Chapter 1853

 Chapter 1853 (Raw 1865): So-Called Greed
 Withered Leaf City:
 This was one of the places where all the cultivators of the Ash Gray Sea gathered. Aside from Rank 7 Demonic Dao sects, only ten cities had trans-realm transportation formations that connected to the Central Great Realm.
 Withered Leaf City was one of them.
 Xiao Chen did not understand much about Withered Leaf City. He only knew this basic information.
 As he walked on the streets, he was surprised at how prosperous this city was. All the shops and stalls were extraordinarily busy. However, the ones who walked around were Demonic Dao cultivators.
 Even the goods on sale were materials or equipment that Demonic Dao cultivators used for their cultivation, as well as food containing a demonic nature.
 The style of this city felt distinctly different.
 However, there was one point that left a deep impression on Xiao Chen.
 Demonic Dao cultivators were unruly people. At the slightest disagreement, they would start a big fight. However, the city was very orderly, without any signs of fighting at all.
 The only possibility was that Withered Leaf City had an extremely strong City Lord’s Residence with strict management.
 Xiao Chen casually chose an inn in the city and asked around. The trans-realm transportation formation would open in mid-month.
 The trans-realm transportation formation only opened once a month and required an astronomical amount of Spirit Jades.
 Going to the Central Great Realm was not like going to the other great realms. Only the extremely ancient transportation formations could directly send one there.
 Aside from that, if one really wanted to go to the Central Great Realm, one would have to go to a Starry Heavens relay station, then hopscotch through many small Starry Heavens relay stations until one reached the Central Great Realm.
 How problematic. Xiao Chen frowned slightly.
 The little monk in the sling still has not woken up, and I don’t know why.
 I also have no idea what that group of people following me since I entered the city is plotting.
 Xiao Chen ate and drank casually after a table of food and drink was set before him. As he did so, he considered his current situation.
 This place is rather far from the Myriad Star Mountain. I should not meet the people of the three great Demonic Dao sects here. However, I am new to the Ash Gray Sea and do not have any friends or enemies here.
 The only possibility is that word of my adventure in the Myriad Star Mountain has leaked.
 Initially, I thought that by coming here straight from the Myriad Star Mountain, I would be one step ahead.
 Unexpectedly, I am still too late.
 One’s wealth gets one into trouble. The people of the City Lord’s Residence will probably be coming soon.
 How should I deal with this? This is a problem.
 It does not matter. I survived even the calamity of the Black Lotus Sect Venerate. I am not afraid of going through another calamity.
 “Dong! Dong! Dong!”
 Just as Xiao Chen was thinking, a person arrived at the inn’s doors. It was the city gate’s Guard Captain Bai Feng, whom Xiao Chen met once before.
 When this person appeared, low murmurs swept the inn.
 Bai Feng!
 This was the youngest guard captain of Withered Leaf City, the most trusted subordinate of Withered Leaf City’s City Lord, from one of the three armies managing the city, the City Guard Army.
 Despite his youth, Bai Feng already gained the City Lord’s deep trust. His cultivation was also unfathomable.
 Once, a Demonic Dao sect middle-stage Star Venerate expert had run rampant in the city. Bai Feng had taken his life within ten moves.
 After that, that cultivator’s master and his sect did not dare to say a word of complaint.
 While Withered Leaf City was a city, it could be considered a strong Rank 6 Demonic Dao sect.
 However, its management methods were somewhat unusual.
 Bai Feng looked around the hall before fixing his gaze on Xiao Chen. Then, he walked over with a faint smile.
 “White Robed Xiao Chen, come with me for a while,” Bai Feng said directly after walking over to Xiao Chen.
 They verified my identity so quickly. Withered Leaf City’s City Lord’s Residence is indeed incredible.
 However, no matter how incredible the other party was, sleep came first, and eating came after that.
 “I’ll go after I finish eating,” Xiao Chen said indifferently.
 “Who is this that he dares to speak that way to Captain Bai?”
 “He does not look like a Demonic Dao cultivator. Could he be a Righteous Dao cultivator? To think that he is even carrying a baby.”
 “I bet that he will suffer a calamity soon.”
 Upon seeing Xiao Chen’s attitude, all the other guests waited to see a good show.
 However, who knew, Bai Feng showed a good attitude. He only smiled as he sat right across Xiao Chen.
 What a City Lord’s Residence! Xiao Chen thought to himself as he ignored Bai Feng and continued to eat and drink his fill. Then, he stood up and said, “Let’s go. Lead the way.”
 Xiao Chen left with Bai Feng. The moment he crossed the threshold, he saw more than a hundred Star Venerate experts in uniform gathered in front of the inn. They all hid their killing Qi as a brilliant light shone in their eyes. These were the army’s elites.
 “This is a sufficiently large troop formation,” Xiao Chen said indifferently with a mocking smile.
 “This is probably not enough. White Robed Xiao Chen managed to butcher the true inheritors of the three great Demonic Dao sects before three Holy Venerates,” Bai Feng said casually, voicing inside information about Xiao Chen, which revealed the purpose of his visit.
 A murderous intent flashed in Xiao Chen’s heart, but his expression remained calm, not revealing much.
 Hence, Xiao Chen and Bai Feng headed for the City Lord’s Residence with the large troop following behind in a majestic parade.
 Along the way, everyone in the surroundings pointed at the group and discussed it.
 Instantly, the white-robed bladesman carrying a baby became a mysterious person that everyone in Withered Leaf City knew.
 One hour later, under Bai Feng’s lead, Xiao Chen met with Withered Leaf City’s City Lord.
 Withered Leaf City’s City Lord was a swift and decisive person.
 After verifying Xiao Chen’s identity, he immediately had Xiao Chen brought to him before the other factions learned of Xiao Chen’s presence. This would save him a lot of trouble.
 “This old man will be straightforward. I won’t be able to obtain the Faux God Flame’s inheritance. However, you obtained eight supreme treasures on the stone pillar with the divine flame. You have to give me one of them. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to leave Withered Leaf City,” Withered Leaf City’s City Lord said indifferently, gently closing his eyes after looking at Xiao Chen. He did not even bother with exchanging conventional greetings.
 The City Lord was a Holy Venerate, a peak early-stage one, at that.
 His strength was unfathomable, surpassing that of the leading Elders of the three great Demonic Dao sects from back then.
 There was probably someone even stronger in the City Lord’s Residence, remaining in closed-door cultivation and not coming out.
 Xiao Chen was rather foolish. He actually took the initiative to enter this den of wolves.
 However, there was a restriction that was purposely set up in this room, isolating it from the outside world.
 Now, only Xiao Chen, the City Lord, and Bai Feng remained in the room.
 It was like the City Lord did not want anyone to know about what was happening in the room, not even the City Lord’s Residence’s people.
 This person was genuinely scheming and cunning, considering every aspect.
 “Or, if you do not agree, I’ll kill you and search you personally,” Withered Leaf City’s City Lord added when he noticed Xiao Chen’s silence. He still did not open his eyes.
 “For you.”
 Xiao Chen did not say anything else. He remained expressionless as he decisively tossed out the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant.
 Withered Leaf City’s City Lord opened his eyes and stretched out his hand to catch the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant. Then, he revealed a smile and said, “You are indeed incredible, not like some of the rotting older generation, who end up losing their lives over wealth and only feel regrets at the end.”
 Withered Leaf City’s City Lord checked and found that the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant already had Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Mark.
 However, he did not mind. Now that the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant was in his hand, removing the Spiritual Mark was just a matter of time.
 Withered Leaf City’s City Lord casually put it aside and continued, “I believe you must be here for the trans-realm transportation formation. This Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant is for letting you remain alive. However, if you want to use the trans-realm transportation formation, you have to offer up another supreme treasure.”
 “For you.” Xiao Chen did not say anything more, tossing over the mysterious Medicinal Pill for beasts in his storage ring.
 The eyes of Withered Leaf City’s City Lord lit up. What a tyrannical pill for beasts! If I give it to my demonic pet to consume, it should be able to bring about a complete transformation.
 It truly lives up to being one of the supreme treasures that the Scarlet Blood Pirate King left behind. All of them are so entrancing.
 Withered Leaf City’s City Lord received the scarlet pill and placed it beside the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant. Then, he said indifferently, “Right now, the various Demonic Dao sects are searching for you in this Ash Gray Sea. Who knows how many people want to kill you? If I let you go, it will be hard for me to avoid disagreement with them. After you leave, you do not need to care about anything. However, I will have to endure enormous pressure.
 “So, you still have to give me another supreme treasure to make up for the pressure that I will endure and the losses I will suffer.”
 Xiao Chen still remained expressionless. He casually waved and handed over the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art—the Cultivation Technique of the Scarlet Blood Pirate King.
 When Withered Leaf City’s City Lord received the manual for the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art, his hand trembled slightly. His closed eyes flared wide.
 Withered Leaf City’s City Lord appeared extremely excited as he flipped through the secret manual. The more he read, the more startled and excited he became.
 This joy was utterly indescribable.
 Withered Leaf City’s City Lord was exultant when he thought about how the three great Demonic Dao sects had lost so many people and put in so much effort, only to receive nothing. On the other hand, he easily obtained these supreme treasures with just a few words.
 At this moment, Withered Leaf City’s City Lord was not only happy but even appeared cocky.
 With these, he was sure to soar to great heights. He anticipated the day he broke through the Holy Light Stage and advanced to the Sovereign Stage.
 The thing that Withered Leaf City’s City Lord had sought all his life dropped into his lap in one day.
 This was simply dreamlike, making him feel like he was floating on clouds.
 The eyelids of Bai Feng, who was at the side, twitched continuously as he watched. Unconcealable greed shone in his eyes.
 All of the treasures that Xiao Chen handed over are supreme treasures.
 These are supreme treasures that Sovereign Personages would kill to possess.
 However, so what? That fool ran over to Withered Leaf City and still had to hand them over.
 This was how fate messed with people. No matter how lucky one was, the situation might instantly change with a moment of carelessness.
 Thinking this, Bai Feng could not help his glee, looking at Xiao Chen with an expression of schadenfreude.
 Withered Leaf City’s City Lord flipped through the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art’s manual, then thoughtfully closed it and laid it aside.
 As Withered Leaf City’s City Lord looked at Xiao Chen, he said happily, “Young Master Xiao is indeed a straightforward person and a smart person too. This old man admires your boldness.”
 Indeed, if it were Withered Leaf City’s City Lord with the supreme treasures and in Xiao Chen’s position, he would try fighting despite knowing that the theft was inevitable. Otherwise, he would feel very unresigned.
 Not just anyone could take the great gains and losses of life.
 Xiao Chen, on the other hand, showed no expression on his face, appearing extremely calm. This spirit was truly indeed worth admiring.
 Withered Leaf City’s City Lord changed the topic, continuing, “However, the activation of the trans-realm transportation formation is not the work of a single day. If we want to activate it now, it will be somewhat difficult. The price of maintenance after that is too great. This old man still wants another supreme treasure from Young Master Xiao to make up for the resources used for maintenance.”
 Xiao Chen entered deep thought, then took off the scarlet ring on his finger, tossing it to Withered Leaf City’s City Lord.
 Withered Leaf City’s City Lord’s eyelids twitched after receiving the ring. The demonic nature of this scarlet ring was incredibly shocking.
 He vaguely felt that the ring was continuously swallowing up the demonic nature around to strengthen itself.
 When he wore it on his finger, he immediately felt an overwhelming demonic nature fill his body.
 This made Withered Leaf City’s City Lord feel very comfortable and happy as he felt his strength immediately increase.
 He rejoiced at obtaining another treasure. He was preparing to say more but discovered that he could not find any more good excuses.
 Furthermore, he also felt a little guilty for going somewhat overboard in bullying a junior.
 Withered Leaf City’s City Lord let out a dry laugh and handed a token to Xiao Chen. “Take my token and head to the trans-realm transportation formation in the residence. You will be able to activate the trans-realm transportation formation immediately and leave. This old man will do what he said. After taking one of your supreme treasures, I guarantee your safe departure.”
 Xiao Chen had just received the token, but Bai Feng felt extremely anxious. It looked like Xiao Chen would be leaving soon.
 Bai Feng had been watching for so long but still had not received any benefits, so he felt a little upset.
 “This Bai is not talented and would like to ask Young Master Xiao to bestow a treasure on me as well.”
 Xiao Chen was stunned. After thinking for a while, he took out the remaining six Sword Monarch Grass from his storage ring.
 Originally, Bai Feng felt somewhat upset. However, when he felt the vast sword intent contained in the Sword Monarch Grass, he immediately revealed an expression of joy.
 “Goodbye!” Xiao Chen said after standing up and performing a cupped-fist salute.
 Withered Leaf City’s City Lord was already focused on the supreme treasures that Xiao Chen handed over, so he did not even raise his head as he said, “Take care. I won’t be sending you off.”
 However, just at this moment, something strange happened.
 As Withered Leaf City’s City Lord read the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art’s manual, completely engrossed, the scarlet ring on his hand suddenly turned into a flash of red light.
 Before Withered Leaf City’s City Lord could react, the Demon Blood Vulture opened its huge beak and swallowed him whole.
 Bai Feng, who was toying with the Sword Monarch Grass, was about to say something, his expression turning startled, when the six Sword Monarch Grass flashed with light and entered his body.
 In the next moment, thousands of holes appeared in Bai Feng’s body. Resplendent and dazzling sword lights shot out of those holes.
 Bai Feng’s eyes opened wide as he looked at Xiao Chen, dying a regretful death.
 The Demon Blood Vulture emanated overwhelming Demonic Qi from its entire body and cackled strangely as it digested and refined Withered Leaf City’s City Lord in its swollen stomach.
 Still expressionless, Xiao Chen stepped forward and took back the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant, the scarlet pill for beasts, and the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art’s manual.

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