Chapter 351- Undead Hill
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 351- Undead Hill

Although he didn’t waste Ghost Metal to enchant his defensive equipment, he was wearing one of the better gray equipment. But a few hours into the Secret Realm, it was destroyed.

He was attacked by seven to eight kid-like level-two monsters, and they destroyed his pants and shirt. Their attacks easily broke through these two gray pieces of equipment, causing irreparable damage.

He sliced the throat of a small monster with a slash and panted.

This Secret Realm was too weird. Not only was his strength suppressed, but these little monsters that should be instantly killed by him had strong combat strength. They even knew how to work together. They traded two lives for Ye Zhongming’s two pieces of equipment.

But Ye Zhongming was still a four-star evolved. More importantly, he was very experienced. When he couldn’t crush them with strength, he changed his strategy. He didn’t rush to kill them and just observed them patiently. He found their strengths and weaknesses, grabbing the chance to kill them.

He spent 30 minutes killing all the monsters.

Ye Zhongming didn’t even take three minutes to kill the level-five Three-tailed Demon Frog, but he needed half an hour to kill these level-two monsters!

Ye Zhongming had other skills he could use to insta kill these monsters but didn’t want to consume his trump cards against these minions. After all, he didn’t know how long he would spend here.

Ye Zhongming scouted the environment and also dug the crystals when he saw that there was nothing left. He also broke down a few of them.

Such a disgusting thing didn’t affect Ye Zhongming at all. He just wanted to see the difference between Earth and mutated beings.

But he was disappointed. He was not a professional doctor or biologist. Apart from when there were obvious differences, he couldn’t see anything from this.

Ye Zhongming didn’t find an answer and used these teeth and claws as enchanting material. Before leaving, he looked at the forest and harvested more portions of Indus Sandal Wood.

As for the rest, he would bother

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