If he wants to live in this world, then he has to learn like that, or he’ll just become a stepping stone for others and die young.”

The woman in his arms said nothing. She clearly understood this principle too.

“Where do you plan on going next? When do you plan on returning to the Immortals’ and Demons’ World?” The woman in black continued.

As soon as she mentioned the two worlds, a strange light appeared in Mo Tianyun’s eyes, but most of it was coldness.

“Now is still not the time to return, but I’m sure that day is not too far off. As for right now, I need to pay a visit to the Delight Plane…” Mo Tianyun said.

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