Chapter 350- Secret Realm's meeting gift
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 350- Secret Realm's meeting gift

His body was uncontrolled, and it felt like it was being ripped apart. This felt bad, and he thought that he would get smashed.

But a few breaths later, he fell to the ground.

He suppressed his body's pain and rolled to get up.

He didn’t know if Yangos was waiting for him or if it might use dragon breath.

There was nothing here.

He splashed a water bottle on his face, making him feel better.

He held the Purple Crystal Energy Gun he fired at Wen Hong and started to size up the surrounding environment.

He felt like this was a foreign space he only saw in movies.

It looked like the starry sky, which was mainly black. But in the darkness, there were colors—purple clouds, dark blue mist, and shining stars.

Was this space?

Many thoughts appeared in his mind, but he denied it as he saw the ground.

An endless black surface with gravity. Even the air had oxygen.

How could this be space?

Was this a phenomenon of the Secret Realm?

Ye Zhongming could only think that way.

He turned around, and there was nothing. It was still the black soil and mountainous bodies in the distance.

Ye Zhongming frowned and started worrying about how to get out.

Should there be a space that is connected with the Earth? How would he get out?

He had no choice and had to choose a direction to walk in.

But very quickly, he noticed a weird situation.

First came from his body. He felt like his strength was being suppressed. He tested it, and he could only use three-star strength. This gave him a headache. If he was in danger, this was fatal. Moreover, some power in the air was foreign to him.

Next was that this land was very barren. Although the color was the same as the fertile land on Earth, there weren’t many plants. He would occasionally spot one which was on the verge of death. He grabbed some dirt, and his skin hurt. Some elements weren’t suitable for life inside of the dirt.

Apart from the plants, he had never seen any of the lifeforms.

What secret realm was this? Was it dangerous? Why did it end up like this? Also, if he co

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