Chapter 470- Merging with the beast
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 470- Merging with the beast

Little Five looked at this team and waited carefully.

Boss Sha Sha had sent them here for many days. They were planning to save Cloud Peak after they got broken into, but who knew they would see such a shocking sight?

As their strength was much lower than the enemies, Little Five and the dozens he led didn’t dare to enter Cloud Peak’s range. They walked outside, afraid that people would notice and drag them in.

He was just a three-star evolved. His boss, Sha Sha, would be asking to die if she faced those huge giants.

He wished to save some people from Cloud Peak and complete his mission.

He then received orders from Sha Sha to remain and wait for her to come over.

Only then did Little Five know that the person he looked up to and was jealous about was back. Even the big sister, who listened to nobody, had to rush over personally.

Little Five and the others waited with complicated emotions. They chose a place as their temporary camp to welcome Sha Sha over.

Who knew that when they came to receive Sha Sha, a giant wheel mountain appeared in the sky, and those people who were in a face-off disappeared?

Little Five didn’t know what was going on. He entered Cloud Peak’s range to scout but found nothing out. It was as if everyone disappeared.

He raised his head and looked at the giant mountain. He knew that their disappearance had to have something to do with this.

When Little Five planned to head down the mountain, he bumped into that small team of seven to eight people.

Their attire was different from Ying City. Little Five also saw the traces of the ocean.

In the apocalypse, it was normal for two teams who didn’t know one another to be wary. There would be a 20% chance that they would fight right away.

“Who are you?”

Little Five looked at them and saw that his side was lower level than theirs, but they had more people, so they weren’t afraid.

The other party looked at each other and were about to say their intentions. They then noticed another much bigger party behind them.

“Big Sister!”

Little Five

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