Chapter 104- Light Seal Blademaster
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 104- Light Seal Blademaster

Ye Zhongming was a little annoyed with this middle aged man’s stubbornness.

One star evolution potion was too valuable at the start of the apocalypse. Each bottle represented dozens and even hundreds of demon crystals which meant that you had to kill dozens and hundreds of zombies.

For evolved, it wasn’t easy to kill this number of zombies.

Four bottles which meant that you had to kill at least three to four hundred zombies. That was under the context that one was lucky, if not you might need even five hundred. The gachapon really depended on luck.

Since the apocalypse started, getting evolution potions was very important to people. Within the next year, one star evolution potions would be the most valuable and also the most useful trading item.

Although job certificates were good but if you weren’t an evolved then it was just a piece of trash paper.

Of course, to Ye Zhongming, this job certificate was far more valuable than four bottles. That was because Ye Zhongming had seen similar jobs which was why he was able to judge its value. If not for it being just a week since the start, this certificate would be far above this price.

“You should be clear about how hard it is to get potions now. Three bottles is high enough.” Ye Zhongming said softly, “If you insist on this price then I will leave.”

He took a step back and expressed his attitude.

The middle aged man frowned.

Three evolution potions were already the highest price that he had received during these few days.

There was only one person who took out two bottles to trade. The rest all used one bottle.

As an evolved, the middle aged man naturally knew how precious the potions were. The potion he drank used two lives. But after becoming evolved, he was still afraid of the poison. Unless he had a good chance, if not he didn’t dare to face too many zombies.

During these few days, he only collected a few dozen demon crystals. If he spun the wheel with it, he might not even get a single potion.

This young man’s price was tempting but he was still reluc

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