Chapter 0016: Woe from Wolf Spirits
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Apex War God Chapter 0016: Woe from Wolf Spirits

“Do you submit?” Yang Wu demanded, holding his crowbar steady above Fei Leng’s head.

Without bothering to wipe the blood from his face, the older man responded instantly, “Yes! I submit!”

He knew that if a “No” escaped his lips, the young man would truly crack open his head, ending him for good.

Fei Leng had not expected such a swift defeat, though he could sense that the young man before him was as powerful as a Consummate Grade Foot Soldier. If Yang Wu had been any weaker, he might have had a chance, but as it was, fighting back would be a detrimental mistake. Silently, he cursed to himself, How crappy is my luck to meet a foe like this?

Having witnessed Yang Wu’s ruthless attacks, the surrounding inmates did not dare act rashly. That young man had mercilessly beaten Boss Fei, whom they had all worshiped, and it robbed them of their courage.

“Very good. You will all obey Skinny Monkey from now on. His word is as good as mine; do you hear me?” Yang Wu’s tone was frigid as he gestured to Skinny Monkey behind him.

“Yes, I understand!” the disabled man hurriedly replied.

“You, over there, who goes by Bei Zi, do you have any objections?” The young man cast his gaze over Bei Zi, who nursed his injured hand.

Fear flashed in the man’s eyes as he stammered, “N-no objections here!”

“Excellent. From here on out, you all belong to the Wuhou Gang. Bear in mind, I will end anyone who dares to cause trouble from within!” Yang Wu’s gaze was as sharp as a blade as he announced his terms.

Without much suspense, Fei Long and Bei Zi had submitted to Yang Wu, now under the Wuhou Gang’s wings.

Yang Wu was only a step away from reaching the Consummate Grade, having already become a Superior Grade Foot Soldier. Furthermore, with his combat techniques and experience, defeating Fei Leng had been a breeze. On top of that, all of his senses—sight, hearing, smell, etc.—had grown sharper than the average person’s since he had begun cultivating the Supreme Nine Profound Art.

With these changes, Yang Wu had slowly come to realize that he could become a supreme expert among his generation as long as he continued to cultivate the art. Of course, he would need to collect nine Profound Essence Energies and reach the Accomplished stage.

Currently, however, he was still weak, still at the introductory stage. His imprisonment only made finding those energies even more difficult.

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