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ITDO - Chapter 262 - [Dragon Knight]

Louie took careful note of Roselia’s transformation.

With his divine sight, he observed as her body was reborn and reshaped from the most elementary level. During the process, every speck of her being was baptized with mysterious energy from the world. Eventually, she reformed.

Her body was still that of a human without any changes in her appearance. However, her life essence seemed to have greatly increased. Her life expectancy, physical strength, energy, spirit, bones, muscles, nerves, and many other parts of her body underwent a qualitative change. She had already exceeded the scope of mortals.

If Roselia was placed on Earth, she would be equivalent to a living superman. General kinetic energy weapons would not be able to harm her. Only large-scale anti-personnel weapons would be able to do so.

‘This kind of energy that changed Roselia’s basic structure should be the so-called legendary degree. Because of the fame she gained, the power of fame had become an actual power like the power of faith. As a result, she completely broke past her mortal shell and became a legendary rank powerhouse.’

‘This point is similar to how karma is tied to qi in certain novels, but its effects were not this exaggerated.’

‘With fame and faith turning into power, this magical fantasy world is truly difficult to explain with technology. It can only be said that this world’s rules are very strange.’

‘However, the legendary level is ultimately not such a big deal. This kind of power can be attained with genetic modification and technology. It’s just like my body that’s been transformed by the Terran Civilization. So, the legendary rank was no different from an ordinary person in front of the Terran Civilization.’

Louie recalled the power of legendary rank powerhouses in this world. It was strong in the eyes of mortals, but in the eyes of gods, they were nothing special at all.

Lysfer’s smile was as wild as ever, but when looking at Roselia who had reached the legendary rank, she felt envious and depressed. As someone who had lost, her legendary degree had been drastically reduced. Normally, she could not reach the legendary rank unless she could meet and participate in some special event that would grant her fame.

“Thank you for giving me the Holy Iris Sword, milord Dragon God!”

Roselia's face displayed a soothing look. She felt joy at the changes that happened to her body as she reached the legendary rank. However, her will as a paladin quickly suppressed this relief. She opened her turquoise eyes that let out an aura of holiness. She respectfully knelt on one knee and saluted Louie.

‘After reaching the legendary rank, this paladin isn’t as stubborn as in the past. This was perhaps thanks to the teachings of paladins of maintaining order and goodness. She also learned how to change, but this change was not a simple compromise. These two points were extremely difficult to grasp.

Louie was able to grasp the requirements of a paladin to rank up from Roselia’s words. This was the way how gods viewed the world.

Paladins were rare. In addition to having high moral requirements, the biggest reason why there weren’t many of them was the question of ‘how to adapt’. They might normally preach good but accidentally provoked evil, leading to them being extinguished by evil.

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An example of this was Roselia’s previous behavior, which was tantamount to provoking Louie, an existence that she could not face. If a ninth rank paladin could make this mistake, then other paladins would also be the same.

If it wasn't for the Goddess of Morning herself, Roselia would have been wiped out by Louie without even leaving a corpse behind. From this, it could be seen that Roselia was favored by the gods, and to a certain extent could be called a novel’s protagonist.

“This is the reward you deserve for serving Dragon City for a hundred years.”

Louie opened his mouth and spoke.

Louie’s voice suddenly paused and looked towards the east.

The others were puzzled, but it didn't take long for Sisna, Roselia, and Noella to become aware of an aura.

“Humph, what an idiot to come and offend Dragon City. Roselia, Sisna, Noella, you three go and take it down. Don’t let it touch a single grass of Dragon City. Also, don’t kill it. I want it alive!”

“Yes, milord!”

Fifty kilometers east of Dragon City, in an unoccupied valley in San Soliel Mountain Range, Eden finally finished casting his spell and used the legendary spell [Dragon Knight]!

With the appearance of a huge portal, the loud booming roar of a dragon echoed. Eden was shocked. When he looked into the portal, he could see a huge red dragon on the opposite side.

“It’s a prime red dragon!”

Seeing the size of the dragon, Eden looked happy.

There were three types of dragons that could be summoned by the legendary spell [Dragon Knight]: an adult dragon, a prime dragon, and an elder dragon. The color and type of the dragon were randomized and would depend on if a dragon chose to accept the summons.

TLN: Yes, dragon knight does not mean a knight who rides a dragon, but a dragon that acts as a knight. I was speechless when I translated this.

If he had summoned an adult dragon, it would be a failure of a result for a legendary rank spell. But the majority of dragons summoned by this spell were adult dragons.

Naturally, the best result would be to summon an elder dragon. The strength of an elder dragon was not something legendary rank powerhouse could deal with. Unless a demigod personally makes a move multiple legendary rank powerhouses come to attack, it would be impossible to kill an elder dragon.

However, the elder dragons were normally asleep. If they were not waiting for death, then they were trying to break through to become ancient dragons. It was rare for them to respond to the call of this spell.

‘However, a prime dragon is enough. Moreover, it is a red dragon!’

Prime Dragons were already creatures that normal legendary rank powerhouses could not win against. Only a powerful legendary rank powerhouse could face them in a one-to-one battle, this was because dragons were unique creatures that had a huge physical advantage over ordinary creatures.

Even a legendary rank mage like Eden would not dare face a prime dragon unless he was forced to. The danger was simply too high.

Dragons came in many colors. Relatively speaking, they don’t differ much, but the difference in colors describes what they were good at. For example, the red dragon was the most powerful type in terms of physical abilities and was even a class above other dragons.

‘That recording stone is indeed useful.’

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As Eden was thinking, the red dragon stepped out of the portal. It spread its wings and exhaled hot air, seemingly dissatisfied at the cold temperature of the San Soliel Mountain range. It shook its head and looked down at the tiny creature at its feet.

“Is it you who summoned this great Antetokounmpo, mage?”

As the dragon released his might, the surrounding air became denser. Although Eden was a legendary rank mage who could fight against it, it was a prime dragon. Prime dragons were extremely proud creatures. They held little respect or fear for others.

“Yes, great lord Antetokounmpo. It is I who summoned you.”

Eden knew to play to its arrogance. Because younger dragons were weak, they understood fear. On the other hand, elder dragons were gentle because of their rich experience. But adult dragons and prime dragons were not afraid of anything. They felt that they were invincible and looked down on all other races.

And so despite its arrogance rubbing him the wrong way, he could only grin and bear it.

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