Chapter 3019: All Exposed
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3019: All Exposed

Gazing at ancestor Lan’s ugly expression, the Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s lips could not help but form a slight smile. At the very least, it seemed like their Snow sect had the upper hand with reason and morality. They did not allow ancestor Lan to gain any actual leverage over them.

He Qianchi’s eyes twinkled as he stood behind ancestor Lan. Suddenly, he said, “As it seems, there is only one last way to prove whether Yu Yangxie captured Shui Yunlan given the current situation, which is to find Shui Yunlan. As long as we find Shui Yunlan, all will be revealed.”

He Qianchi was completely fearless as he faced the numerous Grand Primes. He did not even show the slightest hint of respect towards them. He only glanced around before gazing into the Snow sect and saying sternly, “If I’ve guessed correctly, Shui Yunlan must be locked up in a hidden location. She might be in a divine hall belonging to Yu Yangxie, or she might be in the divine hall of a certain disciple or senior from the Snow sect. She might even be in a secret location of the Snow sect or a miniature world.”

“That’s right. No matter what the truth is, it’ll all be revealed once we find Shui Yunlan,” Hun Zang immediately added as soon as He Qianchi finished speaking, shutting up the Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s harsh rebuttal before she could say anything.

The Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s eyes were sunken. She did not say anything, but a wisp of extremely obscure senses of the soul extended away from her, reaching Wu Han who was hidden in the Snow sect. She acted in an extremely careful manner under everyone’s noses.

Take Shui Yunlan away from here immediately. Use the ancient spatial teleportation scroll. Don’t leave behind any traces or clues.

Wu Han was currently disguised as a Godking from the Snow sect, hiding carefully below a mountain and gazing in the direction of the Icepeer Founding Ancestor from afar. Her expression was slightly unsettled and uneasy, as well as quite nervous. At that moment, the Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s voice reached her, which made her calm down and respond immediately. She took out an ancient teleportation scroll without the slightest hesitation.

The Icepeer Founding Ancestor had personally handed the teleportation scroll to her, just in case something like today happened. It was perfect for her to use now.

Wu Han immediately unfurled the teleportation scroll, and a force of teleportation flooded out, enveloping her. It was about to send her away.

But at this exact moment, something unexpected happened. The power of teleportation in the surroundings suddenly sank into disorder. It was as if a mysterious power had emerged from the space around her, contending against the spatial power from the teleportation scroll.

Wu Han’s face immediately changed drastically with this surprise. As a Primordial realm expert, she was quite knowledgeable, so she immediately understood that this was an expert with extremely great mastery over the Laws of Space secretly interfering with her teleportation.

Oh no!” Wu Han’s heart sank. She tried to flee from the power of the scroll instinctively, but it was already too late. As the power was activated, Wu Han vanished from where she was.

Above the Snow sect, the Rain Abbess was enveloped in the power of rain and remained silent most of the time. She was unconcerned about the dispute between the Heavenly Crane clan and the Snow sect.

It was as if whether the Snow sect had captured Shui Yunlan or not and who would emerge victoriously from the dispute between the Heavenly Crane clan and the Snow sect did not interest her at all.

But at this moment, the space beside the Rain Abbess suddenly pulsed, and a disciple of the Snow sect appeared out of thin air. She gave off the presence of a Godking.

She was obviously Wu Han!

Wu Han felt her eyes blur, and a few figures appeared around her.

However, when she made out who these people were, her face immediately paled, especially when she saw the Rain Abbess cloaked in the power of rain beside her. Wu Han immediately understood it was the Rain Abbess who had forcefully changed her teleportation destination when she was about to be teleported. As a result, the teleportation scroll that was supposed to send her into the depths of space had made her end up outside the Snow sect instead.

Wu Han was disguised, but she did not have a mask like Jian Chen’s after all. Her disguise might have been able to fool Chaotic Primes, but it definitely could not fool experts like the Icecloud Founding Ancestor and the others.

As a result, the Grand Primes present immediately saw through Wu Han’s disguise and learnt her true identity.

“Wu Han? It’s you? Why are you in our Snow sect?” the Icecloud Founding Ancestor cried out as her eyes widened. From the moment she saw Wu Han, she struggled to remain calm even with her mental fortitude. Her emotions fluctuated violently.

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The role that Wu Han had played had stopped being a secret on the Ice Pole Plane a long time ago. She had betrayed the Ice Goddess Hall, which made many of the experts loyal to the Ice Goddess Hall hate her to the bone.

The Frigid River Ancestor and the Profound Sky Ancestor widened their eyes as well. They both stared at Wu Han in disbelief as if they had just seen a ghost.

The disturbance that Wu Han had created when using the scroll was extremely small, even negligible. Without careful attention, it was impossible to detect that Wu Han had used the teleportation scroll.

However, when the Rain Abbess altered the power of teleportation from the scroll, the Grand Primes present clearly sensed the significant disturbance in space.

As a result, whether it was the Icecloud Founding Ancestor, the Frigid River Ancestor, or the Profound Sky Ancestor, they all knew that the Rain Abbess had intercepted Wu Han within the Snow sect.

The three of them were all deeply shocked by how Wu Han was hiding in the Snow sect. Only the Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s heart sank, and her face became extremely twisted.

“Wu Han, you traitor of the Ice Goddess Hall, I’ll clean up for the great Ice Goddess today…” Suddenly, the Icepeer Founding Ancestor bellowed out and lunged directly towards Wu Han, wanting to kill her.

A blue scale composed of energy abruptly appeared, radiating with a sea-like azure light as it immediately blocked the Icepeer Founding Ancestor’s path.

“Icepeer, stop!” At the same time, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor bellowed out too, stopping the Icepeer Founding Ancestor with a flash. At the same time, she pushed out gently and erupted with force on par with the Seventh Heavenly Layer, sending the Icepeer Founding Ancestor flying.

A streak of light flashed across the Rain Abbess’ eyes when she saw what the Icecloud Founding Ancestor did. With a gentle wave of her hand, she delivered Wu Han to the Icecloud Founding Ancestor through the powers of space and said, “I’ll leave her up to you. There’s a divine hall in her Space Ring with someone imprisoned in there.”

The Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s face turned cold. With a curl of her finger, a divine hall immediately flew out of Wu Han’s Space Ring. Soon afterwards, a dishevelled, feeble woman drifted out of the divine hall slowly under the guide of a great force.

She was extremely pale, and her eyes were shut as if she had already fallen unconscious. However, from her trembling body, it was quite obvious she had gone through some kind of inhumane torture.

After seeing the woman, the Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s presence immediately sank into disorder. Her beautiful eyes were wide open as she backed away uncontrollably through space. She seemed like she had just witnessed something frightening. She was in severe shock.

“S- S- Shui Yunlan!” the Icecloud Founding Ancestor cried out. Her body trembled as her face became sheet-white, filled with great disbelief and shock.

The moment Shui Yunlan appeared, ancestor Lan’s gaze became extremely frightening too. She said coldly, “Shui Yunlan really is in your Snow sect, and you’ve even force-fed her a Soul Devouring pill.”

As soon as they heard ancestor Lan mention the Soul Devouring pill, the Frigid River Ancestor and the Profound Sky Ancestor’s faces changed drastically too. They could not be any more familiar with the purpose of the Soul Devouring pill, which made them unprecedentedly stern.

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