Chapter 3011: Hun Zang Appears
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3011: Hun Zang Appears

The Profound Sky Ancestor had struck to kill. He used the sharpest and most decisive attack to claim He Qianchi’s life.

The clash between ancestor Lan and the Icepeer Founding Ancestor had almost destroyed the Snow sect, which obviously left the Profound Sky Ancestor extremely furious.

Ancestor Lan was far too powerful, so powerful that he stood no chance. As a result, he could only direct all of his anger towards the great elder of the Heavenly Crane clan, He Qianchi.

When the Profound Sky Ancestor attacked He Qianchi, Yu Yangxie’s face hidden under the mask sank as he stood behind the Frigid River Ancestor. He stared straight at He Qianchi; the depths of his eyes were filled with doubt and confusion.

No matter how he racked his brain, he was unable to understand how a great elder of the Heavenly Crane clan found out he had captured Shui Yunlan. Back then when he abducted her in the Ice Goddess Hall, she had not revealed her true identity. She was in the form of an unfamiliar man, so logically speaking, it was impossible for her to be recognised.

On top of that, the Ice Goddess Hall was empty back then. There was no one else apart from the two Primordial realm experts of the Moon God Hall.

So how did He Qianchi find out about this?

Did the two Primordial realm experts of the Moon God Hall disclose this? But that still makes no sense. It’s impossible for the two of them to recognise Shui Yunlan beneath her disguise.” Yu Yangxie was filled with confusion. He was unable to understand which part had gone wrong.

All of these thoughts flashed through Yu Yangxie’s head in a split second. By now, the Profound Sky Ancestor’s hand had already reached He Qianchi’s forehead. The sharp claws were about to pierce his head.

The Profound Sky Ancestor’s eyes were icy cold. He could already see the scene of him ripping He Qianchi’s head to pieces.

The Frigid River Ancestor was unfazed too. To her, the Heavenly Crane clan would be getting off lightly with just death. Killing He Qianchi was only a start.

However, right as He Qianchi stared death in its face, a black figure suddenly appeared behind him. The Profound Sky Ancestor’s face changed drastically the moment the figure appeared. Even the Frigid River Ancestor who stood behind him narrowed her eyes, immediately erupting with a tremendous presence. 

The black figure threw a punch, and the terrifying power ground up the surroundings, immediately colliding against the Profound Sky Ancestor’s palm.


Another deafening rumble rang out from the forbidden grounds. Colliding against the punch, the ice blades on the Profound Sky Ancestor’s fingers all shattered. Afterwards, the punch continued onwards with some remaining force. After smashing through the threat on He Qianchi’s life, it tore through all obstacles and penetrated space. Then it clashed with the Profound Sky Ancestor’s right palm with enough power to shake the world.

Immediately, the Profound Sky Ancestor’s entire right arm shattered and cracked. His arm drooped down powerlessly as blood dripped from the tips of his fingers. Every single droplet of blood contained great pulses of energy.

This was the blood of a Grand Prime. The energy within any single droplet was enough to easily kill a Godking.

Yet right now, the blood flowed along the Profound Sky Ancestor’s fingers endlessly and dripped onto the ground like a stream.

The Profound Sky Ancestor ignored his wounded hand. He stared at the black figure that had suddenly appeared from behind He Qianchi with an extremely sunken face, utterly furious. He ground his teeth. “Hun Zang of the Martial Soul lineage!”

“Hun Zang, since when did your Martial Soul lineage take the Heavenly Crane clan’s side? Don’t tell me that your Martial Soul lineage also plans on making an enemy out of our Snow sect?” the Frigid River Ancestor barked. Her Fourth Heavenly Layer presence suddenly erupted, rushing over and enveloping everything.

The black figure beside He Qianchi was the first senior brother of the Martial Soul lineage, Hun Zang!

Hun Zang was dressed in black clothes. His energy surged, and his presence was extremely powerful, far greater than the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime.

Let alone the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime, even the Profound Sky Ancestor who had reached the Third Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime paled in comparison to Hun Zang right now.

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In the outer space beyond the Ice Pole Plane, the mountain soul of the Martial Soul Mountain hovered silently like a ghost.

On the mountain soul, Chu Jian, Yue Chao, Yun Ziting, Su Qi, Bai Rufeng, and Qing Shan had already assembled the Martial Soul Formation. Through the formation’s assistance, they gathered everyone’s powers perfectly and focused it on Hun Zang.

Take care of yourself!” Hun Zang did not acknowledge the two ancestors of the Snow sect. Instead, he looked over and told He Qianchi to be careful through a communication technique. Then he charged towards the Frigid River Ancestor.

“How dare you! What does your Martial Soul lineage take our Snow sect for? The territory of the Snow sect isn’t a place for you to mess around!” the Frigid River Ancestor bellowed. An azure sword immediately appeared in her hand, radiating with the terrifying pressure of a high quality god artifact.

As the Frigid River Ancestor swung the sword, the forbidden grounds immediately became dyed with light. The surroundings turned to an azure blue. A strand of sword Qi three hundred meters long shattered space, cleaving towards Hun Zang mercilessly.

This was a strike from a Fourth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. Compared to the Third Heavenly Layer Grand Prime Profound Sky Ancestor, the Frigid River Ancestor was far stronger.

Hun Zang was fearless. A strange light flashed through his eyes. Right when the azure sword Qi was about to land on him, he pressed his finger against his forehead in an unhurried manner before suddenly pointing it at the Frigid River Ancestor.

The gesture was like the swing of some kind of weapon, except the strange part was Hun Zang was not wielding a weapon, nor were there any pulses of energy.

However, the moment Hun Zang extended his finger, the Frigid River Ancestor’s face suddenly changed. Her eyes narrowed immediately. A great sense of danger appeared in the depths of her soul.

She was alarmed, but the Frigid River Ancestor was unable to tell where this sense of danger was coming from.

“Heaven-severing technique!” It was also at this moment that Hun Zang’s lips moved gently as he mouthed those words.

However, when they heard the name of the technique, both the Frigid River Ancestor and the Profound Sky Ancestor changed drastically in expression.

They were not unfamiliar with the Heaven-severing technique, as the ancient records of the Snow sect detailed the Heaven-severing technique.

These records had not been created with reference to this generation of successors of the Martial Soul lineage. Instead, it was written according to the battles that had occurred between past seniors of the Snow sect and several generations of successors from the past.

It was a very limited description, but it clearly detailed the strength of this secret technique.

However, before the Frigid River Ancestor could think too much about it, a great rumble suddenly rang through her head. It was as if an invisible blade had appeared in her soul before slicing down viciously.

The Frigid River Ancestor shook violently and stumbled backwards. She almost fell straight to the ground. Her aura immediately descended into chaos as she lost control over her energy.

Even the azure sword she had swung towards Hun Zan immediately ran out of power. The energy within the sword receded like the tide.

“Argh!” The Frigid River Ancestor trembled away as she supported herself with her sword, clutching her head with her other hand as she let out a painful shriek.

The Heaven-severing technique had heavily injured her soul as if a blade had almost cleaved her soul in half. It brought her tremendous pain.

However, after using the Heaven-severing technique, Hun Zang’s face paled slightly too, giving off a hint of feebleness.

It was not just him. The other successors on the mountain soul were no different.

The Heaven-severing technique had immediately drained half of everyone’s Martial Soul Force. Having depleted so much in an instant, it obviously led to quite an impact on the successors.

Under the Martial Soul Formation, Hun Zang’s attacks no longer just used his own powers, but the powers of all seven of them at the same time. This included the Heaven-severing technique!

The Heaven-severing technique that they had cast together immediately heavily injured the Fourth Heavenly Layer Frigid River Ancestor!

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