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RSSGSS - Chapter 163 - Ultimatum?

Shi Feng was a little stunned by Su Qianliu's words, his mind failing to process those words immediately.

Hidden Soul wasn't some nobody. Su Qianliu and the others might not be aware of it, but Hidden Soul was an outer member of Zero Wing. It was also under Shi Feng's suggestion that Hidden Soul had established the Asura Mercenary Alliance and recruited a large number of independent experts for Zero Wing.

However, the action of establishing the Asura Mercenary Alliance wasn't only beneficial to Zero Wing. It was also beneficial for Hidden Soul herself.

No player in God's Domain could progress very far if they relied only on themselves. If a player wished to reach the apex of God's Domain, they'd need a large amount of resources that required a lot of manpower to obtain.

This was also why Shi Feng had chosen to establish Zero Wing and the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

Zero Wing and Asura might not look like much right now, but once they took shape, both organizations would be extremely useful in helping him acquire the astronomical amount of Seven Luminaries Crystals required to reach Tier 6. He would also have a much easier time obtaining high-tiered Skills, high-tiered Spells, and Legendary items.

In order to become an apex expert in God's Domain, players didn't just need to have incredibly high combat standards. They also needed Fragmented Legendary items, Legendary items, and a large collection of high-tiered Skills and Spells. A player would only become complete as an apex expert after meeting all these requirements. Meanwhile, the requirements to become a true Tier 6 God-ranked expert were even higher.

In a certain sense, Legendary items and Tier 5 and Tier 6 Skills and Spells were even more important for Tier 6 God-ranked experts.

Almost every Legendary item in God's Domain could grant players the strength to transcend tiers. Suppose that, by some miracle, an ordinary expert managed to get his hands on two or three Legendary items. If a Beyond Domain Realm expert with no Legendary items were to fight this ordinary expert at the same tier, the fight would end with an overwhelming victory in the ordinary expert's favor.

However, searching for and obtaining Legendary items involved a lot of time and effort. If Shi Feng tried to do everything by himself, all he'd end up with was nothing.

This was something Hidden Soul was also well aware of. It was also why she had gladly agreed to help him establish the Asura Mercenary Alliance. With Asura's support, she, too, could develop her strength much more rapidly.

Yet, now, Su Qianliu was telling him that Hidden Soul wanted to withdraw from the Asura Mercenary Alliance. No matter how Shi Feng thought about it, this situation simply didn't make sense.

"I'm sure you are also aware of Asura's situation, Guild Leader. It is only thanks to Chief Administrator Hidden Soul that Asura has attracted so many powerful experts and customers. It is also thanks to these customers that Zero Wing has managed to earn enough funds to keep itself afloat and even purchase Shadow's Lan Hua Tower. Not to mention, Chief Administrator Hidden Soul has also helped out with training Zero Wing's recruits. If Chief Administrator Hidden Soul were to leave…" Su Qianliu dared not continue her words after speaking up to this point. "Guild Leader, they are currently holding a meeting in Asura's headquarters. Can you head over there and try to dissuade Chief Administrator Hidden Soul and Asura's executives from leaving?"

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If Hidden Soul were to leave, the Asura Mercenary Alliance wouldn't be the only one affected. Zero Wing would also have its development severely impacted. However, the fact that Asura was still silent about this situation meant that there was still room for negotiations.

Unfortunately, Su Qianliu didn't have any rights to speak in the Asura Mercenary Alliance, so she couldn't stop Hidden Soul from leaving. Shi Feng was the only person in Zero Wing who had speaking rights in Asura.

"Alright, I'll go and take a look," Shi Feng said, nodding. After saying so, he promptly made his way toward Asura's headquarters, questions filling his mind.

Inside the top-floor conference room of Asura's headquarters…

On the surface, it was announced that Asura was currently holding a meeting between its executives. In reality, though, there were only four people seated inside the large conference room.

On one side of the conference table sat Hidden Soul and a ferocious man looking to be in his fifties. On the other side sat Liu Wusheng and Blue Sheath.

Currently, all four of these people had already reached Level 107. They were two levels higher than the Miniature Ancient World's frontline experts, and even the various superpowers' peak experts would be shocked if they saw these four people's levels. This was because even the various superpowers' peak experts were only at Level 106. Not to mention, at Level 107, Hidden Soul and the others would no longer have to worry about the problem of level suppression when roaming Level 110-plus maps.

"Are you intent on withdrawing, Miss Soul?" Liu Wusheng asked as he looked at Hidden Soul. "Won't you consider talking things out with Mr. Black Flame?"

"Further discussions are unnecessary," Hidden Soul said, shaking her head. "The Flower of Seven Sins has already issued its ultimatum. If my old friends and I do not leave Asura, the Flower of Seven Sins will begin targeting Asura in all aspects. I'm sure I don't have to explain to you what the Flower of Seven Sins is capable of, Mr. Liu. If we do not leave, Asura's future will be ruined. I'm sure this isn't something Guild Leader Black Flame wishes to see. Not to mention, Guild Leader Black Flame is still missing. If we delay our withdrawal any further and the Flower of Seven Sins begins to take action, all of Asura's customers are certain to leave. The same goes for Asura's experts."

After hearing Hidden Soul's words, Liu Wusheng opened and closed his mouth several times. However, no matter how he racked his mind, he simply couldn't come up with any rebuttals.

The various first-rate powers in God's Domain might not know the full extent of the Flower of Seven Sins' capabilities. However, it was a different story for Witch's Sin, a Guild that had secretly reached the standard of the various superpowers already.

The Flower of Seven Sins' might not have as many members as any of the Five Great Super Guilds, but the number of experts it possessed absolutely exceeded every one of the Five Great Super Guilds.

Moreover, because the Flower of Seven Sins wasn't a Guild but a covert organization instead, there was no use placing a bounty on it. Members of the Flower of Seven Sins typically kept their identities hidden. Most members didn't even know where the organization's main headquarters was located.

According to rumors, the Great Commander was the only person who knew exactly how many members and trump cards the organization had. Not even the six other commanders of the organization knew about these details.

Meanwhile, so long as someone was willing to pay the price, the Flower of Seven Sins would dare to accept even a commission for the heads of the Five Great Super Guilds' Guild Leaders. Moreover, not only was there a precedent of this situation, but the Flower of Seven Sins had even completed the commission successfully.

Although Liu Wusheng didn't know why the Flower of Seven Sins had decided to target Hidden Soul, an ex-commander of the organization, it was a fact that the assassination organization had issued a warning to the Asura Mercenary Alliance. However, judging by the fact that only the four of them had received this notice, he could also tell that the Flower of Seven Sins didn't wish to offend Asura too much. The organization only wished for Asura to keep its hands out of Hidden Soul's problem.

However, there wasn't anything Asura could do about this situation, either. Others might not be aware of Asura's current situation, but Liu Wusheng was. If Asura tried to go against the Flower of Seven Sins, it'd be no different than trying to crack a rock with an egg.

Black Flame, the person behind the Asura Mercenary Alliance, might come from an incredibly strong power, but how much strength could this extraordinary power employ in this God's Domain?

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It should be known that the Flower of Seven Sins was one of the strongest powers in this God's Domain. Getting targeted by the Flower of Seven Sins would be an absolute nightmare for Asura.

"Interesting. So it's a warning from the Flower of Seven Sins?"

While Liu Wusheng was racking his mind for a solution, the doors to the conference room suddenly opened. Then, a chuckle that Liu Wusheng and Hidden Soul were familiar with came through the doors.

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