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ITDO - Chapter 272 - Louie and the Unicorn

Louie rode on Lara’s back to his palace. As the city was developed, he made sure to pour some resources into expanding the grounds as well. With the power of magic, the vast gardens were in bloom throughout the year. Louie’s appreciation for such delicate aesthetics marked him as significantly different from other dragons.

This was possibly one of the reasons why Selune was pleased with him.

Lara landed in the garden with a boom, waking up the maids in the palace. The elven servants formed a line as they saw the Unicorn Queen and their lord, Louie, standing in the garden.

Paying no attention to them, Lara bent down her neck and drank the pure water from a creek by her feet. Its cold but sweet waters flowed directly from the mountain itself.

Louie stood next to her as she drank, carefully caressing her mane. Eventually, his fingers wandered to her horn. Lara initially trembled at this action, but she reined in her instincts and let him rub it.

As though understanding her thoughts, Louie asked, “Is the root of the unicorn’s horn a private place?”

Lara nodded gently. Her words were still lively, but they contained a trace of embarrassment, “It’s how unicorns confess their love. If a male unicorn touches the horn of a female unicorn and the female unicorn has no objections, then they will be considered a couple.”

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Louie nodded his head in understanding. There were many different types of courtships in the world, especially among animals. Although unicorns were intelligent creatures, they were still closer to animals in behavior.

In fact, even dragons had similar customs. If a male dragon wanted to mate with a female dragon, he would first bite her neck. For dragons, the neck was considered the most sensitive area. And if the female did not resist, then it meant that she was allowing the male dragon to do as he pleased.

This was some of the knowledge that came from Louie’s dragon instincts. He also tried it on Noella, but she was very resistant to such instincts All the same, however, she was still a dragon. After Louie defeated her and bit at her neck, even if she was unwilling, she could only comply with his demands.

Despite learning of her horn’s importance, Louie did not cease his actions but caressed it even more thoroughly. Lara became more visibly agitated at this point.

As the protector of unicorns, no other unicorn would dare touch the queen’s horn. With how alert unicorns were towards other races, she wouldn’t let other creatures touch it. The Silver Moon Goddess, who had been the only person who could touch it, wouldn’t really have a reason to do so. As a result, Louie’s behavior was quite unexpected.

“Lady Lara, can you turn into a human form?”

Louie used his finger to carefully rub her beautiful horn and felt the magical runes on it. Just like how his scales had magical runes carved on everyone, the unicorn’s horn was also covered in magical runes. This was also the source of their powers.

Lara shook her head. Her eyes watered. She could not help open her mouth and lightly bit on Louie’s hand as he caressed her.

The strength of the bite was light, like a young girl’s desire to return the favor.

“I can’t,” she said.

Louie sighed but did not feel sorry. The ability to change one’s form was something only the Gods, with the exception of some races, possessed. Even demigods could not easily achieve it.

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Louie was already close to a true god, but because of the rules of the world, he could not use his divine powers to their full might. But since he was a dragon, and his racial gifts allowed for transformation, it was a simple matter for him.

Afterward, Louie’s body shimmered with faint light. His human appearance became distorted. When the layer of light disappeared, what appeared in front of Lara was not a humanoid nor a dragon, but a unicorn that was the same as her.

After seeing what Louie had done, the distant elven maids whispered softly to each other. The shy ones turned their backs while the bold ones were excitedly looking at the two unicorns by the river. Some elves even tugged on their dresses, waiting to see if the Unicorn Queen could handle the lord’s offense. If not, they would go and substitute.

After living with Louie for so long, the elven maids already knew his habits. In the daily life of the dragon, even the elves would be drowned in lust.

After seeing Louie turn into a unicorn, Lara was a bit surprised. Then Louie strode over to her side and used his horn to touch Lara’s.

Although unicorns were intelligent creatures, their morals were different from humans and elves. Their instincts remained closer to animals. Facing the courtship of someone of ‘the same race’ as her, she could naturally reject it, but thinking that the unicorn in front of her had the qualifications of a god and the God of Dragons at that, she did not have much aversion to the thought and her heartbeat quickened.

The Unicorn Queen also intimately rubbed Louie’s horn. This might have looked like a simple act, but there were a lot of patterns and hidden gestures that only unicorns could recognize. When Louie felt that things were getting interesting, Lara’s limbs finally went soft. She kneeled down at the edge of the river.

How could Louie not know what to do at this time? In the distance, the elven maids watched as the two pure and beautiful white unicorns were stacked together.

If he was to have sex with the gods, Louie could fight for three days and three nights as he did with the Silver Moon Goddess, but unfortunately, demigods could not compare to true deities. Half a day later, Lara was unable to bear it and collapsed in the pool of water.

Louie did not have any complaints about this. He thought about the moment once the Unicorn Queen becomes a god. With her weak divine power, she would naturally need shelter. He could even turn her into his own mount and do all kinds of things if he so wished.

The elven maids came to the pool and cleaned up Louie and Lara, but Louie felt that this was superfluous. Even the most ordinary unicorn remained magically clean no matter what, let alone a demigod unicorn.

However, Lara still let the elves rinse her body and enjoy their services.

It was not the first time she had been served by the elves. With her relationship with the Silver Moon Goddess, there were even elves specialized in serving her back in the Silver Moon Kingdom, after all, the unicorns’ physiognomy made grooming another difficult.

Lara only took a short break, after all, demigods could recover very fast. Soon, Lara once again stood up and rubbed her head against Louie who had already turned back into human form. She felt a faint sense of attachment to him.

“Your Highness, although unicorns pursue happiness and pleasure but not desire, as a community we should help one another. No matter which race unicorns choose to be with, we will always be together. Your Highness, you are now Lara’s only rider.”

Lara’s voice was cheerful and gentle. This was no human vow of devotion, but the queen of unicorns.

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