Chapter 26.2: Despicable (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 26.2: Despicable (2)

She was still picking out ingredients even when they walked out of the lift. There was simply nothing in Bai Zhou’s kitchen at all that she had to get even the bare necessities. She did manage to fill his kitchen with condiments such as oil, salt, soya sauce, and vinegar the last time she was here, but there was more to consider if she wanted to cook usual home cooked meals this time around. 

For one, it was certain that he wouldn’t have common ingredients like rice and onion in his kitchen.

She subconsciously followed Bai Zhou’s footsteps while adding everything she needed into her shopping cart. 

Bai Zhou suddenly stopped without any warning, and she nearly bumped right into him. It was fortunate that there was some distance between them, allowing her to stop in time.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. 

Did he change his mind and decide to play with Ji Xinxin instead?

Bai Zhou turned around and assessed the distance between them with his eyes before clicking his tongue in annoyance. Then, without saying anything at all, he began walking forward once more. 

Weirdly, he didn’t do anything at all despite the abrupt halt. It was almost as if he was just experimenting to see if she would bump into him. 

Ji Fanyin: “…?” Just how much did his mental maturity regress by?

The brooding Bai Zhou unlocked his door using facial recognition technology before haphazardly tossing his leather shoes aside. He slipped into a pair of slippers and headed into the house.

Ji Fanyin looked through the shoe rack, but just like before, there were only men-sized slippers. So, she put on the same ones she wore the last time she was here. While shutting the door, she asked, “I remember that you aren’t fond of food with strong flavors or odors?”

Bai Zhou replied with a lackadaisical “Mm”.

Ji Fanyin took one last look through the shopping cart and ensured that there was enough food for two. With that, she confirmed the order.

It would probably take thirty to forty minutes for the groceries to be delivered to their doorsteps. Ji Fanyin finally stowed her phone away and raised her gaze, only to see that Bai Zhou was nowhere to be seen. So, she tried calling his name.

A slightly muffled voice sounded from the bedroom, “I’m changing my clothes… Don’t come in!”

Ji Fanyin: “…” You were still playing with mud when I was touching world-class models with perfect abs during magazine shoots. 

She opened the fridge to take a look, and just as she expected… 

How should I put this? It’s almost shouting to me that ‘This is the fridge of a young man living by himself’.

Ji Fanyin shouted over, “Bai Zhou, what do you want to drink?”


Ji Fanyin glanced at the boxes of beers inside the fridge before heading to the water dispenser to get him a glass of warm water. 

When Bai Zhou walked out of his room in a white T-shirt and comfortable long pants and saw the glass of warm water on the bar counter: “…”

“It’s even more so when you’re in a bad mood that you shouldn’t vent your emotions through alcohol. It’s not good for your body,” said Ji Fanyin as she pushed the cup of warm water toward him. “Big sis is doing this for your own good.”

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Bai Zhou maintained a ‘…’ look on his face as he picked up the glass and obediently took a sip. 

Bai Zhou’s penthouse was renovated with a modern design. It had an open concept kitchen that was linked with the living room, making the area look exceptionally spacious. There was a bar counter with stools on both sides that resembled a small office space. 

There was hardly anything on the bar counter though. There was only a speaker and a drawer box filled with chargers. 

Bai Zhou and Ji Fanyin stood opposite to one another with only half a meter between them. They could easily touch one another just by stretching their hands forward.

Bai Zhou took a seat on one of the stools with the glass of water in his hand. He stroked the uneven edges of the glass with his fingers, seemingly deep in thought. 

His behavior was typical of a person who had many things bottled up in his heart and needed someone to confide in, so Ji Fanyin rested her head on her arm and waited patiently for him.

Whatever happened at that banquet earlier today must have dealt a heavy blow to Bai Zhou for someone as arrogant as him to be in such low spirits. 

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