Chapter 297: Humiliation and Insult
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 297: Humiliation and Insult

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

The immense force of the raging flames of light instantly shattered the Heaven-Earth Jail.

Two figures flew off in separate directions.

Cai Junyang tumbled in the air like a stone skipping across a lake. The moment he landed, he slid ten-some meters.

"Junyang!" The Basking Moon Sect students rushed up to Cai Junyang's side.

Cai Junyang threw up a mouthful of blood and then heartily laughed, "Haha! Feels good! Feels good! Who won?"

His body was covered in wounds, the tigers had torn up his clothes, and he even had several chunks of flesh missing.

But most shocking of all was that on his chest, beneath the tattered garments, was a suit of black armor. This armor was damaged in places by the fiend tigers, but the most serious damage was a crack in the middle, almost traveling along the entire length of Cai Junyang's body. This was caused by none other than that Heavenly Garment Knife.

Without this suit of armor, Cai Junyang would have already been dead. But alas, with this much damage, the armor was done for.

Everyone sighed in relief upon seeing that he was still alive. Ye Tianshang looked into the distance and replied, "It's a draw. You and Helian Hu left the ring at the same time."

In the distance, Helian Hu got up off the ground. He was clearly less wounded than Cai Junyang, but the look on his face was much nastier.

Not only had he failed to win, he had even had to kill two of his most important refined tigers. Despite this grievous price, he had come away empty-handed. The grief and rage he felt could easily be imagined.

As he looked over at the Basking Moon Sect, his eyes were brimming with murderous intent.

"Is that so? What a pity." Cai Junyang didn't seem to care much. After all that careful planning, and even gambling his life, he still hadn't been able to beat Helian Hu. Truly, the gap in strength was still everything. No matter what tricks you pulled, you were only ever able to close the distance. Getting a victory was excruciatingly difficult.

As he was sighing, Helian Hu began to walk over.

Step by step, he drew closer to the Basking Moon students.

This made everyone nervous, and even the Beast Refining Gate students shouted, "Great Brother, hurry and come back! The match in the ring is already over. Fighting isn't allowed anymore!"

No matter how much the Basking Moon Sect and the Beast Refining Gate hated each other, private battles without permission were not allowed, at least in public. This would risk a war.

The Basking Moon students tensed up as Helian Hu approached, some of them even readying for battle.

But Helian Hu had no intention of attacking.

He walked right up to Cai Junyang and looked at him. Cai Junyang was about to say something when Helian Hu suddenly looked past him and turned his gaze to Tang Jie.

He said, "When I was fighting, were you the one chattering from the audience?"

Tang Jie shrugged. "I was just cheering him on."

There was no rule forbidding the audience to talk and give pointers while a match was going on. It wasn't that the six major sects hadn't considered this possibility, but that they couldn't stop it.

So long as a match had spectators, commentary and cheers of support were inevitable.

And while cheering, someone excitedly giving a few words of advice was extremely normal. It wasn't like you could disqualify a contestant just because someone on their side shouted, "Hit his face!" or "Kick his butt!"

Thus, unless talking was banned, it was completely implausible to stop the spectators from offering ideas. Moreover, cultivator battles could change in seconds. While a spectator was giving an idea, the fighters might have already exchanged a few blows. The lag was so serious that the effect of this advice was minimal and might even be counterproductive.

Thus, in matches like this, it was not forbidden for the audience to offer pointers.

But nobody could have expected Tang Jie to exploit this point.

He could exploit it partially because he had already thought of all the possible tactical developments, and partially because he had the Celestial Eye. But most importantly, his pointers avoided the need for instant reaction as much as possible.

For example, Cai Junyang turtling in the corner and utilizing the Heaven-Earth Jail to give himself a terrain advantage had nothing to do with instant reaction and could be used at any time. Having Cai Junyang use the Shore-Crashing Hand against Helian Hu was also a tactical choice that didn't require an instant response. Doing it early or late would have no difference in effect.

Only the last piece of advice—to cover his head and squat down, thus using the refined tigers as cover—really demanded an instant reaction, and that was the only one had thought about carefully beforehand. Even then, he had still lost his cool and, in the end, shouted, "Go all-out!" This was a result of his lack of time to organize his words and think of a countermeasure.

Helian Hu glared at Tang Jie. "The problem is that whenever you cheered him on, I ended up in big trouble. It seems like you were also the one who came up with the Spirit Seal Talisman Formation."

Compared to Cai Junyang, Helian Hu reserved more hatred for the one giving him orders from the back. Without this person, he would have never ended up in this situation, which was why he had come over to demand evidence.

Tang Jie chuckled. "Oh, that talisman? That was the work of Brother Mingyang."

He pointed at Shu Mingyang.

Shu Mingyang froze.

He really had made this talisman, but it was Tang Jie who had asked him to make it, and the processing that made it into a talisman formation had nothing to do with him. The only possibility was that Tang Jie had done it. But wasn't Tang Jie being rather disloyal by pushing all the responsibility onto him?

Aren't you just selling me out?

Shu Mingyang was about to explain when Tang Jie said, "The people of my Basking Moon Sect have always worked together, using everything possible to fend off a powerful foe. Brother Helian, if you're not convinced, you can just work together with the people of your sect to fight against us."

He had breezily made his "cheering" into a team effort from the sect, leaving Helian Hu feeling both angry and helpless. But as there was no ban on advice from the audience, he couldn't do anything. And even if he did want to emulate this, where was he going to find someone with such sharp vision?

Shu Mingyang had been about to argue when Tang Jie had brought up the unity of the Basking Moon Sect. If he spoke up now, wouldn't he be admitting that he wasn't of one mind with the others? He could only quietly take the blame.

As Helian Hu was overcome by helpless rage, a voice rang out from behind him, "Hu'er, come back."

As this voice spoke, the clamor at the Beast Refining Gate's side instantly fell silent. Helian Hu gave Tang Jie and Shu Mingyang one last glare before reluctantly leaving.

A large man wearing beast furs suddenly appeared on the scene and looked at Cai Junyang. An invisible energy instantly engulfed the aura, paralyzing all the students.

Seated above, Ming Yekong slightly frowned. Just when he was about to move, the beast fur man said, "Brother Ming, don't be hasty. I just wish to ask some questions as to where this kid got this suit of armor."

He waved his hand, and the shattered armor flew off Cai Junyang's body and into the beast fur man's hand. He glanced at it and grunted, "Sure enough, it's Godhead Armor."

Cai Junyang could have been wearing anything, but nobody had expected Godhead Armor. Even the distant Godhead Palace students were startled, confused as to how Cai Junyang had gotten it.

Tang Jie immediately replied, "A gift from a friend."

"What friend?" the beast fur man immediately asked.

Tang Jie coldly replied, "None of your business."

"Impudent!" The beast fur man scowled. "Do you know who you're talking to? And you dare to act so brazenly?"

Tang Jie sneered, "Mad Beast Heng Wudi (Forever Unequalled), one of the Seven Primordial War Beasts of the Beast Refining Gate, a peak Celestial Heart only half a step from Violet Palace. You are ranked 16th on my Basking Moon Sect's kill list, and you've killed at least one hundred disciples of my Basking Moon Sect. Am I right?"

The beast fur man was taken aback, and then he laughed. "You know who I am, and you still dare to speak to me this way? Juniors seem to be getting more and more guts nowadays."

"Idiot," Tang Jie coldly spat out.

He didn't say these words very loudly, but they still instantly traveled across the entire venue.

Heng Wudi paled. "What did you say?"

Tang Jie pursed his lips. "I'm saying you're an idiot. You think that people will just step back simply because you flash your title? I'm not your dad, so I don't have the time to deal with you. But now that I think about it, Heng Wudi, was your dad an imbecile? What was going on in his head, that he gave you such a crude name? You must have been beaten up a lot when you were a kid because of this name. That you survived until now is a miracle!"

Tang Jie's mouth was venomous and damaging, and he spoke swiftly. Everyone was instantly left dumbfounded.

They stared at Tang Jie, not daring to believe their ears.

He actually dared to insult and humiliate a peak Celestial Heart cultivator? And his insults were so vicious and harsh. He must have gone crazy.

Heng Wudi trembled a few times before finally roaring, "Kid, you're seeking death!"

His body exploded with energy, his fighting intent and flames of anger seeming to take physical form and coil around his body. With a mighty roar, he thrust out his right index finger, sending a surge of wild energy at Tang Jie. Not only was Tang Jie caught up in it, even Peng Yaolong, Cai Junyang, and Ye Tianshang were in range of this blow.

At this moment, he felt like only killing everyone in the Basking Moon Sect could quench his anger.

A moment later, with a cold snort, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Tang Jie, thrusting a palm against that furious storm of energy and instantly neutralizing it.

After blocking the attack, Ming Yekong said, "Heng Wudi, the six sects have agreed to not strike at others while off the stage. You've already broken the rules, not even considering that you're attacking a junior."

Heng Wudi roared, "Ming Yekong, don't try that on me! Is this how your Basking Moon Sect teaches your disciples? Did you hear how he insulted me?"

Ming Yekong shook his head. "Rules are rules. The reasons are not important. What's important is that you broke the rules, so you must be punished!"

"Bullshit!" Heng Wudi stomped his feet. "I don't care about these dogshit rules! Rules exist to be broken! I didn't cultivate for a thousand years just so that some damn rules could hold me back! Anyone who dares to humiliate me must die!"

He punched at the students, the surge of energy even greater than before!

Ming Yekong replied, "Perhaps there are times when the rules must be broken, but not by you, Heng Wudi."

"Brother Ming is correct, but Brother Heng has his dignity to preserve. There's no harm in having a match with him to liven things up a little." The one speaking this time was a golden-robed elder of Godhead Palace.

Godhead Palace and the Beast Refining Gate were allies, so they naturally needed to speak up for them at this time.

It was true that Heng Wudi had broken the rules, so they might as well drag Ming Yekong in and turn this into a spar between two bigshots to settle things.

On the Horizon Ocean Pavilion side, a middle-aged woman chuckled and said, "That's all well and good, but we can't disturb the children."

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She waved her hand, casting a forcefield on the area below.

The golden-robed elder said, "Madam He is right. That being the case, let me lend a hand."

He also pointed at the area down below.

The leaders from the Thousand Passions Sect and Seven Absolutions Sect glanced at each other before also acting.

The peak Celestial Heart experts from the other four sects worked in concert to cast a forcefield on the area to protect it.

Back on the ground, Ming Yekong neutralized Heng Wudi's attack again. At the same time, he stepped forward, and what seemed like empty air rippled like water.

Ming Yekong's body began to blink around in the air. Suddenly, he appeared behind Heng Wudi and thrust a finger at his neck.

Heng Wudi had already sensed this, and with a roar, a green snake head suddenly appeared at the back of his head and bit at Ming Yekong.

Ming Yekong drew back his hand and made another step.

He was clearly stepping forward, but his body appeared on Heng Wudi's right side, as if there was some sort of tunnel between Heng Wudi's back and his side that Ming Yekong needed only one step to cross. With a light wave of his left hand, a sharp light shot at Heng Wudi's neck.

Heng Wudi let out a strange yelp and flew upward. Ming Yekong stepped to the side, but this one step took him several dozen meters into the air, putting him right in the path of Heng Wudi's ascent. His movements were truly as unfathomable as a ghost's.

"Out of my way!" Heng Wudi bellowed.

His body erupted with a fierce light. A giant green snake charged out of his body. As it charged, it grew horns and claws, becoming a majestic dragon.

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