Chapter 734: Hostage
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 734: Hostage

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Tang Jie had delivered far too many shocks today.

In just one conversation, Tang Jie had somehow been enlightened and comprehended the essence of Truth. This was just too absurd!

Why was it that none of the onlookers had felt anything from the same conversation?

They didn't know that Wisdom was the earliest Dao that Tang Jie had comprehended, and over the last one hundred years, Tang Jie had always been advancing on this Dao.

Truth was a crystallization of Wisdom. Wisdom was the flower, and Truth was the fruit.

But the lack of cultivation meant that Tang Jie had never been able to turn his flower of Wisdom into his fruit of Truth.

It was only now, after entering the Dao of Fate, reaching Soul Transformation, attaining strength on par with Violet Palace, and discussing the Dao, that Tang Jie finally managed to turn that flower into a fruit.

Of course, this fruit of Truth was in its weakest and most infantile form, but he had taken that most important step, which made all the other problems much easier to resolve.

But after he successfully comprehended this Dao, he realized something. The Great Dao could not be transmitted, and the Parting Classic was a method that transmitted the Dao as an art, going against the Dao, so when he cultivated the Parting Classic, he was someone going against the Great Dao. And when he severed the entanglement of Fate, he once more betrayed the guidance of Fate. Now, in his discussion with the demon, they had considered whether the Heavenly Dao existed or not, and through this medium, he had comprehended Truth and created a fruit of Truth. If someone told him that this string of treasonous actions wasn't betraying the Dao, he himself wouldn't believe it.

It was no wonder Reverend Seer would accept the will of the heavens and desire to kill him.

But if the Heavenly Dao didn't exist, where did the will of the heavens come from? And what did it mean to be a slave of Fate?

Tang Jie didn't understand, but alas, the demon wasn't w

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