Chapter 105- Complicated and strong job
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 105- Complicated and strong job

Moon Edge shone, and the light exploded even without me using Full Strength Light. When one looked at the edges of the blade light, there were signs of the air twisting, similar to when you burnt something. It made it feel that the space around the blade was twisted.

“Seal: Flame Blade.”

Ye Zhongming held his breath and slashed toward the area before him.

A red light shone and went from Moon Edge straight to the ground. The red glow was as if he was drawing something. With his hand as the source, he immediately attracted a quarter of a circle.


This blade burned the green grass patch and then the stone road. The embers reached three to four meters high and lit up half the district.

The flames appeared quickly and also disappeared quickly. They were gone in just a second. The area that burnt was now pitch black. Whether grass or stone, they were all turned to ash, and all left was a three-meter long and one-meter deep hole!

It looked like a mini abyss had appeared on the ground.

Ye Zhongming was shocked by that slash.

He was also a blade user in his last life and reached intermediate grade. He had a few job skills, but even the more advanced ones were weaker than this flame blade. If not for the difference between a six-star evolved and a one-star evolved, this blade was enough to suppress all of his past skills!

Ye Zhongming estimated that this blade was around half of his past life’s full-strength slash if one included all elements.

Although it was half, one had to know that he was six star in his last life and was only one star now! The gap was huge.

In other words, when Ye Zhongming reaches two or three stars, that slash might be as strong as his past life.

Ye Zhongming was very clear about this concept.

Light Seal Blademaster was two jobs in one.

One was a Seal Master, and the other was a Blademaster.

Seal Master used mental energy to form seals and use their various abilities.

Blademaster needed no introduction. Moreover, there were many people with such a job. He knew over twenty people

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