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ITDO - Chapter 267 - Dragon God’s Sanctuary, An Audience with Dragon God Louie

“A unicorn!”

The soft female voice continued, “There are actually unicorns here. Supposedly one can only find them in the Forest of the Moon.”

A herd of unicorns strolled around the front of the palace while keeping a wary eye on the visitors. Upon making eye contact with them, their figures quickly vanished. The young lady sighed in disappointment.

“Corvin, this is it. I’ll have to go on my own from here on.”

Princess Andrea softly commanded. She was wearing a chiffon gown with a belt around her waist that outlined her delicate waist and looked at her escort with gentle eyes.

“But Your Highness, I am your guard...”

Corvin subconsciously retorted. He gripped the hilt of his long sword and felt inwardly apprehensive.

“No, Corvin, having an escort is meaningless in the Dragon God’s palace. Although saying this may make you sad, you do not have the qualifications to face his highness.”

Her Highness Andrea shook her head, but her words had indeed hurt Corvin’s heart.

Corvin did not dare look at Princess Andrea’s beautiful face, afraid that he might do something a guard should not do. He took a deep breath, “Lord Derek, that Dragon God… Is he really a god?”

Corvin did not dare believe that the lord of Dragon City was a true god. In the world of San Soliel, gods had not appeared for the past 30,000 years. If there were true gods, how could the Theocracy only stand in one corner of the world?

Derek heavily nodded his head, “Although the feeling that the lord of Dragon City gave off is only at the level of a demigod, it was different from an ordinary demigod. It’s an existence that we cannot understand… Corvin, you should know about the ancient religions and cults that have been popping up in the Empire, right? I’m afraid that the gods have woken up. Someone becoming a god at this time is not unimaginable.”

“The gods…”

Corvin muttered. This distance was not something a warrior like him who wasn’t even a legendary rank warrior could imagine. It was only something he could wish for and envy. He not only had no qualifications to accompany the princess, but he did not even dare to display any signs of anger at that kind of mighty existence.

“Corvin, you should go back to the hotel first. Derek and I will return after an audience inside the Dragon God’s palace.

Princess Andrea gave a direct order. Corvin did not dare refute anymore and saluted before heading back.

However, Corvin did not return to the hotel like the princess ordered and stayed on the street directly outside the Dragon God’s palace. He could not stop his wild imagination from formulating all sorts of scenarios that might play out once his liege met the supposed God. Would the Dragon God be interested in the princess? Dragons were extremely lascivious existences after all. Moreover, it was a god among dragons. Its lust might be particularly extreme.

‘No, I shouldn’t think like this. That thing is a god, so it should be different from mortals. The Dragon God definitely wouldn’t take interest in mortals… but… but with the princess’ beauty, I’m afraid that even the gods would be moved.’

Corvin’s mind was a mess. He could only resent his powerlessness, his own incompetence, and his own insignificance in the grand scheme of things. He couldn’t even approach and protect the princess that he admired.

Princess Andrea and Derek stepped into the Dragon God’s palace.

The princess asked with concern, “Lord Derek, His Highness Dragon God took so long to meet us, do you think he will agree to the Empire’s request?”

This was the first time Derek saw the princess express her worry. He wanted to comfort her and tell her that they would succeed, but in the end, he could only sigh, “Mortals cannot guess the thoughts of gods, Your Highness.”

That was right. They were about to face a god. It was natural that the princess would be worried. Even if he was a legendary rank warrior, he also felt his stomach churn.

Derek felt a bit sad. He felt that he was born in the worst era and could not help but worry.

“Let’s keep quiet, Your Highness. We have arrived at the sanctuary.”

Derek whispered. The princess smoothed his wrinkled brows and let out a soft smile and a gentle expression while taking small steps.

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At the entrance of the Dragon God’s sanctuary was a huge statue of a dragon. The doorway was made of bronze which opened into a long path. The floor was inlaid with a soft gold carpet. On two sides of the path were guardian statues wearing heavy armor and holding lances, watching the place. These silent chiseled guardians looked incredibly majestic.

When Derek stepped into the Dragon God’s Sanctuary, he felt a tremor in his body. It was a fearful acknowledgment that he was no longer in charge of his own life and death.

Louie, who was only waiting for the rules of the world to be more conducive towards the final stage of his apotheosis, had already grasped how to use some of his powers. Walking within his sanctuary was the same as entering his divine kingdom. In this place, all enemies would be weakened and he would be stronger. Within their sanctuary, a God was almost unbeatable.

Derek and Princess Andrea dared not speak. Candles at the side of the path lit up as they walked down the hallway. Something seemed to be hidden somewhere watching them, but their eyes couldn’t make out anything strange. In the wide path they walked through, the echo of the footsteps would unsettle them. In this special structure and atmosphere, anyone would subconsciously begin to fear the divine.

They walked through the path and crossed one foot after another until they reached the last door which was ten meters high and forty meters wide. It was a huge door that could accommodate even dragons.

At the top of the door was the divine emblem of the Dragon God. A golden disc with nine dragon heads that were intricately and magnificently carved. With a burst of divine power, this emblem made up of many magical materials lit up, and the doors opened, fully showcasing the heart of the sanctuary.

The endless expanse and sublimity were like entering the void of the Astral Realm. The first thing anyone would see upon stepping into this palace would be a stone statue that was tens of meters high. It was a huge dragon statue with a magnificent dragon body. The dragon’s head seemed to be a blur. As though bathed with that incomprehensible divine radiance, it seemed to have five, nine, and uncountable heads all at once.

Gods would only show people their ideal forms and would not let people carve out their real appearances.

Under the stone statue was a human wearing golden robes with their backs turned towards Andrea and Derek, only paying attention to the statue in front. Toward the figure’s right was a pure white unicorn. This unicorn was different from the ones outside the sanctuary. It was even more superior and noble. Seeing her was like seeing happiness.

“...That unicorn is actually a… demigod!”

Derek was shocked and could not help but let out a low cry.

He immediately felt fear when he saw the unicorn. The golden figure reached out and gently stroked her beautiful white back as if to say that even a demigod unicorn was just a creature that brought happiness.

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“Greetings venerable and mighty Lord Dragon God Louie Galakrond!”

The princess of the empire or a legendary rank warrior quickly collected themselves and set aside their pride as they performed the highest form of salute towards that figure.

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