Chapter 452: Teleportation
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 452: Teleportation

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


"No!" Feng Buzhi yelled in shock and anger.

As he wailed in despair, the powerful storm of spell arts engulfed him, instantly turning him to dust.

But as his physical body was pulverized, a white crane phantom flew into the sky.

The storm raged for a few moments longer before stopping, and when it did, the mountain slope had disappeared. The surroundings flashed with seals that had stopped the damage from overflowing, and the survivors had been forced to retreat to another slope.

"He's dead?" Xu Miaoran asked, hugging Yiyi.

In this entire battle, Xu Miaoran's primary focus had been protecting Yiyi rather than dealing with the enemy. Thus, when the storm started, Xu Miaoran dug out the green rose.

When the green rose left the earth, it turned back into Yiyi, and even now, she was still sound asleep in Xu Miaoran's embrace.

"The physical body is dead, but the fiend soul escaped… You can say he's dead, but you can also say he's not dead," Tang Jie sighed as he watched that white light fly to the summit.

"'The fiend soul escaped'? But wasn't he yet to reach Soul Transformation?" Xu Miaoran said in surprise.

If one did not reach Soul Transformation, one's life would still be bound to the physical body, and the death of the physical body would be the end of the soul.

Even at the Soul Transformation Period, it was still very difficult to shed the binds of the physical body and survive alone.

To this, Tang Jie indifferently said, "It's clear that this person is an exception."

Feng Buzhi had turned his fiends into avatars, creating phantoms using the fiend souls. This created a unique mode of existence.

For this reason, when his physical body died, the fiend soul persisted, allowing for reincarnation.

Of course, after reincarnation, Feng Buzhi was certain to be much weaker, but regardless, it was for certain that this avatar was not completely dead.

But this was a matter for the future. At least for now, the white Feng Buzhi would not be returning alive.

Tang Jie turned around to see Yun Danqi and the others staring at him.

All of them had been awed by that terrifying spell art storm.

Their souls had also been shaken.

It was only now that they realized how terrifying "Qiu Zheng" was.

Xian Shaoyu looked at Tang Jie in disbelief, looking at this "coward" that he had looked upon with disdain earlier.

It wasn't just him. Even Yun Danqi and Shen Ningming were left dumbfounded.

Now that Tang Jie had been exposed, there was no need to keep up the act with the ghost guard, who moved to stand behind Tang Jie.

This action left Yun Danqi and the others feeling dizzy.

"You're really Tang Jie?" Yun Danqi asked.

Tang Jie nodded, his face going back to normal.

Everyone gasped when they saw his face.

After a brief moment of shock, Yun Danqi shouted, "You've been dragging us down this whole time!"

"'Dragging you down'?" Tang Jie harrumphed. "It's true that Feng Buzhi was looking for me, but before he s

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Translator Notes

Feng Buzhi is only the mid-boss! The real enemy is on the way! And can anyone here beat a True Lord?

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