Chapter 807: The Combat Emperor Catalog
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 807: The Combat Emperor Catalog

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Upon attaining the peak middle-grade Immortal Spirit Body, Tang Jie went on a trip to the Martial Lord's hidden realm, where he unlocked the eighth level of the Nine Executions Immortal Formation.

In truth, he could have opened this at minor lower-grade Immortal Spirit Body, but as Tang Jie had been stuck at basic lower-grade Immortal Spirit Body this entire time, it had been left until now. Thus, he broke through the seal with little effort.

The eighth layer was located in the underground depths of the hidden realm.

When Tang Jie entered, he saw that he was surrounded by high walls.

Eighteen images were carved onto the walls.

The first image featured a giant stepping on the sky like a god. His hands were fitted with black gauntlets, and he was punching at the sky.

Next to it were carved the words: "Combat Emperor Catalog: Devil Crushing Strike."

Tang Jie knew that the Martial Lord had once been known as the Combat Emperor, possessing all kinds of heaven-shaking combat techniques. But when inheriting his legacy, Tang Jie had gained nothing except the Parting Classic.

It was only today that Tang Jie found a combat technique suitable for a body refiner, and he was so excited that he almost threw his head back and howled.

A line of small words was written under the Combat Emperor Catalog.

Only after reading it did Tang Jie realize why he had not received this Combat Emperor Catalog before now. It appeared that these battle techniques could only be used at Immortal Spirit Body.

The Devil Crushing Fist was clearly the first combat technique of this Combat Emperor Catalog.

It was no wonder Tang Jie had needed to use most of his strength to use it, because it wasn't a technique that he had been at the right level to use.

The Martial Lord had taken apart the Devil Crushing Strike and put it before this threshold primarily to keep his successor alive, giving them something they could use for one last desperate bid at survival, at the same time letting them gr

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Translator Notes

After 800 chapters, Tang Jie finally learns some more of the Martial Lord's techniques!

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