Chapter 735: Rescue
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 735: Rescue

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Under a heavenly pillar of fire, a fiend and human battled.

One was a long-reigning Fiend Emperor who had dominated Verdant Cloud for many years, and the other was a rising star who had created miracle after miracle.

When they battled, it was a battle of awe-inspiring might and grandeur.

Rainbow divine light lit up the entire sky like an aurora.

Under the light of this aurora, divine power became like water, filling up every part of the sky, and the people within it felt every action to be difficult, whether it was moving or gathering energy, and even spell art casting took twice as long. But the Aurora Fiend Emperor was like a fish in this water, moving with even greater agility, numerous mighty spell arts appearing all at once and deluging Tang Jie.

Tang Jie's response to this storm of attacks was rather simple. He couldn't cast arts with a thought like a Divine Division great fiend, but he had a sturdy body and immense strength. Thus, his fighting style was extremely simple and monotone.


A steely fist blasted through the surging waves, opening a path for Tang Jie to move through. A new storm of spell arts quickly filled in the gap, which Tang Jie simply punched again.

The clash of his fists with Aurora's spell arts produced enchanting and dazzling bursts of light in the sky.

This was a clash between a body cultivator and a law cultivator, a clash of brute strength and spell arts, a fearless contest between one man and the power of the world!

Skill, tactics, and variation became unimportant in this clash. Only courage, power, and will would decide the outcome.

In terms of cultivation level, Aurora was a Divine Division great fiend. In terms of strength, his two bodies each had 70% the strength of a normal Divine Division fiend, which was much more than the normal Divine Division fiend when put together. This was why Aurora was so confident he could beat the other Fiend Emperors even though they were all at Infant Tending.

But in terms of coura

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Translator Notes

Tang Jie attempts to rescue the hostages? But is he really capable of it? Can he go against the power of Fate?

Novel Notes

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