Chapter 788: The Longevity Sword
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 788: The Longevity Sword

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


As the six weapons plunged into Han Wuxin's body, they erupted with six different kinds of power. Just when Han Wuxin was about to be blown into pieces, his body turned into a dark streak and fled, rendering Tang Jie's attack ineffective. This black energy flew off into the distance, where it reformed into Han Wuxin, blood flowing from his chest wound.

The six weapons had managed to wound Han Wuxin, but because Han Wuxin had fled before they could unleash their power, it only served to give Han Wuxin a surface-level wound.

A moment later, the wound was healed, leaving behind no trace.

"A nice escape art," Tang Jie casually laughed. Han Wuxin was a Deification expert, so for him to have one or two tricks wasn't a surprise at all. Every sect had their oddballs, and Han Wuxin was his sect's. He wasn't actually good at direct battles, but he was more agile, attaining an extremely high level in escape arts. Furtively approaching, delivering a single lethal strike, and then fleeing was his specialty.

Only Han Wuxin was capable of escaping the eruption of power from a weapon the moment it entered his body. Even a Violet Palace Tang Jie with the ability to thought cast couldn't get this fast.

Having barely avoided a lethal blow, Han Wuxin had broken out in a cold sweat. His face flashed with ferocity as he waved his hand, and a pool of water appeared before him.

Reflected in the pool of water was none other than Tang Jie.

Han Wuxin stabbed the Phantom Blade into the water.

Tang Jie felt an intense pain in his chest. Looking down, he saw that a blade wound had appeared on his chest, and Han Wuxin was savagely smiling at him.

"Striking through reflections?" Nine Splendors was stunned, and as he shouted, the snake in his hand shot at Han Wuxin.

Han Wuxin simply chuckled and disappeared, reappearing elsewhere and once more stabbing the Phantom Blade, this time striking at the back of Tang Jie's head.

"Die!" Han Wuxin screeched.

The Phantom Blade let out a bone-ch

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Translator Notes

Han Wuxin managed to extend his life for one more chapter, but not one more!

Novel Notes

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