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RSSGSS - Chapter 179 - Upper-class Noble

When Shi Feng finished speaking, Crimson Heart and Blood Hammer promptly turned to Echoing Judgment.

While they didn't know to what extent the Hypersensitivity Potion could affect players, everything was just like Shi Feng said. It was unlikely that an item as precious as the Hypersensitivity Potion could be produced in large quantities. Naturally, the amount Purple Light would be willing to trade would be even fewer. If Purple Light only offered to trade a few dozen bottles, such a small amount wouldn't mean much to them.

"You can rest assured of the Hypersensitivity Potion's volume. Purple Light has many connections in Slumber City," Echoing Judgment said with a faint smile. "So long as the price is right, obtaining even a thousand bottles wouldn't be a problem for Purple Light."

"Even a thousand bottles won't be a problem?" Shi Feng was slightly surprised by Echoing Judgment's claim. At the same time, a look of interest appeared on his face. "May I know how much you plan to sell these Hypersensitivity Potions for?"

If he could get his hands on a thousand Hypersensitivity Potions, Zero Wing's main force could achieve significant growth within a short period. This would greatly help in Zero Wing's development.

A Guild's promotion was closely tied to Team Dungeons in God's Domain. This was because Guild Promotion Orders were mainly found in high-difficulty Team Dungeons. So, if a Guild sought to raise its rank, it would need to have a sufficiently strong main force.

The strength of the Guild's main force was especially important for a Cross-Border Guild. Unlike the standard Guild promotion process, Cross-Border Guilds didn't only require Guild Promotion Orders to get promoted. A Cross-Border Guild also needed to pass the Adventurer's Association's strength evaluation.

Different from the Guild ranking system adopted by the various God's Domain, the Greater God's Domain's Guild ranking system separated Guilds into Common, Bronze, Silver, and Gold ranks. Meanwhile, to get from a Common Guild to a Bronze Guild, a Guild would need to have 100 experts who have reached the World Tower's second floor.

In other words, a Guild would need to have 100 Void Realm experts to qualify to become a Bronze Guild. In Shi Feng's homeworld, this was a requirement that only a portion of superpowers could fulfill.

Meanwhile, the difference between the benefits a Common Cross-Border Guild and a Bronze Cross-Border Guild enjoyed was massive. This was because Guilds could only establish Branch Guilds and Guild Settlements in the various cross-border regions after becoming a Bronze Cross-Border Guild. This was also why, once a God's Domain gained access to the Greater God's Domain, the gap between superpowers and non-superpowers would only grow larger and larger.

"Thirty Dark Crystals per bottle or one Tier 3 Dark Skill Book for five bottles. We won't add in any additional charges. We only hope to maintain a long-term partnership with you, Mr. Black Flame," Echoing Judgment said sincerely. "Of course, you can also provide us with Upper-class Nobles as offerings. We can offer you 30 Hypersensitivity Potions per Upper-class Noble. You won't find a better price than this in Slumber City."

Wordless Ember and Sleeping Quicksand were rendered speechless when they heard Echoing Judgment's offer. Like Echoing Judgment said, the Purple Light Chamber of Commerce truly wouldn't be earning any profit from this transaction. They were doing it solely to befriend Shi Feng's team.

"Upper-class Nobles as offerings?" Shi Feng nodded after hearing Echoing Judgment's words. "Okay. We'll think about it."

Shi Feng knew about the Dark Crystal Echoing Judgment mentioned. It was something similar to the Seven Luminaries Crystal in that it contained energy of high purity. However, unlike Seven Luminaries Crystals, Dark Crystals only contained dark energy.

In terms of value, the Dark Crystal was much more valuable than the Seven Luminaries Crystal. This was because Dark Crystals were much rarer in both the various God's Domain and the Greater God's Domain. It was one of the precious resources that were highly contested among the various powers.

If Shi Feng wanted to acquire Dark Crystals, he could only do so through the Stratified Abyssal Realm. The difficulty of obtaining Dark Crystals from outside the Stratified Abyssal Realm would only increase and not decrease. As for Tier 3 Dark Skill Books, while obtaining them wasn't difficult, he would need to make a trip back to God's Domain, which evidently wasn't possible right now.

Thus, the only way Shi Feng could acquire a large number of Hypersensitivity Potions was most likely through the Upper-class Nobles Echoing Judgment mentioned. Only, he lacked information on Upper-class Nobles. He couldn't ask about Upper-class Nobles, either, since doing so would most likely expose his lie about being a player from the Dark Sanctuary.

Crimson Heart and Blood Hammer also remained silent as they looked at Echoing Judgment. They both understood that they would have to first enter Slumber City and learn more about the Stratified Abyssal Realm before they could start trading with the Purple Light Chamber of Commerce.

"Oh, right. Please take these. These emblems prove that you are Purple Light's VIP customers," Echoing Judgment said as he took out twenty light-purple, diamond-shaped emblems and handed them to Shi Feng. "This must be your first time leaving the Dark Sanctuary. After entering the Stratified Abyssal Realm's Level 100-plus maps, you'll first have to pass the Abyssal Tower's strength test if you want to live in an NPC City. Your test results will determine the status you gain in the city, and the level of authority you enjoy will also change with this status. You'll need to gain a Civilian status before you are allowed to live in the city. Otherwise, you'll be driven out without question.

"You have caused Death Curse to suffer significant losses this time, so I'm afraid you'll come into some trouble in Slumber City. However, with Purple Light's VIP customer certification, you can take the Abyssal Tower's test once without paying any City Contribution Points. So long as you manage to gain a Noble status in Slumber City, Death Curse will have difficulty troubling you in the city.

"If you manage to become Upper-class Nobles, Death Curse won't dare to recklessly take action against you."

"Thank you," Shi Feng said, smiling as he accepted the twenty emblems.

Although they had ended up offending Slumber City's Death Curse adventurer team for helping the Purple Light Chamber of Commerce, they had managed to save plenty of trouble thanks to Purple Light. They had even learned about the Hypersensitivity Potion and a few other important pieces of information. Overall, this was a worthwhile transaction.

"We are only repaying the favor you've done for us," Echoing Judgment said, shaking his head. "It is also because of us that you've ended up offending Death Curse."

After Shi Feng exchanged a few more pleasantries with Echoing Judgment, he distributed Purple Light's VIP customer certifications and the Hypersensitivity Potions to his teammates. Then, under Echoing Judgment's invitation, their team followed Purple Light to Slumber City.

Stratified Abyssal Realm, Slumber City:

On the main street where every inch of land was worth its weight in gold, there sat a Battle Arena that had over twenty floors and occupied an area the size of a sports stadium. Currently, inside one of the Battle Arena's combat rooms, over a dozen Level 115-plus experts wearing the Temple Knight Emblem laid flat on the ground around a Level 118 middle-aged man wielding two greatswords.

"Interesting. He managed to not only scare off Night Revenant but also destroy an Advanced Combat Puppet in one hit?" The middle-aged man smiled when he read the message he had just received. "This level of destructive power is already enough to put him in the top five of Slumber City. It's already been two years since the top five ranks in Slumber City have changed owners. I wonder who is stronger between him and me and Death Curse's Solitary Soul?"

"Is there even a need to guess? You're definitely the stronger one, Boss Wolf. With the Legacy you obtained, the Glimmering Sword is probably the only person in Slumber City who can match you now," a Level 116 young man said reverentially as he sat up from the ground and looked at the middle-aged man named Wolf Emperor.

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The five experts occupying the top five ranks of Slumber City's Temple Knight Ranking List currently were the city's three administrators, Death Curse's Commander Solitary Soul, and Wolf Emperor. Out of these five experts, Wolf Emperor was the only person who had climbed to this position without establishing his own organization or relying on others.

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Because of this, Wolf Emperor had many admirers and followers in Slumber City.

"That's not necessarily true," Wolf Emperor said, shaking his head. "Solitary Soul has already completed the temple trial, and he should have gained a significant harvest. Even I have no idea how strong he has become already."

The Level 116 youth didn't say anything. He simply thought that Wolf Emperor was being too humble. After all, Wolf Emperor had already converted to a higher race, and his strength could no longer be compared to the past.

At this time, the youth suddenly received a message. Then, after reading the message, he quickly said, "Boss, a friend of mine from Death Curse just messaged me. The group of people who defeated Death Curse has already arrived in Slumber City, and Death Curse's three vice commanders have already gone to meet them. It seems that they plan to get rid of these people to restore their reputation."

"Death Curse has always been overbearing, so it's not surprising that they're making a move, especially not after Solitary Soul's recent achievement. But are those three planning to act together?" Wolf Emperor grew a little interested when he heard about Death Curse's actions. "Let's go. We're going to take a look as well. Those three have never acted together aside from when they tried to stop the Glimmering Sword."

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
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