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ITDO - Chapter 249 - Evil Dragon, You are Guilty!


When Louie walked in and displayed his inescapable divine might, the believers immediately perceived that their god had descended.

The elves, who were serving plates and pouring water became excited and fell on their knees, bowing to Louie.

Louie looked down on these elves from above. Through their light muslin elven dresses, he could see their snow-white mounds.

“You are Ella.”

Louie appeared calm and smiled like a god above. He spoke the name of the nearest elf in a soft voice.

“Milord! You know my name.”

The elf named Ella trembled. Her eyes were red and tears streamed down her face. She was so excited that she almost fainted.

She never thought that the god she believed in would know her humble name.

Louie smiled and did not say anything. After she had become his believer, Louie could see through the other party’s true name and past.

For example, the elf in front of him named Ella was having her past exposed in front of his eyes.

She was born in a poor family in the Silver Moon Kingdom. Their family had been living in poverty and could not even afford enough food. As elves, they should have been beautiful, but their muscles had become dry and shriveled. Because they had no money, they could not even afford to wear any fabric and could only follow ancient elven customs of using leaves to cover their lanky bodies.

She did not know the beauty of the capital of the Silver Moon Kingdom. In her world, there was only the small tribe of elves and the will to struggle to survive.

Just like that, they had lived in poverty for more than a hundred years until they were ordered by the elf queen a year or so ago to go to Dragon City.

At the time, they were terrified. They thought that the queen could not tolerate them anymore because they had always lived in poverty. In the mind of the elves, anyone sent outside of the Forest of the Moon was either a powerhouse or those that were treated as money or slaves. And they were the latter.

With this fear, the elves came to Dragon City from the Forest of the Moon and gained residential status in Dragon City. Gradually, this beautiful and civilized city brought them real hope of living.

As long as they worked hard, they could eat. As long as they exerted effort, they would be rewarded. As long as they believed in the great Dragon God, they would be saved.

Louie once again gazed at the elf who was no longer as skinny as in the past. Her dry hair and skin had regained the beauty innate to elves. Her poreless skin that looked like alabaster and the slight flush on her face signified that she had gotten good food and sufficient nutrition. Moreover, she did not have to walk in the forest wearing leaves like in the past. She could now wear beautiful clothes that only those richer elves could wear.

Louie could not change the entire livelihood of the world of San Soliel, but he could change the lives and fates of the people in his territory.

The elf was not shy and uncomfortable over being watched by Louie, on the contrary, she was proud and excited to give her all to the great god she believed in.

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However, Louie was not hungry enough to make a move on his belivers. Even if he did, as the Dragon God, he could only do it with the Silver Moon Goddess that these elves used to believe in.

“You can get up,” Louie said and allowed his believers to get up.

The customers of the restaurant immediately understood how high the status of this restaurant was. Although elves were beautiful there were more than 50,000 of them in the city and only those who were devout in their faith to Louie could get a better job. These elves might look like ordinary waitresses, but their income was enough to let their whole family live rich and noble lives.

Louie was using this method to tell everyone that he would give the right jobs to the right people, but only those who were pious could reach a higher place.

‘But appearing in front of believers like this should be done sparingly.’

Louie thought so.

Nowadays, because his divine kingdom could not yet be established in heaven, he could still walk on the main continent, but a god needed to keep a certain distance from their believers. Appearing too much would reduce people’s sense of mystery about their Gods and reduce their faith.

This was why Louie did not show himself when touring his territory unlike in the past when he patroled in the sky in his dragon form.

When a God appears in front of the people, their believers would kneel down in worship. This scene was shocking and unimaginable.

A god appearing was different from an authoritative person appearing. Those that kneel down to authority were doing so out of fear and terror. Worshipping a god was done straight from the heart when the people devoted their hearts and souls without any fear. Even their kneeling appearance would give a sense of sanctity.

The entire restaurant was so silent that it was possible to hear a pin drop.

Even the imperial nobles who were loud and reckless with their words before trembled and did not dare to speak.

True gods were gods in the sky while demigods were gods on the ground. In this era where the gods hadn’t walked for a long time, demigods represented the highest level of power in the world.

And at this moment, the few imperial scions saw Princess Andrea and the others.

It was only then that they realized their words just now were heard by them. However, these people were the young masters of powerful noble families in the Empire and did not need to fear anything. They were even looking at Princess Andrea with greed at this moment. They could easily ignore Corvin, but when they saw Derek, they trembled in fear.

In their point of view, the imperial princess was nothing more than a political sacrifice. Perhaps one of the people among them might even become the princess’ husband.

Louie casually came into the group of four. While the other party was wary, curious, angry, or fearful towards him, he casually sat down as if this was his home.

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To begin with, this place was his kingdom, his territory, and everything here belonged to him.

“A beautiful princess of the Subila Empire and a paladin of the Goddess of Morning from the Theocracy appearing together is quite a surprising combination. So, what are you doing here in my kingdom?”

“And the anger in your eyes, Miss paladin is too clear. In the face of a god, you need to be humble!”

Louie coldly looked at Roselia.

His inverted pupils held great majesty, which caused the heart of the paladin to tremble, but Roselia clenched her teeth and shouted in anger, “Evil dragon, you are guilty!”

As her words fell, everyone inside the restaurant looked at the paladin in horror. They could feel terror somehow become physical.

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