Chapter 7.1: Expanding the List of Clients (1)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 7.1: Expanding the List of Clients (1)

After working for fifteen hours straight, Ji Fanyin decided to take the next day off.

There was nothing much she could do anyway since Song Shiyu was bound to go offline for the time being. However, this wasn’t of major concern since he would be back eventually.

Ji Fanyin’s bank account was currently loaded with money, such that she could make the down payment for a new house right away. It was just that she was in no rush to move out yet, so she leisurely holed herself up in her rented house and watched TV for the entire day.

Over the course of the day, Ji Xinxin dropped her a call and talked about her daily life in France.

“Oh right!” Just as they were about to hang up, Ji Xinxin suddenly recalled something and asked, “I heard from Cheng Lin and the others that they are intending to hold a gathering soon. I won’t be able to make it there, but won’t you consider joining them, sis?”

Ji Fanyin racked her mind to recall who Cheng Lin was.

“Sis, have you already forgotten about Cheng Lin?” Ji Xinxin reminded her gently, “She transferred into our high school during our second year. She was quite famous back then, having quite an illustrious background and a beautiful face. She was also in the same university as us, studying in the English Faculty.”

Ji Fanyin had no impression of such a person at all, so she figured that the other party was just an unimportant character.

However, this showed that the people heading to the gathering were acquainted with both Ji Xinxin and Ji Fanyin. Since they were in the same circle, it was likely that they were from notable backgrounds too… If so, there were probably some of Ji Xinxin’s fish there too.

Perhaps I could expand my client list there.

Ji Fanyin flipped through her calendar as she asked casually, “When is the gathering?”

“The day after tomorrow. Sis, are you interested?” Ji Xinxin was surprised. “I thought that… Never mind. I’ll pull you into the group then.”

“Alright,” replied Ji Fanyin.

After the call was hung up, Ji Xinxin quickly added Ji Fanyin to a new group before bidding them goodnight, saying that it was getting late over on her side.

Ji Fanyin took a look at the pinned messages and saw the date, time, and location of the gathering written neatly up there. She quickly copied the details down onto her calendar before scrolling through the list of members in the chat.

None of the members in the group were in her friend’s list.

But again, Ji Fanyin’s friend’s list had always been limited to a few people. She disliked crowds and socializing, so she didn’t have many friends.

After that, she muted the group chat.

【Yukki: @Ji Fanyin You are joining the gathering? No way! Did anyone even invite you? Why are you so thick-skinned?】

【Lively Ducky: I flipped through the chat records. Xinxin invited her to the group. I’m fine with it. Make sure to dress formally for the gathering @Ji Fanyin

【Dream: Are only those in our batch invited? Can I bring a senior along too?】

【Lively Ducky: That would depend on which senior you’re talking about】

【Dream: Of course I’m talking about Senior Song Shiyu! I’m still meeting him from time to time, so I can invite him to the gathering too】

【Yukki: *rolls eyes emoji* Ji Xinxin isn’t even joining in this time around. Do you think that Senior Song will join us? I bet he’ll run at the very sight of Ji Fanyin!】

【Yukki: I shan’t name names, but those who aren’t invited should have some self-awareness】

【Sneaky Little Li Bai: Invite him! I have some business-related matters that I wanna ask Senior Song about. It’ll be amazing if he could join us @Dream

【Dream: Alright. He doesn’t like to be added to groups though, so I shan’t add him in. I’ll just relay his answer to you later on】

【Lively Ducky: Oh yeah! It’s been so long since I saw my adonis. Hehehe, I wonder if he’s still as handsome as before. Is he seeing anyone yet?】

【Yukki: Gosh, why are you all so behind on the news? Haven’t you heard that Senior Song gave Ji Xinxin a bouquet of roses and confessed to her during her farewell party? It was really romantic! It’s such a pity that he was rejected】

【Spectator: Awww】

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【Yukki: Ah, but that doesn’t mean that a certain someone will stand a chance】

【Yukki: ...】

【Yukki: @Ji Fanyin Are you playing dead?】

【Sneaky Little Li Bai: You should cut it out. Xinxin is in this group too. She’ll see your message】

【Yukki: Are you joking with me? Do I look like I’d be afraid of Ji Xinxin? You speak as if Ji Xinxin has really stood up for Ji Fanyin before!】

【Yukki: @Ji Fanyin Come out! Why join this group if you don’t even dare show your face?】

【Yukki: You aren’t replying, huh? Very well. You’d better not show up tomorrow!】

【Dream: … I was going to ask if anyone could call Bai Zhou, but I guess there’s no point. Who could possibly be able to invite that great young master to join our humble gathering?】

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