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RSSGSS - Chapter 170 - Earth-Shattering

Silence enveloped the conference room after Shi Feng finished speaking.

Of the three other people in the room, Hidden Soul and Frenzied Smile looked at Shi Feng in shock and surprise, while Liu Wusheng looked at Shi Feng with unprecedented joy.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, if you really go through with this, the Asura Mercenary Alliance will be forming a never-ending grudge with the Flower of Seven Sins…" Frenzied Smile reminded Shi Feng in a low voice.

It was true that the Flower of Seven Sins targeting the Asura Mercenary Alliance's quest takers had affected the mercenary alliance's reputation and development to a significant extent. However, this was merely the Flower of Seven Sins warning and putting on a show of force for the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

If Asura was willing to give up on Hidden Soul and the other former members of the Flower of Seven Sins, the Flower of Seven Sins would most likely stop its actions against Asura. After all, sending such a large number of experts against Asura was a significant expenditure even for the Flower of Seven Sins. Once the Flower of Seven Sins achieved its goal, there'd be no point continuing this expensive farce.

However, if Asura publicly placed a bounty on the Flower of Seven Sins, it would signal the start of an all-out war between Asura and the Flower of Seven Sins.

Apart from the Five Great Super Guilds, no other power had ever dared to openly place a bounty on the Flower of Seven Sins thus far. Setting aside the futility of putting a bounty on such a secretive organization, putting a bounty on the Flower of Seven Sins was essentially an act of provocation. Meanwhile, no sane person would want to provoke a transcendental power like the Flower of Seven Sins.

If Asura truly dared to place a bounty on the Flower of Seven Sins, it wouldn't matter even if Hidden Soul left the mercenary alliance later. The Flower of Seven Sins still wouldn't spare the mercenary alliance.

"What of it?" Shi Feng's voice suddenly turned cold. "The grudge between us has already been formed the moment the Flower of Seven Sins decided to act against us!"

Shi Feng had never harbored any good feelings toward assassination organizations like the Flower of Seven Sins.

He would have turned a blind eye to the Flower of Seven Sins' existence had it stayed out of his business. However, now that the Flower of Seven Sins was openly challenging him, he wouldn't mind giving it a fight. So what if the Flower of Seven Sins was a transcendental power? It was only powerful in this sub-world. He had clashed against many powers that were dozens of times stronger than the Flower of Seven Sins in the past. Compared to those powers, the Flower of Seven Sins was nothing.

The current Zero Wing might be incredibly weak, and the Asura Mercenary Alliance he had established was just starting to take shape, but that didn't mean he would just allow the Flower of Seven Sins to push him around.

Not to mention, he had already gained access to the Stratified Abyssal Realm. If they were competing solely in terms of resources, the Asura Mercenary Alliance was in no way inferior to the Flower of Seven Sins.

Hidden Soul felt touched and guilty when she heard Shi Feng's words.

Originally, Shi Feng had tasked her with establishing the Asura Mercenary Alliance so that the mercenary alliance could be of service to Zero Wing. Yet, now, not only did the mercenary alliance offer hardly any help to Zero Wing, but it had even ended up offending the Flower of Seven Sins because of her, which had, in turn, caused Zero Wing to suffer significant losses.

"Carry out the changes. It's about time we let the Flower of Seven Sins know the consequence of provoking the Asura Mercenary Alliance!" Shi Feng said firmly.

Afterward, everyone present followed Shi Feng's instructions and informed everyone in the Asura Mercenary Alliance of the changes to the quest rewards.

"A 500% increase?! Asura is amazing!"

"We can earn 10,000 Contribution Points from just one Common Mount and 50,000 Contribution Points from a Bronze Mount. If we're lucky, we can get our hands on a Lineage Crystal in only four or five days. With this, even the various superpowers' apex experts will probably be tempted to move."

"The increase to quest rewards is nothing. Have you guys not seen the bounty? This is an open bounty placed on the Flower of Seven Sins!"

"The Flower of Seven Sins will probably go crazy once it learns about this bounty. The Flower of Seven Sins and Asura are definitely becoming mortal enemies now."

"Unlike past bounties on the Flower of Seven Sins, Asura's bounty is too tempting to resist. It's also much easier to find the Flower of Seven Sins' members now since they're actively attacking those taking on Asura's quests. Asura is paying 300 points per Refinement Realm expert, and the Flower of Seven Sins' members typically move in 100-man teams. If we make ample preparations, that's an easy 30,000 Contribution Points. That's even more profitable than hunting for Mounts."

Shortly after the Asura Mercenary Alliance's announcement, an uproar erupted among the mercenary alliance's members. It was especially true for the various powers' expert teams considering withdrawing from the alliance. Now, none of them thought of withdrawing from the alliance.

The Flower of Seven Sins' assassins might be very scary, but the rewards the Asura Mercenary Alliance offered were simply too much to resist. After all, not even the various superpowers offered the opportunity to exchange for a Fragmented Legendary item in just four or five days.

It might be difficult to beat the Flower of Seven Sins' experts, but if they prepared some special tools and magic scrolls, it was entirely possible for them to turn the tables on those experts. Not to mention, it didn't really matter even if they couldn't complete their Mount quests since they could similarly earn a significant amount of Contribution Points so long as they killed the Flower of Seven Sins' Refinement Realm experts.

Less than half a day after the Asura Mercenary Alliance announced the changes to its quest rewards, Hidden Soul hurriedly ran to the Guild Leader's Office in Zero Wing's Residence.

"You've really blown things out of proportion this time, Guild Leader Black Flame. Six Lineage Crystals have already been redeemed in just half a day. The various major powers' expert teams are moving in full force. Even the various superpowers' experts have taken action. At this rate, we will have to give away at least a dozen Lineage Crystal a day, and we'll probably run out of Lineage Crystals in half a month," Hidden Soul said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry about this situation. "The Flower of Seven Sins is mostly just sitting aside and observing the situation right now. By the looks of it, they plan to only go all-out once we run out of Lineage Crystals."

Hidden Soul had to admit that the rewards Shi Feng offered were indeed effective in getting the various powers to move for Asura.

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In just half a day, the Flower of Seven Sins' plan to target Asura had become a joke. According to the insider information she received, the Flower of Seven Sins had even lost over 2,000 Refinement Realm experts. This was a significant loss, and even the Flower of Seven Sins wouldn't be able to take it if it suffered such losses every day.

This was why the Flower of Seven Sins had become warier in letting its experts take action. Of course, to ensure that Asura maintained its high quest rewards, the Flower of Seven Sins would still have some of its members attack Asura's quest takers. The Flower of Seven Sins had even increased the rewards of its assassination quests to tempt some of its stronger members to take action.

Simply put, the Flower of Seven Sins was biding its time. Once Asura ran out of Lineage Crystals, the various powers' experts would naturally stop behaving so crazily. At that time, it would be the end for the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

"I'm afraid we will have to disappoint them. They will probably never see such a day arrive!" Shi Feng said, chuckling. Then, he took out a dark-gold crystal from his bag, handed it to Hidden Soul, and said, "Take this Advanced Lineage Crystal. Consider it an advance payment for what I need you to do next. Follow the instructions in the item description and absorb the crystal. Then, I'll need you to follow me somewhere."

The Stratified Abyssal Realm was a gathering place for the many worlds of God's Domain. Many powerful native players also inhabited it. So, it wasn't exaggerated to say that the place was infested with experts. It was on an entirely different level compared to the Miniature Ancient World.

Likewise, the Stratified Abyssal Realm also possessed bountiful resources. Moreover, every Stratified Abyssal Realm had its own local specialties that could be sold for astronomical prices even in the Greater God's Domain.

So long as he could form a stable trade route with the Stratified Abyssal Realm, Zero Wing would have no trouble asserting dominance over the various powers in the Boundary Mountain Range. At that time, even the Five Great Super Guilds would have a much bigger headache dealing with Zero Wing.

However, if Shi Feng wanted to establish a foothold in the Stratified Abyssal Realm, he couldn't do it by himself. He also needed third-floor experts like Hidden Soul.

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However, not just any third-floor expert would do. After all, this was the Stratified Abyssal Realm they were talking about. Only a third-floor expert who had converted to a higher lifeform could be considered a truly powerful expert in the Stratified Abyssal Realm.

"An Advanced Lineage Crystal?"

Hidden Soul was greatly shocked when she looked at the dark-gold crystal in her hand. The normal Lineage Crystal was already plenty amazing of an item. She didn't think there'd be an even better version of it available. This situation led her to wonder how much more strength Zero Wing had kept hidden.

"We have limited time. Quickly go to the primordial tower and absorb the crystal. Whatever higher lifeform you manage to convert to will depend on your personal abilities," Shi Feng said, chuckling.

Currently, he only had five Advanced Lineage Crystals on hand. Originally, he had planned to let Su Qianliu and the other executives of Zero Wing use these crystals. However, he quickly abandoned this idea.

Advanced Lineage Crystals were different from the normal Lineage Crystals. The greater the control a player had over their body, the better the results they could yield from the Advanced Lineage Crystal.

Su Qianliu and the others might have grown a lot recently, but they were still far from having the ability to make full use of the Advanced Lineage Crystal. Meanwhile, each player could only use one Advanced Lineage Crystal in their life. So, it'd be a huge waste to let Su Qianliu and the others use an Advanced Lineage Crystal now.

Hidden Soul nodded to Shi Feng's urging. She understood that Shi Feng must have something very important he needed her help with. Without hesitation, she promptly left for the primordial tower with the Advanced Lineage Crystal in hand.

Meanwhile, after seeing Hidden Soul leave, Shi Feng carefully retrieved a dark crystal from his bag. This crystal was none other than the Primal Lineage Crystal he had obtained from the Dark Titan.

I wanted to wait a little longer before using it, but I have no other choice if I want to have an easier time in the Stratified Abyssal Realm.

After pondering for a moment, Shi Feng took out the 10,000 Mana Stones he had prepared beforehand and activated the Primal Lineage Crystal.

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