Chapter 1851

 Chapter 1851 (Raw 1863, Raw 1862 Non-Existent): Good To Be Alive
 Xiao Chen used one of the Death God Mask’s Secret Techniques, Void Shadow. The Holy Son Ming Xuan’s attack, which he had long been storing up power for, struck the immaterialized Xiao Chen with a terrifying Demonic Might.
 The Holy Son Ming Xuan revealed a horrified expression, as the attack just passed right through Xiao Chen’s body.
 His peak attack did not even stop Xiao Chen for even a moment.
 The Black Lotus Sect Venerate’s smile did not fade. He continued to look at Xiao Chen dispassionately, not making a move, not changing his expression.
 Xiao Chen used another one of the Death God Mask’s Secret Techniques, the Masked Clone. Immediately, a masked clone appeared from nowhere.
 When he executed the Secret Technique, he felt like his body split into two. No matter which one was destroyed, the other one would be able to preserve his strength and intelligence, continuing to live on without any hindrance.
 Xiao Chen finally understood why even Sovereign Personages would not be able to figure out which was the real one. It was because both of them were real.
 Two seconds had elapsed. Xiao Chen went past the obstruction that was Ming Xuan. Now, he was just one hundred meters away from the Black Lotus Sect Venerate, who was on the throne.
 Xiao Chen locked on to the Black Lotus Sect Venerate’s aura, drove his Veritable Essence Energy, layered his two Great Dao Energies, and raised his Dragon Might to the peak.
 Then, he waited for the final second.
 Under the mask, Xiao Chen’s expression was serious. He revealed a pair of Great Desolate Divine Eyes, but they held only a cold murderous intent and a strange demonic nature, nothing else.
 How long could one second be?
 One breath. One blink. The time it took to raise the head. The time it took to take one step. The instant one opened the mouth. The moment it took for a thought to form.
 One second passed.
 However, for experts, one second was sufficient to do many things.
 An expert could soar into the air and go far away. An expert could swing his saber one hundred times. An expert could kill countless people. An expert could think of many things. An expert could…could do many, many things.
 The Black Lotus Sect Venerate did only one thing. He stood up from his throne.
 Some people stood up because they were tired. Some people stood up to leave. Some people stood up just from pure restlessness.
 However, some people stood up for only one reason. The Black Lotus Sect Venerate was going to fight.
 Just as the Black Lotus Sect Venerate stood up, a strong fighting spirit surged from his body and into the air. It turned into a fiercely blazing flame burning up half the sky.
 The clouds burned, and flames filled the sky.
 This fighting spirit was pure and simple, tyrannical and direct. It directly sealed this space.
 The two clones were forcibly stopped before the Black Lotus Sect Venerate.
 Xiao Chen immediately thought, I can’t move. I can’t speak. I can’t think.
 The Black Lotus Sect Venerate slowly stretched out his hand. However, as his hand approached one of Xiao Chen’s clones, his lower body suddenly combusted. Then, his hand stopped right before the clone’s forehead, never to move further forward.
 The Black Lotus Sect Venerate revealed a bitter smile and said softly, “In my life, I have contended against Divine Vein Sovereign Emperors, fought Sovereign Personages, and killed countless Holy Venerates. However, I have never stood up for a Star Venerate before. You should be proud…”
 “Master!” the Holy Son Ming Xuan shouted hoarsely and in pain when he saw this scene. He ran over, wanting to grab the Black Lotus Sect Venerate’s hand.
 However, before Ming Xuan could feel the warmth of that hand, the Black Lotus Sect Venerate looked at him silently and turned into ashes.
 The Black Lotus Sect Venerate’s gaze brimmed with anticipation and doting love. However, he could not continue looking, only glance. The Black Lotus Sect Venerate, who moved unhindered all his life, able to retreat safely despite the suppression of the Buddhist sect’s four temples, died, his soul scattering.
 The Black Lotus Sect Venerate vanished forever from the world. Only that fierce blazing flame that burned half the sky marked his existence, his glory, and his past.
 The two clones landed on the deck and merged back together. The Great Desolate Eon bloodline’s activation came to an end. Xiao Chen vomited a mouthful of blood.
 Suffering injury upon injury, Xiao Chen fell weakly to the deck. Was it a victory or a loss?
 The Holy Son Ming Xuan knelt down and mouthed scriptures. His clean body, which did not have any filth on it at all, exuded an incomparably pure Buddhist nature.
 Xiao Chen held a Sword Monarch Grass in his hand. If he made a move now, with the Sword Monarch Grass’s might, the Holy Son Ming Xuan would definitely die.
 In the end, Xiao Chen did not attack. He slowly stood up, left this ship, and landed on the sea.
 As Xiao Chen looked around, a sorry sight entered his eyes.
 The corpses of the Black Lotus Church’s Protectors and arhats floated on the sea. Their blood merged with the seawater, producing a choking stench.
 That stench was a moving and tragic odor.
 A declined sect, one that once could resist the four great Buddhist temples, fell here. The remaining four Star Venerates and more than one hundred Major Primal Core Venerates all gave their lives here.
 That person fought for his entire life and died standing in the end.
 Ye Zifeng clearly said that the Black Lotus Sect Venerate could not make a move within ten years. However, the Black Lotus Sect Venerate staked it all on this one move and ended up like this.
 The blazing flame continued to roar into the sky. Sea waves surged endlessly. As the Holy Son Ming Xuan devoutly chanted scriptures, a Buddha’s voice sounded, faintly discernible.
 The blazing flame was the Black Lotus Sect Venerate’s laughter after he was freed. The waves were the cries of the heroes of the sect. The Buddha’s voice was a blessing and a prayer for their next life.
 Some laughed, some cried, and some chanted scriptures…
 These sounds filled Xiao Chen’s ears as he slowly walked to the little monk’s body on the seawater.
 Xiao Chen’s weak body swayed as he held the Tyrant Saber and trudged over. It looked like the huge waves would drown him at any moment.
 However, while this heart would hurt from parting, it did not fear death.
 Dressed in white robes and holding his saber, Xiao Chen faced the winds and charged on in life.
 A cold wind blew, and Xiao Chen’s weak body chilled. As he looked up, a ray of sunlight descended at his feet.
 Xiao Chen looked back at the bleak and sorrowful sea. The wind stopped blowing as he glanced at the floating corpses of the Black Lotus Church members.
 The blazing flame burning in the sky died out. Dressed in white monk robes, the Holy Son Ming Xuan stared coldly at Xiao Chen.
 The new grudges and old hatred were resolved today.
 However, Xiao Chen felt neither joy nor sorrow. He only looked at that person at the ship’s bow before silently turning away.
 He raised his feet and pushed off with some force. After landing beside the little monk, he picked him up.
 The scarlet ring on Xiao Chen’s hand turned into a flash of red light. Then, the Demon Blood Vulture carried the two and flew over that ship, continuing in the direction of the trans-realm transportation formation.
 Xiao Chen held the little monk’s right hand and took the little monk’s pulse. The little monk’s breathing was very weak, his vital signs indistinct.
 The lifeforce in the little monk’s body slowly ebbed.
 The Demon Subduing Ground Touching Imprint, a horrifying Buddhist sect Secret Technique, was the strongest dharmic imprint left behind by the Lord Buddha before he became a Buddha.
 Unless one was an abbot or senior monk of the four great Buddhist temples, one could not casually use it.
 The little monk somehow found the courage and actually executed it. Furthermore, he even succeeded.
 However, the little monk had not considered whether a novice monk like him could pay the price involved.
 The little monk had also forgotten that his physical body had already been tortured and weakened by the karmic flames.
 The sins on the little monk’s body were even more terrifying than those on Xiao Chen’s. He was destined to kill with his Buddhist monk’s knife for the rest of his life, burdened by sin.
 Xiao Chen showed a helpless expression. Then, he took out that mutated fruit he obtained from the stone pillar with the divine flame from his storage ring. Originally, he had been saving it for after he went to the Divine Dragon Empire.
 However, he had no choice but to use it now.
 “I really owed you in your previous life,” Xiao Chen muttered. Then, he forced the little monk’s mouth open and fed him this strange, mysterious mutated fruit.
 The instant the mutated fruit entered the little monk’s body, his body surged with vitality.
 The originally weak vital signs turned vigorous like a ferocious beast. The little monk’s pale complexion pinkened.
 The more effective the fruit was, the more heartache Xiao Chen felt. He had been planning to consume it.
 However, it no longer mattered. Surviving this calamity was already good enough.
 It was good to be alive. One only had hope by living, hope to obtain everything,
 Xiao Chen turned his head back. The flame in the sky had already vanished.
 The clouds that were burned away had gathered once more. The final mark that the Black Lotus Sect Venerate left in the world was gone.
 However, right now, a Buddhist Might surged into the sky from that direction.
 Countless black lotuses fell from the sky. Buddhist chants spread in all directions. Xiao Chen could still hear them from where he was.
 A moment of enlightenment, unrivaled for life.
 Xiao Chen knew that even though the Black Lotus Sect Venerate was already dead, he had gained an enemy that was even more terrible than the Black Lotus Sect Venerate.
 He also understood that aside from anticipation and doting love, the Black Lotus Sect Venerate’s final look at the Holy Son Ming Xuan also carried a more important message: not to make a move, as Xiao Chen still had the means to go down together with him.
 One only had hope by living…

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