Chapter 789: Sunfall Bolts, Immortal-Slaying Ballistae
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 789: Sunfall Bolts, Immortal-Slaying Ballistae

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Godhead Mountain.

A fierce battle was still playing out.

While the offensive side was unrelenting in its assault, the defensive side held fast.

Occasionally, a flying sword or streak of light would emerge from the formation to attack the outsiders—Godhead Palace had designed this formation to defend against attacks from the outside, so it naturally didn't block their own attacks.

But the Seven Absolutions Sect was not completely unprepared. There were disciples for both offense and defense. Numerous cultivators had assembled around Godhead Mountain, grasping two bronze mirrors each. These were the standard-issue art relics of the Seven Absolutions Sect. When used alone, they were of mediocre strength, but when used together, they were truly able to magnify the power of numbers.

These thousands of cultivators held up their mirrors, the beams of light emerging from them forming a formation of light.

This light formation was like a giant wall, blocking the attacks coming from Godhead Mountain and greatly reducing the damage the Seven Absolutions Sect sustained.

But while Immortals had more methods than mortals, when it came down to it, they weren't that different. For both types of people, there had to be attackers and defenders, with numerous exchanges where each side showed their mettle.

When the Seven Absolutions Sect took out their light wall formation, Godhead Palace pushed out a cart.

This cart was as large as a horse carriage and was being pulled along by two powerful Windroar beasts. Coiled around the cart was a rare fiend snake, the Violetscale Lightning Serpent, famed for its tenacity. It was tied around the cart like a chain, moaning in pain as its body crackled with lightning. Various formation lines had been carved into the cart, and in the very center sat a giant black arrow, tipped with a golden dragon decoration and fletched with the feathers of some extinct fiend. The entire arrow exuded the deathly gray energy of Slaughter, turning this ar

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Translator Notes

At last, we finally get to see some cultivator artillery!

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