Chapter 628: Jungle
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 628: Jungle

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Tang Jie and Yiyi left the village and flew all the way to Changping Prefecture. It wasn't long before they saw a city looming in the distance.

This city had walls made from giant, abnormally tough black stones with formations carved into them, exuding the energy of dragons and snakes. Soldiers manned the walls, and the entire city was protected by a top-class formation. It was the complete opposite of the lazily-guarded Hundred Battle City.

As they flew closer, they saw that the inside of the city was also arranged in a cultivator's fashion, with each street being a formation line and each intersection being a formation eye.

Tang Jie could immediately tell that flying over the city would be difficult, as he was bound to be attacked by the formation, so he landed in front of the gates.

Although the gate had guards, as they had seen Tang Jie descend from the sky, they knew he was a cultivator and didn't dare to make trouble for him, letting him through without even taking the toll.

But the moment he walked through the gates, a mirror above the gate let out a beam of light that lit Yiyi up. Yiyi yelped in fear and hid behind Tang Jie.

In a flash, the soldiers on the wall aimed their bows at Tang Jie, the shining arrowheads indicating that these were no ordinary weapons. The officer leading them was a cultivator, and he shouted, "Hiding, fiend? Hurry and show yourself!"

Tang Jie replied, "She's my little sister, not a member of the fiend race."

Although the Verdant Cloud Domain was ruled by fiends, it wasn't like there were no cultivators who had subdued fiends, so a matter like this wasn't considered rare. But there were also cases where fiends pretended to be pets and controlled humans in order to infiltrate cities and sow chaos. This was why the officer didn't dare to be careless, saying, "If that's the case, please follow me to be registered."

It seemed like he would need to be questioned on his background, get registered, and even have a tracking mark

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Translator Notes

First it was Tang Jie wreaking havoc in a fiend city. Now it's time for Yiyi to wreak havoc in a human city!

Novel Notes

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