Chapter 469- Professor He's choice
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 469- Professor He's choice

No matter how much you understood Cloud Peak or how much you smashed Cloud Peak behind its walls, you couldn’t deny the huge changes that its key leader brought to the core members.

They were all five-star!

An Hu, Sound Iron, Little Nine, Wen Hong, and the two Glory Army five-star evolved. Along with the four-star evolved behind them, they all felt huge pressure.

The evolved levels of the core members of Cloud Peak exceeded them after Ye Zhongming returned!

Xia Lei, Mo Ye, Little Tiger, Tong Hu, Little Li, Young Master Yun, Tang Tian, Liang Chuyin, Park Xiuying, Shengyuan, Ah Yang, Xia Bai, Sister Rong. Just what they could see, there were 13 five-star evolved!

There was also the level-five dog and the level-five kid zombie that popped up randomly!

The number of four-star evolved exceeded three digits!

No wonder they had so many points!

A day ago, Cloud Peak only had one five-star evolved. Soul Merchant and Glory Army were stunned by this huge change. ‘

How did one person who disappeared for half a year cause such a huge change the moment he was back?

As the higher-ups of super factions, they knew how a team ran. The subordinates injected blood to allow them to reach their high levels.

In other words, only a portion of their evolution potion was their hard work. The rest were from the lives of their subordinates.

Not only evolution potions, the other evolved used such a method to obtain items.

Levels were strict, and it formed a pyramid food chain. This was the best way to run a super faction.

People didn’t doubt this method before.

But when they looked at Cloud Peak and saw how one person’s return caused such a huge change, they all started to doubt the organization’s methods.

Could one person hold up an entire faction? Moreover, this faction could challenge super factions!

They didn’t think Cloud Peak could face the full Soul Merchant or Glory Army. They knew that Ye Zhongming appeared when the apocalypse started and differed from them. This was why they were terrified of this young man. How stro

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