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RSSGSS - Chapter 175 - High Demonkin's Might

"Night Revenant is too much! How can he attack those people without even giving them a warning? Is he not afraid that they might be Upper-class Nobles from Slumber City?"

"It seems that that person from Death Curse has completed the trial. Otherwise, there's no way Death Curse's members would act so arrogantly."

"But those people are truly unlucky. Even the commander can't get away unscathed from an Advanced Combat Puppet's magic cannon. Those people must have been wiped out already…"

The expressions of Purple Light's members turned ugly when they saw the Death Curse adventurer team's Advanced Combat Puppet suddenly take action against Shi Feng's team.

Originally, Shi Feng's team had been their hope. After all, players who'd appear in this area would typically be from Slumber City. And since Shi Feng's team dared to travel outside with so few people, it proved that they were strong. Hence, there was a high chance that this might be a team under the command of one of Slumber City's Upper-class Nobles.

After all, Upper-class Nobles were a special group of existences out of Slumber City's several hundred million players. They had many followers, and they also enjoyed greater authority in Slumber City. Even Slumber City's various powers would try their best to partner with these Upper-class Nobles. Meanwhile, if an Upper-class Noble was willing to pay the price, even the peak powers in Slumber City would get a headache.

Typically, only those who had managed to become Slumber City's Vice City Lord would dare to provoke Upper-class Nobles. However, to become a Vice City Lord, not only would a player need to have 100 Temple Knight players with Tier 4 strength as followers, but they would also need to complete the Temple Trial.

For Death Curse, gathering 100 Temple Knights wasn't a difficult task. However, the difficulty of completing the Temple Trial was on an entirely different level.

Many experts had challenged the Temple Trial throughout these years. However, only three people managed to complete it. These three people were essentially invincible existences in Slumber City, and they were also Slumber City's mainstays.

The Purple Light Chamber of Commerce had only managed to gain its current standing and strength in Slumber City because it was backed by one of these three people.

However, if that person from Death Curse managed to complete the Temple Trial, it'd be a nightmare for Purple Light since the two organizations were long-time enemies.

While Purple Light's members were lamenting over the situation, the destructive beam fired by Death Curse's Advanced Combat Puppet didn't hit its mark as intended. Instead, just when it was about to hit Shi Feng's team, the beam suddenly got deflected and struck the nearby ground, instantly evaporating the rocks and trees within a 100-yard radius.

"The Magic Destruction Cannon's beam got deflected?! How is this possible!?"

"The commander is one of the top 100 Knights in Slumber City, but even he can't deflect that powerful beam. Who is that person?"

Purple Light's members couldn't help but be astonished as they looked at the dagger-wielding woman standing before Shi Feng's team.

The Advanced Combat Puppet's Magic Destruction Cannon was a weapon specifically meant to target Temple Knights since it possessed the power of a Tier 4 Spell cast by a Tier 4 Mythic monster. Even players with the identity of Temple Knight would die instantly to this attack unless they possessed a Lifesaving Skill.

This was also why Night Revenant had instructed the Advanced Combat Puppet's user to use the Magic Destruction Cannon without hesitation. Even an Upper-class Noble's team would evaporate under this attack unless the team similarly had an Advanced Combat Puppet to tank the hit.

Yet, now, a member of Shi Feng's team had managed to deflect the Magic Destruction Cannon's attack with nothing but the tattered dagger in her hand. This was simply unbelievable.

At this moment, Purple Light Chamber of Commerce's members weren't the only ones surprised by this situation. Even Crimson Heart, Blood Hammer, and the others on Shi Feng's team couldn't help but be surprised.

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Find the original at *hosted* novel.

If they were back in their homeworlds, they could similarly replicate this feat easily. However, while subjected to the Stratified Abyssal Realm's various penalties, there was no way they could deflect an attack of such caliber.

Yet, Hidden Soul had accomplished it. Moreover, she had executed the feat as effortlessly as she was walking…

When Maria saw the magic runes on Hidden Soul's body, shock filled her heart as she muttered, "Is she a High Demonkin?"

"What? She's a High Demonkin?" Blood Hammer's eyes widened when he heard Maria's guess.

Demonkins were considered an incredibly rare race, and even ordinary Demonkins already possessed talent rivaling some of the weaker higher lifeforms.

Meanwhile, High Demonkins were a race that was rarer than even Demidragons.

If Demidragons were known for their physical strength and High Elves for their magic, then High Demonkins were known for their spatial manipulation, which was an incredibly rare ability in God's Domain.

One could say that High Demonkins were the favored child of space!

Typically, players would have to master the use of their Mana Domain and reach the World Creation standard before gaining some spatial manipulation capabilities. In other words, players would need to master the power that only an extremely small portion of Tier 5 players could master.

However, High Demonkins could skip this step entirely. Although their spatial manipulation ability was far from rivaling that of Tier 5 experts who had achieved World Creation, it still wasn't something players beneath Tier 5 could come into contact with.

Simply put, under a situation where the difference in strength wasn't particularly big, it'd be incredibly difficult for players to harm a High Demonkin. Even touching a High Demonkin was a challenging task.

"These people are likely to be Temple Knights from another city, Vice Commander. I don't think it'll be wise for us to continue taking action…" a Level 116 Assassin youth wielding a Fragmented Legendary Dagger said, frowning as he looked at Hidden Soul's distant figure.

In addition to being an Assassin himself, he was also one of the top 100 Temple Knights in Slumber City. However, even he doubted that he could replicate Hidden Soul's feat. He felt that only Temple Knights ranked among the top 30 could do so.

Meanwhile, every one of Slumber City's top 30 Temple Knights was a monstrously powerful expert that even Death Curse's commander would have difficulty dealing with.

"So what if she's strong? Does that make me weak?" Night Revenant said as he looked at the Assassin youth contemptuously. "Leave those people to me. You guys focus on annihilating Purple Light's members."

The Assassin youth nodded and stopped speaking.

If Slumber City's top 30 Temple Knights were considered monsters, Night Revenant was also a monster. Moreover, he was a monster ranked among the top 10 of Slumber City's Temple Knight Ranking List.

Night Revenant was also the biggest reason why Death Curse dared to intercept Purple Light's caravan.

Meanwhile, after Night Revenant issued his command, he promptly dashed toward Shi Feng's team, leaving behind afterimages in his wake.

"This person must be very strong since he dares come at us alone even after seeing the scene just now," Maria commented as she watched Night Revenant rapidly approaching them. "Judging by his appearance, he should be a Tigerkin. This race excels in Strength and speed. Magical classes, make sure not to let him get close to you! I'll go and block him! Everyone else, attack him in the meantime! It doesn't matter even if you hit me to attack him!"

"No need. I can handle him by myself," Hidden Soul said, shaking her head before vanishing from her location.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
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