Chapter 451: Ferocity
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 451: Ferocity

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The 36 ghost guards howled out with a heaven-shaking killing intent.

This was the ghost guard's strongest move, exponentially increasing his power. Even against Feng Buzhi, who was a tier higher, he was still confident in killing him.

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With 36 ghost guards charging at him, Feng Buzhi finally paled.

He glared, black and white appearing in his eyes.

The go board world was activated.

The entire world became a patchwork of black and white.

Feng Buzhi shouted, "All life is but pieces on a go board, and I am its ruler!"

He threw out a handful of white pieces.

36 white pieces were thrown at 36 ghost guards.

Tang Jie slightly shook his head. "It's useless."

The 36 guards lightly dodged, all of them stepping onto the black areas next to them. All 36 white pieces missed.

This was the problem with the go board world. It was a combination spell and was only at maximum power when the black and white Feng Buzhis used it together. With only the white Feng Buzhi present, there was a very serious weakness—he couldn't attack black.

Feng Buzhi's Dao of Reality and Illusion originated from the Great Dao of Yin Yang, and the Great Dao of Yin Yang was fundamentally the two sides of all diametrical existences in the world.

In other words, a person using this Dao, whether they wanted to or not, had to comprehend both Yin and Yang. There were two sides to all things. Only with both life and death could one grasp the true meaning of the Great Dao.

For this reason, every move of the Dao of Reality and Illusion that Feng Buzhi used had both life and death, gave a chance to survive. For example, in his Black White Dimension, the black was focused on killing, so the white had to focus on life. All he could do was conceal the life, not make it disappear. Without the opposing life, there would not be the correspondingly powerful death!

The go board world was the spell art that concealed life the best.

When a single Feng Buzhi used this art, one half was life and the other half was death.

But when the black and white Feng Buzhis used it together, they could basically cut off all hope of survival, leaving only certain death.

This was why he had stopped using the go board world after using it only once. It was far too easy to see the problem with it.

Alas, even so, Tang Jie had managed to find the loophole.

Feng Buzhi's problem was that the moment he was exposed, his ethereal and bizarre arts were no longer a problem. With the 36 ghost clones attacking again, he had to take them all directly!

At this moment, all 36 ghost guards stepped onto a black space to avoid the pieces.

Feng Buzhi's normally effective attacks had been neutralized, and he finally realized that he was in trouble. "Do you really think you can beat me in a direct battle?"

His black and white eyes disappeared, to be replaced by white pupils.

Feng Buzhi disappeared, and then he reappeared on a white space. He grabb

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Translator Notes

Just when you think everyone is safe, Feng Buzhi adds a few more to his body count! Tang Jie ended up getting all of his friend's bodyguards killed!

Novel Notes

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