Chapter 0063: Opening Up the Ren and Du Meridians
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Apex War God Chapter 0063: Opening Up the Ren and Du Meridians

A young man stood in a ten-meter-deep hole, his feet planted firmly on the ground, his elegant fighting stance unwavering, one hand clenched into a fist and the other one palm up.

The other person went flying back and crashed into the ground about seven or eight meters away, sending dust and sand into the air as his blood stained the ground.

That person was Ai Feili; the top boss in the prison had been defeated.

The prisoners were wide-eyed in disbelief as they watched the scene unfold.

They had seen this limping, middle-aged man’s powerful kick send a grown man flying before, so they found it hard to accept the fact that someone had defeated him in a single move.

Yang Wu won but showed no joy on his face, as he was completely drained, even overdrawn. His profound art’s circulation slowed down as he fell into a weakened state, about to collapse at any moment.

Just then, Shi Lengmei, who was waiting for an opportunity at the side, moved.

She rushed over with fast and light steps, crouching slightly while holding the short crowbar in a reversed grip. The crowbar flashed with ice-attributed energy, thrusting out from about six meters from Yang Wu. A trail of snowflakes in the air streaked toward Yang Wu’s heart with menacing force, a truly vicious attack.

Yang Wu’s body refused to respond to his command. With barely a chance at evasion, he could only watch as the strike approached. As he accepted his fate, Sooty sprang up, using its small body to shield him.


Sooty was only the size of an arm and felt like it could never grow larger. The force sent its juvenile body flying far away, followed by an agonized yelp.

The helpless Yang Wu watched the scene unfold. He felt a pang in his heart like a needle prick. This was the second time Sooty placed its life on the line to save him; the first time had been against Black Ape. Even if it had emerged from the first ordeal unscathed, could it take the hit this time?

“Damned little black dog!” Shi Lengmei cursed and charged toward Yang Wu again.

“You are the da

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