Chapter 298: Reward and Punishment!
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 298: Reward and Punishment!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

"That's Elder Heng's Immortal Ascension Mantra!" the Beast Refining Gate students called out. The sight of that snake transforming into a dragon had them yelling in excitement, their eyes brimming with admiration and desire.

The Immortal Ascension Mantra was a very special Immortal art of the Beast Refining Gate that massively boosted the power of a refined beast. Heng Wudi was the best in the Beast Refining Gate at this art, and his Immortal Ascension Art, refined to the peak, was capable of turning a snake fiend into a terrifying dragon to do battle. But this was also why his refined beasts never relied on numbers for their victory.

Unlike normal refined beasts, which came out of refined beast tokens, this green-snake-turned-dragon emerged endlessly from Heng Wudi's body, its enormous form gradually blotting out the sky. Only its dragon tail was wrapped around Heng Wudi's body, with most of its body sweeping aside the clouds and spitting green flames at Ming Yekong. The sky was turned into a blazing prairie, and when the flames crashed into the barrier below, they caused brilliant rainbow explosions.

But Ming Yekong faced down this terrifying green dragon like he was strolling around in a garden.

Someone had once said that while Ming Yekong might not have been the strongest of the 19 Celestial Chiefs, he was definitely the most carefree. He seemed eternally relaxed when fighting, his pace leisurely. If one only looked at his expression, one might not even realize he was in combat.

Ming Yekong confidently walked through the fierce flames of the dragon, his body drifting around and always appearing in the most improbable of places.

For him, the sky was flat ground, and he could freely travel without using any sort of flight spell.

With each step, the air rippled.

As he walked around, the ripples grew stronger and stronger, and the backdrop of the green dragon flames made them seem like festival fireworks.

These footprints continued to appear all around the place, blinking in and out of existence.

For most students, these footprints were irrelevant. Ming Yekong's carefree mood, Heng Wudi's ferocity, and the majesty of the green dragon were far more worthy of observation.

A peak Celestial Heart battle was a rare sight for students, which was also why they didn't actually understand the battle.

There were a few exceptions.

While the vast majority of people were focused on Heng Wudi and his green dragon, Tang Jie's eyes were constantly following those footsteps.

The Chaoswind Step!

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Translator Notes

Shu Mingyang can only suffer in silence as Tang Jie makes him into an accomplice.

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