Chapter 627: Murder Case
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 627: Murder Case

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Going back was much faster than coming, with Tang Jie and Yiyi flying straight back to Daoxiang Village.

Midway, Tang Jie had a sudden urge and flew up to the Astral Winds.

Upon arriving at the Astral Wind altitudes, he felt an immense energy raging around him. Having already experienced it once, Tang Jie was well aware of how terrifying the Astral Winds were. He was much weaker in his unmerged state, yet as he looked at the green Astral Flames burning before him, he took in a deep breath and then charged into the storm.

The moment he entered, Astral Winds assailed him from all sides like countless shrieking devils. As they tore away at his body, he hastily performed the Parting Classic.

As the Parting Classic activated, Tang Jie felt slivers of energy beginning to enter his body.

Last time, the situation had been too urgent, but this time, Tang Jie had the time to intentionally sense this energy's existence.

Tang Jie found that exactly what he expected was occurring. The Astral Winds weren't actually giving much of a boost to his cultivation, and it had previously seemed that way primarily because he had originally been only a sliver away from a breakthrough. But the energy he was absorbing was the essence of the Astral Flames, which could be used to increase his resistance to the Astral Winds.

If he spent a long time bathing in the Astral Winds, he would eventually be able to freely travel through the Astral Winds without needing to be in a merged state, and he would also not have to worry about attacks of this nature.

Upon realizing this, Tang Jie decided to cultivate within the Astral Wind region.

As he was on the edge of the storm, Tang Jie would retreat whenever he reached his limit, recovering before heading back to continue his cultivation.

This cultivation session lasted ten-some days.

Tang Jie cultivated like a maniac, barely resting. If he wasn't tempering himself in the storm, he was recovering as quickly as he could outside the storm, wait

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Translator Notes

Oh no, who could have expected the butterfly that Yiyi gave away to turn out poorly?

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