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ITDO - Chapter 255 - Battle with the Goddess of Morning

Since the Gods had not yet fully returned they could not give their believers any power or elect chosen ones.

The title of ‘chosen one’ could be said to be the highest gift that a god could bestow upon their believers. The gods would directly transform the mortal bodies of believers into saints. By bestowing them a portion of their divinity, the chosen ones would possess the power of a demigod. Because these people could communicate directly with gods, they were more terrifying than some demigods.

Although a god with high-tier divine power could elect many chosen ones, they were still the gods' most favored people.

Today, the rules of the world had completely changed, even that of chosen ones, but Louie was sure of one thing. The paladin in front of him was the Goddess of Morning’s chosen one.

Each god had at least tens of thousands of believers, so they would not waste their precious energy to bless every single one. Only the believers that they truly favored would receive more of their attention, and Roselia, it seemed, had made the cut.

In the era of gods, mutual covenants existed that prevented them from easily influencing the mortal world. No other god would say anything if they just walked around the continent in their incarnations, but if they got too involved in the mortal realm and exerted their will without restraint, then other gods would stand in opposition.

Therefore, a god’s church and its influence were the most important thing. In general, gods let their believers go around accomplishing tasks for them. How strong a god’s believer was represented their power.

Even if their own believers provoked another god, as long as the believer was favored by the god, they would, on occasion bear the brunt of the other God’s ire. And so pleasing their Gods was something all believers strove to do.

This paladin named Roselia was probably favored by the Goddess of Morning and received her protection. This was most likely due to Roselia’s natural willpower and goodness.

The holy light from the divinity of the Goddess of Morning was the best proof of this.

Mortals could not resist gods. The civilians who were surrounding Roselia cried out from the holy light and began to repent of their sins. Even if they were Louie’s believers, they could not look at the light of other gods without restraint.

The bruises and blood marks on Roselia’s face disappeared under the holy light. There seemed to be an infinitely mighty figure of light standing behind her. Although it was illusory, it brought a sense of light, holiness, and the morning sun.

Louie’s face sank and he said in a cold voice, “Your Highness, you are trying to exert your influence on my believers in front of me, are you looking down on me or do you think that a new god like me poses no threat to you?”

Mortals must not look directly at God. No mortal could resist the power of a god. In their presence, any faith will become pale and powerless. Unless they become holy spirits and merged with their gods, their firm faiths as mortals would still collapse under the strong interference of the gods.

This was the effect of the holy light that the Goddess of Morning was creating. In the radius of this light, Louie’s believers could receive the influence of goodness. Although it would not make them believe in the Goddess of Morning, it could collapse the people’s faith in Louie.

With Louie at the center, his divine domain suddenly expanded. These believers were still Louie’s believers, resulting in them instinctively following Louie’s will. Under the power of the divine domain, the holy light lost its effectiveness and became mere light.

But Louie did not end it there. The Goddess of Morning dared to do such a thing to his own believers, so Louie would naturally return the favor.

If this was in the era of gods, Louie would probably have to call for a meeting of the gods and curse this god. Naturally, this would require Louie to have equal or stronger power than the Goddess of Morning.

“[Order: Die]!”

The angry Louie attacked with a killing move, to kill with the power of words.

With the words containing divine power, the spell reached a higher level. Louie pointed at Roselia, firing the power of death on her.

If Roselia could not resist this power, then she would die with just a god’s words.

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Roselia let out a stifled grunt. Her face instantly turned white and her body fell backward. This battle was no longer about her blasphemy, but a clash between two gods.

If Roselia was still herself, she would not be able to block Louie’s attack, unless she was a legendary rank powerhouse. Now, although she could not block it, the god that she believed in could block it.

The Goddess of Morning’s divinity once again released holy light, blocking Louie’s spell, but looking at Roselia’s appearance, she wasn’t unharmed as her body was infested with the cure of death.

The Goddess of Morning was ultimately using Roselia’s body to fight against Louie. Although Roselia was the Goddess’ chosen one and became possessed by the Goddess, she still had a mortal body. How was it possible for her to completely ignore the wrath of another god?

“Your Highness, you don’t have as strong a divine power as you once had. Unless you come in person to defeat me now, the gap in our power is not as great as you think.”

“But as the Goddess of Goodness, I don’t think you want to let these innocent mortals suffer from harm, so how about going to another place with me?”

Louie’s angry look disappeared as he became calm again as if his previous anger was just an illusion. This was one of the god’s innate ability to change faces.

It was also fortunate that it was the Goddess of Morning, a goddess of the good faction, who appeared in front of Louie. If it was an evil god, they would probably not even care about the location of the battle and cause chaos in Dragon City. Since the agreements of the gods were no longer in place and the gods hadn’t signed a new pact, there was nothing stopping them from doing so.

For Louie, any loss and death in Dragon City were absolutely unacceptable.

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The figure that appeared behind Roselia nodded lightly and agreed to Louie’s proposal.

Louie lightly sighed and a crown appeared on his head. Then, between the both of them, a portal appeared.

This was the Divine King’s Crown that Noella had given him. This portal was connected to the small realm inside the divine equipment.

The Goddess of Morning did not hesitate. She controlled Roselia's body and stepped into the portal.

“Goddess of Morning, Lorentia!”

Louie whispered the true name of the goddess.

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