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ITDO - Chapter 273 - My Child, You Shall Be Crowned Queen!

The jovial melodies of song and dance resounded from within Louie’s palace.

The beautiful elven maidens, dressed in beautiful clothes, danced in their traditional forms within the hall. They twirled with elegant pirouettes, leaped into the air with clean motions, and ultimately frolicked in a coordinated manner that filled all who were lucky enough to see them with joy and vibrance.

At this time the human maids were shuffling around the hall, dishes in hand. These had been prepared by the finest cooks of the halfling race with the finest of ingredients that Louie had at his disposal.

In this banquet hall, various senior officials of Dragon City were gathered. Marches, Lysfer, Sisna, and the others were obviously present. There were even officials who Louie only knew by name but rarely saw.

With the expansion of Dragon City’s population and construction works, there was a need to expand the city’s administrative capacities as well. Louie had ensured that there were no shortfalls in the requirements of his burgeoning civil service.

And these officials were considered as new nobles of Dragon City.

Louie was not particularly against the idea of forming an aristocracy, especially since it was the norm in this world. So long as the church remained preeminent and the people’s livelihoods were guaranteed, he really didn’t care much.

The banquet this time was a farewell banquet held for Her Highness, Princess Andrea of the Subila Empire. However, as guests were being sent off, Andrea and her escorts did not seem happy. She struggled to keep a polite smile on her face, but from time to time anxiety and fear crept into her expression.

As pretty as the elves were, no one dared to ogle them in the presence of their master, who was seated ao the sole throne in the hall.

At the very top was a man wearing golden garments. His facial features were hidden away by a mysterious blur. He sat languidly but he carried an awe-inspiring aura. Beside him were two elven maids kneeling on the ground and serving him wine and food.

Their clothing was practically non-existent, revealing their snow-white skin. As though ignorant of the authority and attention he commanded, he simply relished the delicious meals the servants fed him and fondled them without restraint.

His behavior perfectly reflected the scant regard that Gods had for mortals.

Beside him sat a pure white unicorn being fed fruits by another set of elven maidens. Its presence alone was sufficient to command their attention. After all, it was a true blue demigod.

“Princess Andrea. I hope you can bring me some good news on your return to the Empire."

Louie drank a mouthful of wine that the elves fed him and watched the emotionally conflicted princess avoid eye contact. The young guard to her left also seemed to react emotionally, arousing Louie’s amusement.

Noella’s dragon body lay in the corner of the hall as she slept without care for her surroundings. On the other hand, Lysfer had already drunk a bottle of high purity wine that Louie called ‘white wine’. Her cheeks were scarlet as she stared at Princess Andrea with wild eyes.

She knew about the negotiations between Louie and the Princess. If the Subila Emperor agreed to Louie's demand, then Dragon City would have 50,000 more beastmen. Although they would only be slaves at first, they would eventually come under Lysfer’s command.

Because of the thousands of elves in Dragon City, Sisna not only had a high position in the Silver Moon Kingdom, but she also had a high position in Dragon City. Marches was smart and did not seek power, moreover, he was diligently working hard to get stronger while managing the city’s mages and living in luxury. As for Clooney who once had the lowest status, he had now become a founder of the Dragon God Church, thus enjoying great authority.

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Noella and Roselia were not interested in power. With their natural strength, they had a stable status.

The only one who was different was Lysfer. There were only around 2000 beastmen in the city and she was only at the ninth rank. Having seen that she could not reach the legendary rank in a short time and being obliged to improve her followers' living standards, Lysfer felt that her position had weakened. The main reason was that the population of beastmen in the city was too small to form any major influence.

Thus, Lysfer was someone who wanted the treaty to succeed. As long as the number of beastmen increased, her position would only rise in importance.

“Yes, Your Highness Dragon God. I will inform my father of your request word for word. He shall make the final decision.

Andrea’s smile was bright and cheerful once more as if her sorrow and pain had been forgotten, but only she knew how sad she truly felt.

Andrea was not sad that she might become a political sacrifice, nor was she sad about what would happen to her body or reputation. What she was worried about was being kept in captivity by Louie. If that happens, then her great plan would die, because, under Louie’s watch, she wouldn’t be able to do anything.

‘Is this the most my life would amount to?’

Andrea felt resentment in her heart, but she simply could not resist Louie nor the will of the Empire.

The eyes of the god seemed to have sensed Andrea’s inner emotions. Louie laughed lightly and spoke calmly, “I will go into a deep sleep after this. If the emperor rejects my proposal, you don’t have to tell me. If he agrees, then I will leave the exchange to Clooney and Lysfer. There is no need to bother me.”

Louie was preparing to return to Earth. He had already thought of plans to increase his believers and was preparing to put them into action.

As a god, Louie felt that he would soon not be able to personally handle the political affairs of the city. Dragon City would soon need a new lord. Although the people gathered here were mostly trustworthy, they weren’t Louie’s heirs. He couldn’t feel comfortable leaving the city in their hands.

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‘Fortunately, my child will be born in a few months. I will personally teach her how to become a qualified lord and turn her into a qualified queen. My daughter, once you are born, the Forest of the Moon will whisper your name and I will become a star and raise my throne. At that time, you will be crowned queen.'

Louie was calm. The sooner his daughter was born the sooner he could properly ascend.

The people of Dragon City were already familiar with Louie going into a deep sleep from time to time because this was the nature of dragons.

After a pause, Louie continued, “Princess Andrea, If this matter is concluded, perhaps I can help you achieve your wish.”

Louie did not know what Andrea had in mind, but he knew that she wanted to ask for something and that was enough. Louie was already familiar with these kinds of things. As Andrea heard Louie’s words, her heart trembled.

She raised her gaze to lock with Louie’s. After a few seconds of trying to meet his eyes, she smiled sweetly and bowed her head, “If that is so, I shall thank Your Highness Dragon God.”

Andrea had been planning to nullify the treaty in some way as she did not want to become Louie’s possession, but Louie’s promise gave her a change of heart. What she wanted to do was very difficult, but if there was a god willing to help her, then perhaps she could succeed.

In an instant, Princess Andrea changed her mind and decided to make an effort for the success of this treaty.

A god’s promise was something worth the risk.

What’s more, Andrea instinctively did not want to disobey Louie. She felt that doing so was an extremely terrifying risk.

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