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ITDO - Chapter 258 - Only Earth Can Save Me!

Lorentia contemplated Louie’s request carefully.

His request was reasonable, but the Goddess of Morning was not stupid. How could she not know that now was the best time to rebuild churches and reestablish their religion. For new churches, whoever possessed the most talented people and strong people would be able to occupy the first opportunity.

Compared to other gods, the Goddess of Morning had a huge advantage. A large portion of the faith from the Theocracy was almost all hers. Because of its existence, she did not need to exert much effort to reestablish her religion. She only needed a bit of effort to cause the present-day Theocracy to become the Church of Morning.

But she also had her own worries. In order to take the lead after waking up, she and several other gods had worked together to create the Theocracy. And just as she had expected, mortals were creatures that pursued goodness, allowing her to dominate against Shae and her believers.

However, Lorentia did not expect that her ally the God of War became a tail that she could not cut off. Right now, they were both competing for power and believers, resulting in a chaotic mixture of believers in the Theocracy. For the moment, they were still coexisting peacefully, but the conflict would soon break out and the Theocracy would be split up.

The Goddess of Morning would surely lose some of her followers.

Seeing the goddess’ hesitation, Louie used the momentum and said, “If you are willing, I can return back the ‘holy sword’ to you.”

The holy iris sword was a lesser divine equipment, but it was useless to Louie. It was a weapon that belonged to the camp of the Goddess of Morning and could deal huge damage to evil creatures. Other than being a collector’s item, Louie would not be able to use it. Since that was the case, it was better to return this weapon in exchange for a strong person who could remain loyal for a hundred years.

Louie knew that those far-seeing gods would not just consider the moment, but also consider things that would happen thousands of years into the future. For gods, time passes by in the blink of an eye.

However, Louie was just starting his first decade yet he could quickly accumulate power and reach those powerful gods.

As for whether anything would happen to his church or fall back to becoming a mid-tier god, nothing mattered. Louie’s power as a Dragon God was only his surface power. His true power originated from Earth. He wouldn’t be shackled by faith like the gods of old.

Louie deduced that this ‘foreign god’ godhood had high-tier divine power, so he had nothing to fear.

“I still have to go back to Earth and continue to play as different good and evil gods to gain faith. I have to make use of this loophole and make the Crystal Wall System provide me with more energy.

Louie’s heart was certain and he gradually made his plans. He needed to grasp power on both Earth and San Soliel. He would let the Dragon God pantheon quickly grow in power even if it was unstable. Louie only needed to use the godhood. The ‘foreign god’ godhood, which was conceived by him, would be his true power. In other words, the Dragon God was only an escort of the Foreign God.

Louie could gradually feel the malice that the Terran Civilization’s Intelligent Brain held towards him. This was something his senses as a god could feel after reaching the level of a god.

The Dragon God’s godhood was also something given to him by the Intelligent Brain. Who would know what kind of secrets it was keeping? The Terran Civilization had thoroughly experimented on the godhood, so he could only use the godhood, but not rely on it.

Only the hole in the world could become his trump card. This was his strongest means of resistance to the Terran Civilization's AI observer.

Even now, Louie did not want to actively search for energy sources. It wasn’t urgent to evolve his body. Since he was already a god, he could already protect himself. The faster he evolved, the higher the likelihood that he would become a weapon of the Terran Civilization.

‘In the end, there is no one who can save me. The only one that could do so is the homeland where I was born and raised, the planet called Earth!’

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Louie sighed inwardly and felt like a wanderer who missed his hometown.

Louie was walking on a thin sheet of ice between the Terran Civilization and the gods. He wanted to gain power, but he had to control the speed at which he evolved. This balance was hard to grasp.

If he was not careful, he would perish in a fight with the gods or be reduced to a tool against the gods by the Terran Civilization.

Just as Louie had guessed, as a far-seeing god, the Goddess of Morning did not dwell too long and did not mind only a hundred years of time. On the other hand, what was most important was what happens in the future hundreds to thousands of years later. Roselia was still an uncertainty with many possibilities.

Moreover, offending a potential new god just for a believer was not a smart move, especially when the believer had done wrong.

“Roselia, what do you think of His Highness Louie’s request?”

Although she was asking, she had already decided on what to do with Roselia.

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Roselia was not stupid either. She respectfully kneeled on the ground and said, “O Lady, everything is at your discretion!”

“Then, Roselia, swear by my name that you will serve His Highness Louie for the next hundred years. As long as His Highness does not force you to go against the dogma of the paladins or attack the Theocracy, you shall not disobey his orders.”

The Goddess of Morning also wanted to save face. After Roselia sore on the Goddess’ name, Louie would not have to make a move if she broke the oath. The Goddess herself would send down the flames of justice to burn her to the ground.

‘Very good. I now have a paladin for my use. She had already received an insight from the Goddess of Morning and was on the edge of breaking through. Within ten years, she will probably reach the legendary rank. A legendary rank paladin is unparalleled unless she directly collides with legendary spells.’

‘But she is also the chosen of the Goddess and will go to her side in the future. Lorentia can also sense things through her and understand the surrounding world. I cannot just leave confidential matters to her and only give her orders.’

Louie watched on as Roselia took the oath without any objections.

With a paladin to rely on, Louie felt like he could play against demons and devils. This paladin would definitely have a huge interest in eliminating demons and devils as well. She would take the initiative to do it even if he didn’t command her.

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