Chapter 1848

 Chapter 1848 (Raw 1859): Rare Peace
 Rumbling rang out continuously over the sea.
 Xiao Chen and the little monk quickly exchanged moves. Neither drew a weapon, using only their fists and legs.
 They exchanged moves, clashing with each other.
 The little monk clearly held back, not using the Movement Technique he was proud of or his horrifying Dao Might.
 He thought that since he could even kill Holy Venerates, he would not need to bring out his full strength to deal with Xiao Chen.
 However, this thought resulted in the little monk suffering a lot.
 Xiao Chen raised his hand and waved. Then, a chill filled the place. Icy feathers drifted down like snowflakes in the air, the temperature plummeting.
 A layer of frost even covered the sea and spread out.
 At first, the little monk did not care. However, he discovered the cold Qi permeating his body, slowly becoming stronger, close to freezing his blood.
 The little monk’s speed decreased significantly.
 Xiao Chen smiled faintly. “Little Yan Chen, the Ice Feather Divine Incantation’s seventh layer is not that simple. The cold Qi looks harmless, but in reality, it accumulates with every moment and is difficult to get rid of.”
 Right after Xiao Chen spoke, he pressed forward and clashed head-on with the little monk.
 Xiao Chen forced the little monk back step by step. After a while, the little monk was horrified to find that the cold Qi in his body was actually solidifying and forming crystals. Its crystalline structure looked very beautiful. However, it was like many ice spikes, causing him damage at every moment.
 “Great Guardian Fist!” the little monk roared as he drove the Veritable Essence Energy in his body. For the first time, he brought out his Buddhist Might in full force.
 When the little monk punched, golden light shone from his entire body. He shook off the ice crystals in his body, and the sea surged. Huge waves swept towards Xiao Chen in an overwhelming rush.
 Xiao Chen smiled faintly. He finally brought out his full power.
 Xiao Chen moved his hands, driving the cold Qi around him. Then, he threw a palm strike without any fluster.
 The ice-attributed Veritable Essence Energy in his body surged out. “Boom!” The huge wave carrying the rage of a Buddhist sect guardian got sealed in ice immediately, freezing in an instant.
 “Big Brother, it looks like I really underestimated you.”
 Yan Chen stood on the huge, ice-sealed wave. As he looked at Xiao Chen, a strong fighting spirit blazed in his eyes.
 Xiao Chen gently took three steps back and stood upright with his hands behind his back. Smiling faintly, he said, “Don’t forget: your true strength only rivals a Holy Venerate’s.”
 Back then, Yan Chen relied on his Movement Technique to prevent the many Holy Venerates from surrounding him in the space with the stone pillars.
 From the start to the end, Yan Chen had been fighting one-on-one. In the end, it was his notoriety as the Little Demonic Monk Silver Saber that scared away the Demonic Dao sect Elders and the other Holy Venerates.
 Although Yan Chen had demonstrated an extremely horrifying combat prowess by doing that, Xiao Chen still should not overestimate him.
 “However, Big Brother, you are only a peak early-stage Star Venerate. I do not believe that Big Brother can last three moves when I go all-out.”
 The little monk appeared extremely confident. His Dao Might appeared, and a silver light came from his Buddhist monk’s knife as he pointed it at Xiao Chen.
 Two Dao disks appeared behind Xiao Chen. With the Tyrant Saber in hand, he clashed with the little monk’s terrifying aura and said, “Let’s give it a try, then.”
 Xiao Chen’s cultivation already reached the early-stage Starry Sky Stage. He also wanted to know what his combat prowess was like now.
 His fighting spirit soared as anticipation for the little monk’s next attack surged in his heart.
 “First strike!”
 The little monk laughed loudly and spread his arms out. Then, silver light flashed. The instant his figure vanished, it suddenly reappeared in front of Xiao Chen.
 A horrifying Saber Might immediately burst out.
 Although Xiao Chen had two kinds of Dao Might supporting him, he could not resist and was still at a disadvantage.
 Xiao Chen’s arm was slightly shaken. This strike knocked him back several steps and unbalanced him.
 “Boom! Boom! Boom!”
 With each step back, a huge tear appeared in the sea.
 Ten steps later, all the water underneath had scattered and shot out in all directions.
 “Next strike!”
 Silver light flickered, and the little monk became like a heavenly eagle tearing through the sky. Xiao Chen focused and looked but still could not catch the little monk’s figure.
 He could only sense a vague trajectory but not accurately determine Yan Chen’s position.
 Xiao Chen only saw the little monk suddenly arrive by his side, with barely enough time to drive his Veritable Essence Energy to block this strike.
 This strike knocked Xiao Chen into the air and nearly forced the Tyrant Saber out of his hand.
 After Xiao Chen landed, he wiped away the blood on his lips and revealed a faint smile.
 He finally understood how frustrated the Holy Venerates who faced the little monk had felt.
 This strangely quick Movement Technique was very scary. The explosive Dao Might was also tricky to deal with.
 The little monk’s Dao Might was simply too strong.
 The little monk’s understanding of the Saber Dao surpassed Xiao Chen’s. With just the pure Saber Great Dao, he managed to suppress Xiao Chen’s two Great Dao.
 “There is still one more strike!”
 The little monk laughed gleefully. Then, he pushed off the sea and sent the final strike at Xiao Chen.
 Heavenly Eye!
 Xiao Chen quickly opened his Heavenly Eye, and his vision immediately expanded by a hundred times. He could see even the small grains of dust floating in the air.
 I see it! I see it!
 With the aid of the Heavenly Eye, Xiao Chen finally captured the trajectory of the little monk’s movements.
 The trajectory of the jump was extremely quick, making it extremely hard for the human eye to capture it.
 Xiao Chen attacked decisively, as he could not guarantee he could continue to lock down on the little monk in the next moment.
 Divine Lightning Eye!
 Suddenly, many purple flowers with spinning petals appeared in his Heavenly Eye. Six clouds of tribulation lightning instantly gathered from the surroundings.
 After massing above the little monk’s head, the bank of clouds lashed down with a thick bolt of tribulation lightning.
 The lightning flashed. Amid the thunderous roar, it blasted away the little monk’s body.
 At this moment, Xiao Chen shouted coldly and infused the Thunder Great Dao into the Tyrant Saber, instantly bringing out the Dao Tool’s full might.
 The Tyrant Saber in Xiao Chen’s hands transformed. Now, a layer of purple lightning flame covered its surface.
 When Xiao Chen swung his saber, he sent out a bright electric light. The little monk, who had gotten blasted away, appeared to be somewhat at a loss.
 Xiao Chen’s follow-up strike immediately sent the little monk flying again. A wound appeared on the little monk’s chest as he splashed into the sea in a sorry state.
 “Hahaha! Big Brother is truly excellent. I did not expect such a move.”
 After the little monk stood up, he was still in high spirits, laughing continuously.
 Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and said indifferently, “Let’s fight again tomorrow.”
 Yan Chen immediately vomited blood. He had only just suffered a loss, and Xiao Chen actually wanted to stop here.
 Naturally, Xiao Chen would not continue fighting. He had already seen the little monk’s strength, allowing him to understand many of his own weaknesses.
 Xiao Chen happened to have thought up some ideas to make up for his weaknesses and needed to digest and comprehend the concepts.
 Furthermore, it was best to quit while one was ahead.
 This was the first time Xiao Chen used the Heavenly Eye and the Divine Lightning Eye together—to wondrous effect. He did not have to fight again right away.
 “Three moves are over. Remember not to boast next time.”
 Yan Chen was someone who could instant-kill a Holy Venerate and was indeed extraordinary. Xiao Chen found him tricky to handle.
 The little monk dispiritedly walked over with a lowered head. Xiao Chen consoled him, “Let’s continue tomorrow.”
 “It’s a promise,” Yan Chen immediately said happily, perking up, his eyes turning bright.
 Youths are indeed rash and ignorant. Xiao Chen already had a vague notion of how to deal with the problem of speed.
 One day was sufficient for a lot to change.
 “Big Brother, we seem to be forgetting something.”
 Yan Chen suddenly recalled something. The two of them only discovered the pitiful, frozen, and fainted Demon Blood Vulture when they returned to the Black Cutlass, which was still sealed in ice.
 Xiao Chen found the situation strange, so he asked, “What happened?”
 The little monk scratched his head and replied, “I dodged too fast and seemed to have accidentally kicked it once as I was leaving. I don’t really recall clearly.”
 Xiao Chen melted the ice and took a look. Then, he relaxed. “It won’t die. You take care of it.”
 Don’t. Master, I’ll just stay on the Spirit Beast Platform.
 Upon hearing that Xiao Chen wanted Yan Chen to take care of it, the Demon Blood Vulture immediately dragged its stiff body to the Spirit Beast Platform and stumbled into it.
 After interacting with Xiao Chen for some time, the Demon Blood Vulture had no choice but to acknowledge Xiao Chen’s identity as its master.
 After that, the Demon Blood Vulture found out in a miserable fashion that being with the little monk was even more unfortunate than following Xiao Chen.
 “You silly bird! How dare you avoid me!”
 How could the little monk endure this? He roared and chased the bird into the Spirit Beast Platform.
 When Xiao Chen saw this scene, he smiled faintly. Then, he sighed softly, wondering how long these peaceful days would last.
 Drawing closer to the trans-realm transportation formation meant that Xiao Chen’s arrival in the Divine Dragon Empire was imminent.
 How had the Dragon Race of today changed? Would Xiao Chen succeed in meeting Liu Ruyue?
 Would his Azure Dragon bloodline cause any problems? What were his chances of becoming the Dragon Emperor?
 The path ahead was destined not to be calm and peaceful.
 During the one night of closed-door cultivation, Xiao Chen started to work on the Divine Dragon Body Tempering Art.
 With the Divine Dragon Body Tempering Art, the first layer cultivated dragon veins, the second layer cultivated dragon bones, and the third layer cultivated dragon blood to temper Vital Qi.
 The fourth layer cultivated dragon wings, allowing one to grow dragon wings on one’s back.
 The Azure Dragon Divine Wings would spread out with a thought.
 At that time, the little monk’s speed would no longer be a problem for Xiao Chen.
 The starting point of the fourth layer’s cultivation was the Starry Sky Stage. It was much more difficult than the Ice Feather Divine Incantation.
 Xiao Chen never thought of succeeding in one go. He only wanted to reach Small Perfection before he arrived at the trans-realm transportation formation.
 When the sun rose again, Xiao Chen fought with the little monk once more, as arranged.
 This time, Xiao Chen did not use his Heavenly Eye nor the Divine Lightning Eye. However, the little monk was shocked to discover that his own speed slowed down without his volition.
 A strange force field appeared around Xiao Chen. It seemed soft but was incredibly hard.
 It was like sinking into a quagmire. The more one struggled, the deeper one sank.
 The little monk, who encountered the Taiji force field for the first time, suffered greatly. Even after ten moves, he did not gain an advantage over Xiao Chen.
 The little monk took the opportunity to give up. When he returned to the Black Cutlass, he entered closed-door cultivation to meditate on how to break Xiao Chen’s Taiji force field.
 The little monk truly lived up to being the reincarnation of a Buddha. Within the day, he figured out a method.
 The little monk used his Buddhist Might to support the surroundings, forming a similar force field. When he approached Xiao Chen, he used the Buddhist Might to clash with Xiao Chen’s Taiji force field.
 Although the little monk did not break the Taiji force field, the clash caused many openings to appear in the Taiji force field.
 The little monk grabbed hold of the opportunity, repeatedly going in and out and successfully knocking Xiao Chen away.
 This cycle of exchanging moves and discussing the fight after took place every day, just like that.
 Xiao Chen continuously perfected the Taiji force field, and the little monk did his best to think of ways to break it. Both of them improved rapidly.
 This continued until the day Xiao Chen suddenly sprouted Azure Dragon Divine Wings, with a thirty-meter-long wingspan, from his back and executed Thunder Dragon Steps.
 After Xiao Chen beat up the little monk, the little monk no longer sought him out for a fight.
 By the time Xiao Chen attained Small Perfection with his Azure Dragon Divine Wings, only three days remained until they reached the trans-realm transportation formation.

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