Chapter 0062: One Move to Determine the Winner
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Apex War God Chapter 0062: One Move to Determine the Winner

Han Wuqing did not walk or run toward Yang Wu but jumped like a zombie. However, the speed and height he jumped exceeded an ordinary zombie’s. His arms were like divine weapons, slashing at Yang Wu in anger. As he did so, they formed two rays of azure light that drove Yang Wu to the ground.

Yang Wu raised his gaze, battle hunger writ across his face. He repeatedly thrust his crowbar, drawing rays of light as it smashed toward his opponent.

The crowbar was like a hurricane, a chaotic storm of arrows raining down. His Profound Energy projected over seven meters, comparable to the range of an Inferior Grade General.

Yang Wu’s Rainstorm Spear Art had reached Perfection, and he executed it flawlessly, believing it was enough to destroy Han Wuqing.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Han Wuqing disregarded these attacks and extended his arms, receiving each attack with ease. Besides some marks on his arms, he weathered the attacks unharmed—proof of his greater strength after the human-corpse transformation.

Yang Wu had not expected Han Wuqing to take on his attacks like this and remain unscathed. He couldn’t help exclaiming, “How can this be?!”

Before he could retreat, Han Wuqing grabbed him by the neck and tried to bite his shoulder.

“Disgusting thing, get off me!” Naturally, Yang Wu would not allow Han Wuqing to bite him. The young man frantically absorbed water-attributed Profound Energy into his body from the ground he stood on. This pressure, combined with the effects of continuous battles, resulted in two acupoints opening instantly. Nascent Profound Essence from the peach pit surged violently, allowing him to burst out with great strength. Then he savagely smashed his knee into Han Wuqing’s lower abdomen.


This collision should be sufficient to destroy Han Wuqing’s lower abdomen, at the very least.

However, reality did not match Yang Wu’s expectations. The collision knocked Han Wuqing into the air, but his abdomen remained intact, and his hands still clutched Yang Wu’s neck. Only his jaw had slowed down.

Yang Wu frowned and landed successive knee strikes, determined to rid himself of the Zombie.

However, Han Wuqing maintained his suffocating grip on Yang Wu’s neck. His nails even pierced Yang Wu’s cicada armor and stabbed into the flesh of Yang Wu’s neck to choke him to death.

Sooty rushed out and bit Han Wuqing’s arm, but he disregarded the little dog’s efforts. After his corpse transformation, his arms were hard like steel; it was impossible for the puppy to hurt him.

Or so he thought. This little black dog’s fangs were incredibly sharp. When it bit his arm, they were like razor blades; azure-tinged blood spurted out.

Without waiting for Han Wuqing to react, Sooty jumped to his other arm and bit again. He failed to shake the little dog off in time and also lost his other arm.

The moment Yang Wu broke free, he concentrated all his strength into his crowbar and fiercely swept it across Han Wuqing’s lower abdomen. His Nascent Profound Essence surge

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