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RSSGSS - Chapter 180 - Hidden Ancient God's Legacy

Slumber City, central district:

"This city is simply astounding… There are Refinement Realm experts and above walking around everywhere. The Shops here are even selling Hall of Fame-level Epic Equipment. The powers back home will probably lose their minds if they find out about this…" Su Qianliu muttered as she looked at the players and Shops around her.

"Probably? More like definitely," Lin Yaoyue said with a bitter smile. "I can already feel myself on the verge of a mental breakdown…"

Lin Yaoyue thought that she had already raised her evaluation of the Stratified Abyssal Realm to a sufficiently great extent after watching the battle between Purple Light and Death Curse. However, after arriving in Slumber City, she quickly realized that she had still underestimated how wide of a gap there existed between their homeworld and the Stratified Abyssal Realm.

In their homeworld, Refinement Realm experts would be treated as a mid-level mainstay at the very least if they joined a first-rate Guild. Refinement Realm experts were so rare that Mysterious Moon didn't have more than 1,000 such experts under its command. Yet, Lin Yaoyue could spot well over a thousand Refinement Realm experts just by glancing at the street in front of her.

The rarity of Hall of Fame-level Epic Weapons and Equipment was even greater. Even first-rate Guilds would only have a very small number of such items. Yet, these items were being sold in almost every Shop present on Slumber City's main street. Although these items were being sold for Demon Coins, which was the Stratified Abyssal Realm's main currency, rather than normal Coins used in God's Domain, the procurement rates of both currencies shouldn't be all too different.

Meanwhile, Hall of Fame-level Epic Weapons could easily go for five or six thousand Coins if sold in the Miniature Ancient World. Yet, in Slumber City, these same weapons only cost around five or six hundred Demon Coins to purchase. Hall of Fame-level Epic Equipment was even cheaper, each piece selling for a little over 100 Demon Coins only.

After arriving in Slumber City, Lin Yaoyue suddenly realized that Mysterious Moon, a high and mighty top-tier first-rate Guild, wasn't so high and mighty as she thought. In fact, she couldn't help but doubt whether their homeworld's top-tier first-rate Guilds could match the average adventurer team here in strength.

According to the information they've learned from Purple Light, the minimum requirement to establish an adventurer team in Slumber City was to have at least three Novice Temple Knights. Meanwhile, Novice Temple Knights were typically Void Realm experts or above. Moreover, the minimum requirement to join most adventurer teams was to be at the Refinement Realm standard.

At this moment, Lin Yaoyue couldn't even match a Novice Temple Knight in combat standards. Yet, there were well over ten thousand adventurer teams in Slumber City…

"You don't have to feel dejected," Shi Feng said as he looked at Su Qianliu and Lin Yaoyue. "This Stratified Abyssal Realm has existed for at least forty years already. In a situation where their levels and tiers are being heavily restricted, the only way the players here can grow stronger is by developing their technical skills. In this respect, they are vastly superior to even the Super Guilds in our God's Domain. If you were to experience the same restrictions they face for multiple years, your combat standards wouldn't be any weaker than theirs."

Their God's Domain had only launched ten years ago. Ten years might seem like a long time, but it was nothing compared to other God's Domains. Their God's Domain was no different than an infant compared to some of the older God's Domains.

The Stratified Abyssal Realm they were currently in had already existed for over forty years. This meant that this Stratified Abyssal Realm was over thirty years ahead of their God's Domain in terms of development. This point alone was enough to give the native players here a massive advantage over the players in their God's Domain.

"The Abyssal Tower is just ahead, Mr. Black Flame. We should hurry over there quickly," Echoing Judgment hurriedly said as he pointed at an ancient tower some distance ahead. "I just received a report saying that Death Curse's three vice commanders and their subordinates are swiftly making their way to us. You and your team members still do not have official status in Slumber City, while Death Curse's vice commanders and their subordinates are all nobles in Slumber City. They can take direct action against you without having to suffer sanctions from the NPCs. Conversely, if you retaliate against them, the NPCs will take action against you."

"Okay," Shi Feng said, nodding. Understanding that they were in a rush for time, he quickly led his team toward the Abyssal Tower, which measured several hundred meters in height.

In the Stratified Abyssal Realm's NPC Cities, NPC guards were essentially invincible existences. This was because even the weakest among them were Level 130, Tier 4 NPCs. In contrast, players here couldn't go beyond Level 120, Tier 3. Thus, so long as the NPC guards took action, any player they targeted would almost certainly die.

If players wished to live safely in Slumber City, they would have to obtain a Civilian status first and foremost. With this status, so long as they weren't the ones picking a fight, even players with the Noble status could do nothing against them.

Shortly after Shi Feng and the others entered the Abyssal Tower and registered for the tower's test, a group of players wearing Death Curse's emblem arrived in the tower's lobby. Meanwhile, the arrival of these players instantly created a commotion in the lobby.

"It seems you've moved quite quickly, Judgment!" Night Revenant said to Echoing Judgment when he failed to see Shi Feng's team in the lobby. Then, wearing a sneer, he continued, "It's a pity that your actions are futile! Now that the commander has become a Vice City Lord in Slumber City, it doesn't matter even if they become nobles! A Vice City Lord still has the authority to banish them from the city for some time! All they're doing now is delaying the inevitable!"

"Solitary Soul succeeded?" Echoing Judgment's expression turned a little ugly when he heard Night Revenant's words.

Echoing Judgment had heard that Solitary Soul, Death Curse's commander, had entered the Temple and challenged the temple trial a few days ago. However, the temple trial was incredibly challenging, so much so that only three people have managed to pass it thus far. While Solitary Soul was talented, it shouldn't be so easy for him to cross the final hurdle. Not to mention, Solitary Soul had failed the trial only two months ago.

In Echoing Judgment's opinion, there was no way Solitary Soul could make much progress in just two short months. So, it should be highly unlikely that Solitary Soul could clear the temple trial.

However, Echoing Judgment had guessed wrongly, which was terrible news for them.

With the authority of a Vice City Lord, Solitary Soul could easily banish players with the Noble and Civilian status from the city for a certain period. Although he could only banish a certain number of players each month, he'd have no problem targeting twenty players.

"That's right! The commander has already succeeded! We are only here to keep an eye on those people!" Night Revenant said with a faint smile. "Those outsiders will quickly learn how foolish it is to help Purple Light in Slumber City!"

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"Crazy bastards!" Echoing Judgment realized that Death Curse was serious about taking action when he saw that more and more Death Curse members were gathering in the lobby. Immediately, he turned to Sleeping Quicksand and said, "Quicksand, take a team to the Corroded Ruins right away! Commander Laura has been grinding there throughout this period, but communication is prevented there. I need you to look for her and figure out a way to invite her back! So long as Commander Laura can come back before the test ends, Solitary Soul won't dare to recklessly take action!"

"Understood." Sleeping Quicksand nodded and quickly left the Abyssal Tower with a small team.

Their Chamber of Commerce was looking to partner with Shi Feng's team. If Shi Feng's team ended up suffering Death Curse's crazed retaliation because of Purple Light, Purple Light would become a laughingstock in Slumber City in the future.

Abyssal Tower, trial space:

While the situation in the lobby was getting heated, Shi Feng wore a shocked and confused expression after entering the trial space. This was because a series of system notifications had rang in his ears as soon as he entered the trial space.

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System: You have entered the trial space. You have one natural day to challenge the trial. You will be rewarded based on the floor you reach. You cannot leave the trial space regardless of whether you die or not. However, you are allowed to log off and rest during this time.

System: It is detected that your Mana Body is at the Legendary rank. You have fulfilled the condition set by the Ancient Abyssal God. Do you wish to challenge the Abyssal Trial to acquire the Ancient Abyssal God's Legacy?

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
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