Chapter 1850

 Chapter 1850 (Raw 1861): New Grudges and Old Hatred
 The bowstring trembled, and the space collapsed.
 That concealed divine arrow had entered the Black Lotus Demonic Buddha’s body and instantly exploded!
 Silently, the horrifying Black Lotus Demonic Buddha blew up into countless shards and turned into many black lotuses drifting in the air.
 The Soul Tool’s might was in a completely different class from inherited Dao Tools.
 With just a slight draw on the bowstring, it managed to shatter the Black Lotus Demonic Buddha’s Buddha image in one strike.
 The tens of thousands of black lotuses gathered, trying to re-form the Buddha image.
 However, every black lotus had a layer of inextinguishable Heart Flame spreading on it, preventing the Buddha image from re-forming.
 The black lotuses could only scatter into the surroundings and be consumed by the Heart Flame bit by bit, vanishing.
 The rebound from the God Shadow Bow surged through Xiao Chen’s body, causing him endless pain. What was harder to bear was that he had drained most of his Soul Energy. Now, he looked very weak.
 The karmic flame had already died. However, the injuries he sustained would not recover so quickly.
 “Little monk!”
 In executing the Demon Subduing Ground Touching Imprint, the little monk had burst forth with a Buddhist light far beyond his level of strength and cultivation.
 After Xiao Chen shot once with the God Shadow Bow, he immediately leaped to the little monk without care of his own weakened state.
 “Big Brother, was the Black Lotus Demonic Buddha destroyed?”
 Xiao Chen helped up the little monk, who had collapsed on the sea surface. Even though his aura was weak, the first thing he asked when he opened his eyes was whether the trouble was dealt with.
 Damn it! He is already on the verge of death, and he is still asking this.
 Xiao Chen felt self-reproach as he looked at the surroundings. The Demonic Realm Hell was currently crumbling bit by bit.
 However, Xiao Chen could no longer wait. When he saw a rather large crack, he soared up, carrying the little monk.
 The moment Xiao Chen leaped out, a wave happened to sweep over and smashed heavily into the two.
 Xiao Chen spun around to protect the little monk, using his back to bear the blow.
 “Pu ci!” Xiao Chen vomited a mouthful of blood. Then, he tumbled a few times in the air.
 When he looked around, he saw that he had already returned to the Ash Gray Sea.
 That is…
 Xiao Chen discovered a black ship blocking the way to the place with the trans-realm transportation formation.
 “The Black Lotus Sect!”
 Peering into the distance, Xiao Chen spotted the Black Lotus Sect’s banner rigged on the ship’s bow. He could even make out some people standing there.
 Xiao Chen’s figure flickered in the sky. With one leap, he landed on the dilapidated Black Cutlass.
 The Black Lotus Demonic Buddha had nearly completely scattered the Yazi Beast Demon Soul. The ship was severely damaged in several places.
 Xiao Chen put down the little monk. He could not be bothered with repairing the ship at this moment. He turned it around and quickly sailed far away.
 On the Black Lotus Church’s ship, a skinny, old man seated on a lotus flower throne, holding a cracked Black Lotus Demonic Buddha sculpture, vomited a mouthful of blood.
 “Sect Venerate!”
 The Black Lotus Holy Son revealed worry on his face. The Protectors and the arhats all appeared anxious.
 “To think he can break the Demonic Realm Hell! After him! We must catch him. This is our last chance to catch him. We will never have another chance,” the Black Lotus Sect Venerate said seriously. A haze flashed across his deep, black eyes.
 “Lay the formation!”
 The Holy Son Ming Xuan took the lead. A faint, white Buddhist light spread out from his body. He looked unique amid the group radiating black Buddhist light.
 As the group chanted scriptures, a beam of Buddhist light suddenly descended from the sky and lit up a path in front of the ship.
 The ship shot forward like light, moving rapidly on the Buddhist light path in complete disregard of the Ash Gray Sea’s intense gravity.
 As the Buddhist light continuously spread out, the ship nearly caught up with Xiao Chen’s Black Cutlass in a few breaths.
 Xiao Chen turned his head back to look. When he saw this scene, his expression flickered.
 I can’t shake them off!
 “Xiao Chen, my master came personally. Do you still think that you have a chance to escape?”
 The Holy Son Ming Xuan stepped forward on the ship, entering Xiao Chen’s sight.
 “It’s you!”
 Shock flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. He clearly recalled killing this person in the Fiendish Demon Battlefield.
 However, right now, the Holy Son Ming Xuan actually showed up alive.
 “Protectors! Arhats! Bring him over.”
 The Black Lotus Sect Venerate showed a gloomy expression as he waved his hand, not saying anything else after that.
 The four Protectors and one hundred arhats soared into the air and flew to the Black Cutlass.
 It’s good that you’ve come, Xiao Chen thought to himself. Although he was quite injured now and could not bring out even half of his strength, he did not fear anyone while on his demonic ship.
 “Capture him!”
 The many black-clad arhats immediately charged at Xiao Chen after boarding the Black Cutlass.
 Xiao Chen remembered that when he was at Purple Sun City, he had found these black-clad arhats boundlessly strong.
 However, now, they were not even worth mentioning to him.
 These were merely peak Major Primal Core existences. Even with less than half his usual strength, dealing with them was still child’s play.
 Xiao Chen moved his hand and threw a palm strike. Then, his opposing Veritable Essence Energies surged out.
 A strong palm wind swept through the black-clad arhats and immediately broke all their bones like so much bamboo, stripping them of all their combat prowess.
 The expression of the Holy Son Ming Xuan, who was beside the Black Lotus Sect Venerate, flickered with incredulity.
 In only two short years, Xiao Chen had actually grown to such a horrifying level.
 Peak Major Primal Core cultivators actually could not block even one palm strike from him.
 Sitting on the throne, the Black Lotus Sect Venerate did not show any expression, entirely unsurprised. “I said it long ago. The time when he just arrived at the Great Thousand Realms was the best chance to kill him. Once we missed that, the longer we waited, the more problematic it would be.”
 “This disciple failed in his duties!” the Holy Son Ming Xuan said quickly as he lowered his head in embarrassment.
 “It is not your fault. This time, he will not be able to run away, no matter what.”
 The Black Lotus Sect Venerate’s eyes looked as black as ink. A terrifying aura came from his body. However, he seemed extremely weak as if the wind would blow him over at any moment.
 “Master, your body,” the Holy Son Ming Xuan said worriedly.
 “No matter. It is just dying. Master already looked past that. As long as we can obtain the Demonic Bone Śarīra, my Black Lotus Sect can rise again at any time.”
 A trace of zeal flashed in the Black Lotus Sect Venerate’s eyes like a flame blazing there.
 The Demonic Bone Śarīra…was left behind when the Holy Ancestor passed away. Why did it appear on him?
 Doubts flashed in the Holy Son’s eyes. However, he did not ask any of his questions. For many things, if his master did not say it, asking would be pointless.
 Xiao Chen fought with the four Protectors on the deck. He was clearly covered in wounds, and his aura was weak; he could not bring out his full strength.
 However, even when the four Protectors worked together, Xiao Chen was not at a disadvantage at all, thoroughly suppressing the Protectors.
 Even the weakest of the four Protectors was a peak early-stage Star Venerate. The strongest Protector was even a late-stage Star Venerate.
 The Holy Son Ming Xuan frowned slightly. Then, he stepped forward, wanting to make a move.
 However, the Black Lotus Sect Venerate pulled him back. “That ship is somewhat strange.”
 Right after saying that, the Black Lotus Sect Venerate suddenly moved. His right hand drooped, his thumb and middle finger held together, forming a mysterious hand seal.
 When the hand seal was completed, the Black Lotus Sect Venerate slowly pushed it forward.
 In that instant, a Sovereign Might shot out from the Black Lotus Sect Venerate, feeling like the ruler of the world was descending. A terrifying Buddhist imprint instantly surged out and blasted the Black Cutlass into pieces with a ‘bang.
 The shattered pieces turned into blood mist filling the air, lingering there.
 “Pu ci!” The killing move that suddenly arrived caught Xiao Chen off guard and slammed him off his feet.
 However, the four Protectors were unscathed, landing firmly on the sea.
 The Protectors had a special black lotus mark on them, which allowed them to avoid the Black Lotus Sect Venerate’s attack.
 “Pu ci! Pu ci!” Xiao Chen vomited several mouthfuls of blood while on the sea.
 Only the hull of the Black Cutlass remained. Xiao Chen waved his hand and put it away in his storage ring.
 Then, he looked around and found the little monk, who was floating on the sea. The little monk had already fainted.
 With this, more injuries were added to the little monk’s existing injuries. Who knew if he was still alive?
 Anxious, Xiao Chen wanted to get up, but the four Protectors appeared and surrounded him once more.
 “Damn it!”
 Xiao Chen clenched his teeth. His heart filled with hatred. Now, he no longer held back, fully activating his Azure Dragon bloodline.
 A golden light flickered in Xiao Chen’s eyes. The declining aura from his body instantly soared to its limits.
 “Oh no! Quickly, attack!”
 The expressions of the four Protectors changed drastically. They hastily charged at Xiao Chen, not holding back their killing moves.
 Seven Kill Seal! Resolving the Mundane! Die!
 Using his weakened body, Xiao Chen burst forth with one peak strike. The so-called four Protectors were not even worth mentioning at this moment.
 There was a time limit to the activation of the Great Desolate Eon bloodline. After it was over, his body would suffer even more injuries.
 Xiao Chen swung his saber, sending out an eternal and inextinguishable saber light. He slew the four Protectors in one breath.
 Blood flowed down his saber, slowly dripping off. A terrifying demonic nature flickered in his golden eyes.
 Xiao Chen locked his gaze on to the Black Lotus Sect Venerate. Then, he snorted coldly and charged over.
 The Holy Son Ming Xuan again prepared to make a move. However, the Black Lotus Sect Venerate said indifferently, “Let him come.”
 The Black Lotus Sect Venerate instantly formed nine hand seals. With each hand seal, a demonic Buddha image manifested before Xiao Chen, all of them with different appearances.
 The first one held a demonic trident. There were two horns on its head, and it had only one eye.
 When the vertical eye opened, it shot a beam of demonic light at Xiao Chen.
 In the time it took for a spark to fly, Xiao Chen took out the Death God Mask and placed it on his face. When the demonic light arrived, a black light rippled on the mask, and the demonic light vanished into nothing.
 A purple flame burned on the Tyrant Saber as he thrust it forward. The one-eyed demonic Buddha image exploded.
 Xiao Chen brought out the full might of the Tyrant Saber while wearing the Death God Mask. After breaking the nine demonic Buddha images, he landed on the ship.
 The mask looked icy, concealing Xiao Chen’s expression entirely. Only that pair of eyes revealed a scary golden light, disdainfully looking at the surroundings.
 “Black Lotus Sect Venerate!”
 As Xiao Chen looked at the Black Lotus Sect Venerate, new grudges and old hatred surged out together as a boundless murderous intent flared in his eyes.
 The deaths of all the outstanding talents of the Kunlun Realm and the heroes of the older generation during the Demonic Calamity rested on this person’s shoulders.
 Right now, Xiao Chen did not know if the little monk was alive or not. If anything happened to the little monk, Xiao Chen would blame himself for the rest of his life.
 The cause of all this was this person.
 However, Xiao Chen did not have any time to waste. Once the effects of his bloodline power passed, he would collapse from his grave injuries, even without the Black Lotus Sect Venerate making a move.
 The horrifying Black Lotus Demonic Buddha had used karmic flames to burn Xiao Chen in the Demonic Realm Hell.
 When Xiao Chen took the risk to draw the God Shadow Bow and drained his Soul Energy, the rebound from the God Shadow Bow injured his physical body again.
 He no longer had many trump cards left.
 Xiao Chen’s only advantage was that this Black Lotus Sect Venerate was much weaker than the Black Lotus Demonic Buddha in the Demonic Realm Hell.
 Furthermore, the Black Lotus Sect Venerate was severely weakened as well, even more so than Xiao Chen.
 However, Xiao Chen had only three seconds left. He had to kill this Black Lotus Sect Venerate within these three seconds.
 A strange smile appeared on the face of the Black Lotus Sect Venerate, who was sitting on the throne. It was like he had seen through all of Xiao Chen’s trump cards.
 The Black Lotus Sect Venerate remained calm and unflustered.

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