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ITDO - Chapter 256 - Invitation from the Goddess of Morning

After the Goddess of Morning entered the portal, Louie turned to look at Noella and said, “Come with me.”

“I’m going as well? No, no, no, I’m not going in.”

Noella jumped with fright at Louie’s words and shook her head frantically.

‘Please, that is a god, moreover, it's the Goddess of Morning!’

Noella understood what the Goddess of Morning represented.

A thousand years ago, the only reason she could destroy two principalities and kill a large number of humans was that the gods weren’t present at that time. If it was in the era of gods, doing such a thing would be impossible as she would soon be hunted by the strongest members of powerful religions, and even the gods themselves might come to kill her.

This thousand-year-old dragon of calamity was also quite timid at heart. After knowing that the gods were returning, she decided to be careful. Her goal was to survive the chaotic era that would soon descend upon this world. Only by living would she be able to have a future to speak of. If she died then there would be nothing left. Moreover, Noella had lost a large portion of her power, so how could she dare to jump around and wreak havoc.

As a result, she was absolutely no good when face to face with the Goddess of Morning.

Louie looked at her. Although it brought tremendous pressure on her, she still shook her head firmly.

“Why do you need to fear her? That’s just a part of her consciousness and divinity. It’s not even an incarnation and doesn’t even have a spec of a god’s might.”

“Then I don’t want to see her either. If a god chanted for my death every day, then I wouldn’t be able to sleep well or eat well.”

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Noella continued to shake her head like a rattle. She knew what kind of dragon she was a thousand years ago. She had committed a great evil. In the eyes of the Goddess of Morning, she was definitely a target to be judged. Perhaps the Goddess of Morning might not be able to do anything about Louie, but if she was the one being targeted, she would no doubt die.

“You’re truly a cowardly dragon.”

“And that’s why I’ve survived until now!”

“You should be living a better life, but you lost your power because of greed.”

Louie mocked.

“You can go back, I won’t force you.”

Louie said so and took a step into the portal. In the blink of an eye, the scenery changed from Dragon City to the small plane.

This place had beautiful natural scenery. It was close to the natural wilderness. Other than having no life inside, the plane could be described as having extremely wonderful scenery.

The paladin Roselia stood at the end of a mountain range. Behind her was an extremely bright shining figure like the sun that rose from the east.

Louie stepped out of the portal and came face to face with the Goddess of Morning.

The Goddess of morning that appeared here was not her incarnation, but just her will and divinity, so Louie could not see her face. Only the light that symbolizes her could be seen.

“Greetings, honored Lady of Morning.”

Facing this ancient and powerful god, Louie gave a considerable face. He slightly bowed to express his respect. The anger that was previously on his expression disappeared leaving only a bright smile.

Compared to Shae, Louie had a better feeling about the Goddess of Morning. Before becoming a dragon, Louie was a human who grew up receiving modern education. He believed that humans were born good in nature, thus he knew all too well how difficult it was to maintain goodness and resist the temptation of evil. This Goddess could be said as the representative of goodness among the gods.

She received Selune's previous divine authority of light and sun, which greatly complemented her power. In reality, the Goddess of Morning should be named the Goddess of Justice because her dominant and complete divine authority was justice.

Facing such a good god who could be reasoned with as long as he wasn’t outright evil, he did not feel intimidated.

Louie also considered himself closer to neutrality than evil.

The Goddess of Morning also nodded slightly, “Greetings, newcomer walking the path of the gods.”

In front of gods like the Goddess of Morning, Louie was indeed a newcomer. If not for the current times, new gods like Louie would not even gain these gods’ attention. In this era, the Goddess of Morning also gave enough respect to Louie.

Previously, the two seemed to be enemies, but they were now chatting amicably. Unless there was an absolute conflict in their divine authorities, it would be difficult for gods to become life and death enemies.

Louie would inwardly treat the Goddess of Morning as an enemy because of her relationship with the Silver Moon Goddess, but in fact, without the Silver Moon Goddess, they would not mind each other’s business. His divine authority also had no conflicts with the Goddess and he wasn’t an evil god.

“I borrowed Roselia’s eyes to observe your teachings. You should be a good god more than anything else.”

The Goddess of Morning spoke softly and carried herself with a divine temper. It was as if all evil would disappear and die in front of her. Under the light, no darkness was allowed to exist.

She was simply the natural enemy of the Goddess of Night. She was almost the same as how the Silver Moon Goddess was when she was the Goddess of Light.

The Goddess of Morning seemed to be persuading Louie to join her camp.

Louie only shook his head without saying anything.

As a person who used to live on Earth, Louie would not allow his followers to perform cruel and fratricidal things that could be called evil. Although his doctrine did not thoroughly exhort goodness, it did teach his believers to help each other and bestow goodness on their neighbors. This was also a kind of goodness.

But Louie’s three views that he had developed on Earth made him believe that pure goodness was a foolish act. He was convinced of the saying - nice people are bullied and the docile horses are ridden. Therefore it was impossible for him to act like a good god. He preferred to pour out his disease and do as he wished.

The paradox of making his followers do good, but do what they wanted was what kept Louie close to neutrality. He was neither extremely good nor extremely evil.

“Your offer has moved me a little, but unfortunately, I have already made my choice and cannot respond to your invitation.”

Louie refused her offer directly.

Speaking truthfully, the strongest gods at the moment were the Goddess of Morning, the Goddess of Silver Moon, and the God of War. Because of her failure in the past, the Goddess of Silver Moon was behind the other two to some extent. They would have been great allies, but things were first come first served. If Louie had not met the Silver Moon Goddess and had a child with her, then he would not have rejected the Goddess’ invitation.

“What a pity. Your Highness… I thought that the camp of goodness would have an additional excellent and powerful god.”

The Goddess of Morning sighed with her pleasant voice.

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‘Camp of goodness? Forget it. I am the Dragon God. It’s impossible for me to make all dragons submit to goodness. Compared to good or evil, dragons followed the rules of survival of the fittest more.

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