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ITDO - Chapter 270 - Can I Ride You?


Princess Andrea looked at Louie in shock. Her eyes widened as though she had heard wrong.

Derek, who was beside her, secretly sighed. If Corvin, who loved the princess, was the one standing here, he might just become agitated and face off with the god. Love was something that could make anyone lose reason.

But Derek, who was a legendary rank warrior, remained loyal to the Empire. Although he felt regretful that the jewel of the Empire, Princess Andrea, would just become an object, he did not have many other thoughts.

Women of royalty were political goods from the very beginning. Those born into royalty had long known about this.

“Your Highness Dragon God, I am happy that you think of me that way, but I am a mere mortal and you are a God who stands high above everyone. How can I suit your eyes?”

Quickly recollecting herself, Andrea smiled and responded. Her words seemed to imply her refusal, but her sweet tone masked that well. Instead, there was some innocent ambiguity contained within as she used logical words to persuade Louie.

Louie was pleased to see that she was so smart.

“I am a dragon.”

Louie calmly blurted out these irrefutable words.

Princess Andrea lightly bit her lower lip. Her beautiful face expressed a smear of aggression and grief, but what was strange was that her turquoise blue eyes did not show much emotion, as if she did not mind becoming a political bargaining chip, or even the dragon’s plaything.

It was well known that dragons were very lascivious. Male dragons, whether in heat or not, were interested in all beautiful female creatures. They could appreciate the aesthetics of every creature they saw. As a Dragon God of the Dragon God faith, it was within reason for Louie to be interested in beautiful female creatures.

Andrea was not proud of this, but she knew that her appearance was top-notch not only among humans but even elves. In addition to her pure and gentle temperament and her noble identity, she was attractive enough to become an object that everyone coveted.

In fact, although Louie liked the sense of vanity that the princess’ appearance and noble identity brought him, he had already gone out with a goddess and got her pregnant. As a result, his possessiveness over Andrea was not particularly strong, but he was very interested in the secrets that she was hiding. If she stayed by his side, then perhaps he might be able to see more interesting things.

Princess Andrea sighed as if she was compromising and said, “I will report your request to father. If father agrees, Andrea is naturally willing to become a bridge between the Empire and you.”

She spoke with a slightly listless and mechanical tone, as though she was treating herself as a pure bargaining chip for her country. For a brief moment, her radiance seemed to dim.

“Good. If the Emperor agrees to my request, then we can continue our discussion,” Louie said.

“Your Highness Dragon God, if you still have any other requests, why not let this Andrea convey all of them to the Emperor.”

She once again returned to her noble posture. Without a hint of shyness, she awaited Louie’s next words.

After taking a deep look at the princess, Louie continued, “I heard that the Subila Empire has beastmen slaves.”

“I do not know the exact number, but the empire has had many conflicts with the beastmen over the decades. There had also been slave traders who have traveled to the beastmen country to capture beastmen and brought them back alive to the empire.”

Andrea’s mind turned and immediately understood what Louie was pointing to.

Louie made some calculations and slowly spoke, “I need 50,000 beastmen slaves and 50,000 human slaves. Of course, Dragon City will compensate you for them.”

Nowadays, the population of Dragon City was a bit unbalanced. It wasn’t that there were too many humans, but rather the balance between elves and beastmen was too skewed. There were more than 50,000 elves in the city but only a few thousand beastmen. This was not conducive to the racial diversity that Louie desired.

He was the god of all dragons, but the number of dragons under him did not meet his needs. As a result, he needed human, elf, and beastmen believers. This was the only way he could consolidate his power.

Now that the gods of the beastmen were beginning to return, it would be difficult for him to capture beastmen slaves in the future. While the gods had not yet taken full control, Louie had to make up for the lack of beastmen population in his city.

With their high fertility, he would not have to worry as long as there were enough of them as a base.

‘With this batch of human and beastmen slaves, Dragon City’s citizen population should reach 300,000. After that, I need to gather faith from the southern seas and the Seven Kingdom Alliance.’

When Princess Andrea heard Louie’s request, her brows knitted slightly. It was not that Louie’s request was difficult, but it was too simple.

One hundred thousand slaves in exchange for friendship was not a loss of the empire. With Louie being willing to pay for the slaves, it could be said that the Empire made a profit.

The Dragon God making such a simple request was outside of Andrea’s expectations.

As if seeing through Andrea’s doubts, Louie just laughed, “Compared to the others, the princess is the most important part of my request.”

Faced with the praise of a god, even if she was treated as an object, Andrea was still inwardly happy. Her beauty being able to move even the gods was definitely something for her to be proud of.

Although Louie said it like this, in truth, he was inwardly snickering. If he compared the princess to the 100,000 slaves, he would definitely choose the slaves, because these slaves would be his future believers.

If not for Dragon City being close to full, Louie would have asked for more, but 100,000 was the limit he could afford. With the gods fighting for believers in the Empire, if Louie took a lot of people out directly from the Empire, then he would make a good amount of them upset.

100,000 people should still be within the acceptable range. It would not turn him into a target. And he would rather not butt heads at this stage.

‘I just need to ensure that the number of believers is enough. If the gods want to fight over there, then let them fight.’

Since the number of believers did not affect a god’s power, a million and ten million were not much different. As long as he had a safe number of believers, he should be able to gradually gain more divine power.

The empire had a population of tens of millions of people. Louie wondered how many gods it would breed.

“Princess Andrea, if you have heard my request, please tell it to the emperor.”

Louie sent her off politely.

Andrea and Derek respectfully bade farewell and left the palace.

After the two of them left, Louie looked at the Unicorn Queen beside him.

“Would you be willing to let me ride you and go on a tour of Dragon City?”

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